How To Connect Sony WH1000XM4?

Wireless audio devices have a great demand in the market. The audio device can be earphones or overhead earphones. There are a bunch of choices for the customers to select according to their price range. They are available for almost all price points from cheap to high-end by different brands. They differ in price due to varying factors like built and sound quality, and the features they provide. Let us know about “How To Connect Sony WH1000XM4?”

How To Connect Sony WH1000XM4?

The high-end headphones give an excellent quality of sound and provide premium built quality. Companies like Sony and Bose are large manufacturers of high-end headphones with competitive devices. Sony being the leading company in the audio device market sells some good headphones at different prices. The high-end earphone from Sony is Sony WH-1000XM4. 

Sony WH-1000XM4 is the best-in-class premium headphones they sell. The headphones have a lot of distinctive features that differentiate them from their competitors. The sound quality and build quality is the best. These are the ones of the best noise-cancelling headphones that are on the market. People who travel a lot on flights use this to reduce the sound outside. They are priced a bit costly but justify the features in them. These can be connected by aux cable or by a Bluetooth connection to the device like a phone, tablet or laptop. 

Steps To Connect Sony WH-1000XM4 To Your Device 

Step1: If your device has audio output, you can connect the headphones using an AUX cable which is the most simple way. 

Step2: Ensure the device you use is supported by Bluetooth 5.0 

Step3: Press and hold the power button on the headset and hold for 2 sec. You see the blue light flashing which means it is in pairing mode and you hear a voice say “Bluetooth pairing”. Step4: Turn on the Bluetooth in your device and go to Bluetooth settings and click on scan nearby devices. 

Step5: If LE_WH-1000XM4 is displayed, wait until it changes go WH-1000XM4 and then connect to the device. 

Step6: If the device is previously connected to another device then press the power button and hold it for 7 sec to reset the Bluetooth pairing 

Features Of Sony WH-1000XM4: 

The headphones come with a bunch of touch controls and features. It comes with touch control on both sides with multiple uses. You can change yo next track by swiping forward on the right touch panel. Similarly to the previous track by back swipe. You can control volume up and down by swiping up and down on the right panel. The Sony wh1000xm4 comes with a proximity sensor which is not there in the previous xm3. This helps to detect when the headphone is taken out of the head to pause the music and it even switches off the headphone if it is not been worn for a long time. By covering the right panel for quick attention mode which partially stops noise cancelling to hear the outside voices and announcements. By long holding the right panel with two fingers you can activate or deactivate speaking to chat. There is built-in Alexa and you can activate google assistant too. 

Active Noise Cancelling

Sony headphones are great for active noise cancelling and their sound quality. Active noise cancelling clears all the noise from the outside and creates a quiet environment. The ANC

remains active even if there is no music playing on the headphone. ANC helps keep disturbance away and helps your calls with great voice quality by clearing outside noise. It works so strong that even the noise of the plane engines is cancelled to the maximum extent. 

Sound Quality: 

Sony provides a best-in-class sound quality to the listeners. The spatial sound and noise cancellation make the sound more lovely. It comes with 40 mm drivers to produce good quality music. You can customize the output music through the mobile app. The headphones come with adjustment length and colour options white, black and blue. 

How Does ANC Work? 

The two microphones in each earcup pick up the sound from the surroundings and send it to the HD Noise Cancelling Processor QN1 which cancels noise in real-time. The new Bluetooth Audio SOC adjusts the music and noise signals. 


Now we have learnt “How To Connect Sony WH1000XM4?’, The Sony WH1000XM4 can either connect through a cable or by Bluetooth to the device which has Bluetooth 5.0 or above. The premium sound quality and active noise cancelling make the headphones stand out from others. 

Frequently Asked Questions : 

1)What is the playback time with a full charge? 

It takes around 3 hrs to full charge and it gets around 30 hours of playback time. You can get 5hrs of playtime by 10 minutes of charge. 

2)What is the processor used for noise cancellation? 

QN1 processor is used for active noise cancellation which is improved from XM3.

3)Is the Sony WH-1000XM4 waterproof? 

No, the headset is not officially waterproof. In case of any contact with water may damage the product. 

4)Can we connect Sony WH-1000XM4 to a laptop? 

Yes. You can follow the same procedure to connect it with a laptop.

How To Connect Sony WH1000XM4?

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