Is Farfetch Real Or Just Another Fake?

Farfetch is just another website for fashion hungry people who are hiding in these bedrooms imitating runway walks and cutting out vogue articles to make themselves stand out in this black and grey world. Let us know about “Is Farfetch Real Or Just Another Fake?”

Is Farfetch Real Or Just Another Fake?

Is Farfetch Real Or Just Another Fake?

Rag can even be worn like a scarlet. The scarlet, however, should be carried with grace, a little mischievous and a lot more personality.

In this article, we shall uncover the glistening bubble on the surface, called Farfetch.

What Exactly Is Farfetch?

Farfetch is an online luxury fashion outlet for all those fashion freaks that like to shop luxury in the convenience of their homes. Luxury brands such as Versace, Gucci, Prada and many more are found here. 

How Does It Work?

Before, we dive into the fact that whether it is legit or not, we should get a little idea about how it operates to deliver its goods to the ecstatic customers. Farfetch is not a brand that offers its goods to others, rather, it partners up with different agencies, boutiques and brands.

The disadvantage of small luxury boutiques is that they don’t have the capital for marketing and also eye the customers that they want compared to the well-known giant luxury chains.

This is where Farfetch comes in to act as a mediator to provide thousands of brands to around 190 different countries.

Is Farfetch Real Or Just Another Fake?

If the question pops into your head as to whether it is genuine or not. The answer is yes, it is. If you happen to go on their official website and scroll down to their FAQs section. You’ll find that their products are a hundred percent legit and registered. Despite some customers considering and establishing the website to be fake which we’ll come back to later.

But yes, some websites tend to put out good and negative reviews, regardless of whether it is wielding the luxury sector or not. connecting yourself with thousands of brands and operating in countries with millions of customers, it is impossible to keep a track of every single item. Some stores tend to have proper quality control over their items while others don’t. and There is nothing Farfetch can do about this.

Whether you buy a Dior Handbag or a Canadian Coffee there is no guarantee that both of them would be good. It’s then we need to get our facts straight to land on a decision.

Delivery Duration

From the time you place the order to the time it gets to your place is a whole process. There could be times in which your orders arrive much sooner than expected or they can even take you up to months. So, it’s better to order articles much sooner than required, given the slack it might take time.

How Does Farfetch Put A Price Tag On?

Stores and boutiques only have control over pricing. Shipping can also be a factor. There might be a possibility that the product arrives at you from a far-off region and requires some extra dollars for the shipping. 

There might be chances that they offer some discounts which happen only during the end of season time, so keep your eyes on that.

Returns And Refunds

If the item you have received isn’t of the quality that you wanted, there are rags and scraps, one can return them, exchange them or get a refund for the same. However, take note the cost of shipping won’t be refunded to you. 

There are different policies on different items, some have a 14-day return policy by the time it has arrived, to a 7 day one. So be careful with your product.

Like any other returned item, it should be clarified that all the tags are secured, and the bag in which it arrived is intact and fits the rules of return. Such as lingerie, swimsuits, and perfumes can’t be returned, so you should know the policies of your product.

Keeping a track of the progress is essential and making sure if things don’t follow up, contacting customer care is advocated for better clarity.

Important Points To Remember While Shopping

• Being educated on your rights, if customer care is not helpful.

• Making a video of unboxing the item so it acts as proof. Especially if it’s an expensive item.

• Read reviews beforehand for the categorization of your product so that you know things that can go wrong.

• Apply online for a refund or return if things don’t look good.


I had to include this section because this has been highlighted on the internet a lot about this website. Some have said their item never arrived and some have received a lot of duplicated items. The key here could be to recognize the seller and try to avoid their products.


Now we have learnt “Is Farfetch Real Or Just Another Fake?”, Finally, it depends upon whether you want to buy products from here or not. As talked through before, they are an authentic website, but your shopping experience can’t be guaranteed, much like any other website. 

Just get your facts straight before shopping hence you are not disappointed.

Is Farfetch Real Or Just Another Fake?

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