Does Petco do Military Discounts?

Petco is a retail company providing both online as well as store shopping facilities for pet owners. The company offers products as well as service facilities and convenient payment facilities to offer the best shopping experience for its customers. Let’s know ‘Does Petco do Military Discounts?’

Does Petco do Military Discounts?

Does Petco do Military Discounts?

Petco has no confirmation details on the availability of a fixed military discount. However, Petco has the right to change policies that would allow them to offer discounts depending on the timeliness of the offer or the need for special deals as marketing strategies. Therefore, the military discount’s availability cannot be denied or agreed upon.

Some of the products and services are listed below.

Products include a wide range of food items, treats, medical, accessories, and pet equipment in numerous brands such as Canidae, Acana, Royal Canin, Instinct, Sophresh, Tiki cat, Reddy, and science diet.

Services include,

  • Grooming facilities
  • Microchipping
  • Self-serve dog wash
  • Dog training
  • Veterinary facilities
  • Adoption
  • Dog Insurance
  • Housing sitting
  • Doggy daycare
  • Drop-in visits

In addition to all these facilities, Petco provides many financially supportive deals, tips, and options for customers.

Some of these include various payment options, promotions, and coupons.

Payment options 

Petco accepts your pay pal and credit cards including Master cards, Visa, Discover, and American Express, payments.

In addition, it also accepts Petco gift cards and pal rewards (only $5 per purchase).


  • Coupons as Monthly deals 

Petco offers monthly deals for purchases both online and in-store. The website will provide details on the promo codes, discounts, offer valid dates, possible delivery periods, offer brands and items, and the requirement for membership in the pal rewards segment. The deals are categorized both by the method of shopping and the nature of the pet. This makes it easier for the customer to choose the most associated deals for them. Though a fixed military discount may not be offered at all times, the availability of these discounts will be notified through the monthly deals section.

For details on the offer, visit Official Petco Coupons: Promo Codes & Discounts May 2022 | Petco

Instore customers can show an image of the coupon on the website or through the notifications received by joking the mailing list, to the cashier to receive the discounts for the purchased goods.

Online customers can enter the promo code on the ‘enter promo codes’ notification received when proceeding to checkout after selecting all items required to be purchased.

Petco Pay Credit cards

There are two Petco credit cards; Petco pays credit card and Petco pays Master credit card.

  • Benefits
  1. Customers who apply for this card receive a 20% off offer on their first purchase.
  2. Customers are offered an exclusive offer for their birthday month if a purchase is made before the birthday month, if they prevalence of a good account balance, and if they are members of the pal’s reward program.
  3. The expiry of points and rewards earned by using the card for purchases is extended for a year.
  4. Customers can personalize their cards by uploading a display photo of their pets using a valid email.
  5. No annual fees 
  6. The interest rate of 2% for each credit plan.
  7. A donation of $0.25 to Petco love, non-profit welfare for pets with each purchase using the credit card.
  8. Members of the pal’s reward program receive 2 points for each dollar purchase at Petco.
  9. Petco Master cardholders and members of the pal’s reward program receive 2 pal points for every $3 purchase at grocery stores. However, this depends on the compatibility of the merchant code for the purchase and the category eligible for the offer.
  10. Furthermore, Petco Master cardholders who are a member of the Pals rewards also receive 1 point with $3 purchases at other places which accepts the Petco Master credit card. This condition does not apply to purchases using promotional deals.
  11. In addition, a one-time pals reward of $25 is offered for $500 purchases at any place outside of Petco, for Master cardholders enrolled in the Pals reward.

Becoming pal’s rewards member

Customers can create an account on Register ( or sign up using Google or Apple to register themselves as a pals reward member.

Five pals reward dollars will be offered for every 167 points earned during purchases. This means that customers can receive $5 off for each purchase if they have earned 167 points.

However, the account will be reset to zero if the users are active for more than 90days.


Petco is one of the best suppliers of pet supplies and services in the U.S. The company does not offer a distinct discount for military veterans on a fixed provision through many offers and deals available at Petco to provide a satisfying shopping experience for their customers.

Frequently asked questions

How to receive discounts on online shopping?

Enter the promo code mentioned within the promotional offer details after adding all purchasable items to your cart.

How to stay updated on deals at Petco?

Customers can subscribe to the mailing list to receive special offers, resources, tips, upcoming offers, new products, clearance sales, and changes in policies and other in-store services.

What is tax exemption?

Customers, who qualify for tax exemption need to submit a request. The tax certificate, resale certificate, and other required documentation must be faxed to Petco. The approval for exemption will be notified via email within a week.

If approved the charged amount will be refunded and notified via email.

Can I return items purchased using pals’ reward points?

Yes, however only the original charged amount will be refunded to the customer. This means the offered point will not be totaled back to the pal rewards account. In addition, the return will also result in the relevant number of points getting deducted from the reward account of the customer.

Can I donate to Petco?

Yes, notifications will be sent via email list or displayed on top of the website if a special donation cause is available. Customers or members can donate by clicking on the ‘donate now’ option and following the given instructions.

Customers can also donate a fixed amount of $0.25 from each purchase to Pet Love by becoming a Pet Pay credit cardholder enrolled in the Pals reward program.

Does Petco do Military Discounts?

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