Where To Buy Colored Chalk Powder For Colour Run Holi?

 As the season of Holi sets in, the demand for colored chalk powder brings in a rush in the minds of young souls, waiting for the exact moment to run it across their friends, relatives and whom not, runs across their minds. But along with comes a variety of questions like where to buy, why to buy and how it is not going to harm your skin. Let us know about “Where To Buy Colored Chalk Powder For Colour Run Holi?”

Where To Buy Colored Chalk Powder For Colour Run Holi?

Where To Buy Colored Chalk Powder For Colour Run Holi?

Holi in itself is a festival of colours but in day -to -day life we often find it easier to sort things out online and save the best things for the technology to do for us. 

Simply in the case of colored powder we seek online sites to provide us with a variety of new colors in the form of a digitalized market. So where to seek for colored powder if you want some?  

The race for buying bulk colored chalk powder makes it a rushed game to go for the best Brands in the market, and there are quite a few stores online too when it comes to buying colored chalk powder in India and across the continent. Naming some sites  like Amazon, eBay, first quarter finance, India mart and many more that offer a variety of these colored chalk powder ranging from as low as 40 to as branded as the customer demands. 

How To Order From Various Sites Is Mentioned Below:-

Amazon : 

  • On the site there are in the search bar the moment you type colored powder in the search bar a long variety of lists appear in the main tab. 
  • After the selection of the colored power the various categories of brands will appear . 
  • The moment you find the most appropriate colored powder under your budget ,
  • An order can be placed  under the section 
  • After that all you have to do is wait for the order to arrive and play along your favourite colour. 
  1. Ebay being an international site shows all the prices in dollars and there some the consumer preference of buying it here or not. 
  • The procedure goes the same in eBay as on Amazon it just has some delivery cons as it usually takes more time to deliver in the Asian continents. 

Points To Consider Before Buying Colored Chalk Powder For Colour Run Holi? 

Chemical content in various colours have different results on the skin. Mentioned below are some of them that outline the disadvantages of   various colored powder 

Red colored powder causes: It has Mercury Sulfide that Causes Skin cancer, loss of eyesight, loss of memory and partial paralysis. 

Black colored powder causes: It has Lead Oxide that causes all sorts of   Kidney problems, irritation of skin, and damage to the central nervous system. Green colored powder has Copper Sulphate and causes Temporary blindness, rashes, soreness of skin, allergies. Silver has Aluminium Bromide that has causes which are highly cancerous to many organs of the body. Purple has Chromium Iodine which causes: Asthma, dermatitis, skin allergy. These all are the types of skin allergies and diseases these colored powders can offer to the playing game of Holi and other uses of colored powder. So, before buying these colors, this type of prior customer will surely help to refrain from buying artificial colors and protect each other from such consequences. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. What to prefer Offline or Online buying of colored powder/

Ans. The preference depends upon your own choice of brands, capital asked and time available to the customer. Generally online buying has taken a lead as organic colors can be found readily available here. 

Q2.  How to recognize organic or skin – friendly colored powder?

Ans.  The packets generally have the contents written over it. So one must go through it before buying it. 


Now we have learnt “Where To Buy Colored Chalk Powder For Colour Run Holi?”, The colored powder has many retailers waiting out there to sell it. It is very difficult to buy the right product therefore some home remedies must be taken before applying these colors on the face . for example  

* Try to use home-made colours that comes naturally from the garden of your home
* Use flowers from the garden like marigold, rose  etc.
* Tomato juice, orange and turmeric can be used as colour
* The content of dye (natural)  can be increased in the color 

The festival embarks a different kind of excitement and joy in daily life but as a vibrant and cautious consumer one must refer to sites and I hope the mentioned articles will lead you to the most accessible colored powder for your festival vibe.   

Where To Buy Colored Chalk Powder For Colour Run Holi?

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