Netflix Not Working On Apple TV

Netflix is an American subscription-based content streaming service. An OTT platform provides on-demand video for shows, dramas, series, movies, documentaries, and other content. The streaming service also produces its own content and calls it Netflix Originals, which are now in high demand. A whopping 221.8 million people were subscribed to Netflix in 2021, out of which most of the subscribers were from the United States, that is 75.2 million. You can access Netflix on almost every device you own, like any mobile phone, laptop, internet browser, television, mobile application, and even video game consoles. On the other hand, Apple is an American multination technology company founded by Steve Jobs in 1976. It specializes in software, online services, and consumer electronics. They offer Apple TV as one of their products, allowing you to enjoy all the OTT services in one place. Let us know ‘Netflix Not Working On Apple TV’.

Netflix Not Working On Apple TV

Fix Netflix on Apple TV

OTT seeing so much rise in its popularity makes it an essential part of your day that you will consume often. Unfortunately, even when you pay for the OTTs, and the services would occasionally not work could be annoying for many people, but this is inevitable. However, these are minor issues and are nothing to fuss over. You can fix these with the most common and quick methods like resetting or rebooting devices, re-installing the service client, and many other short ways.

If you are also facing issues not working Netflix on your Apple TV, you may want to take the help of this article and resolve the problem. It should be a piece of cake for an ordinary person and no big deal. Even if you have no experience with tech, fixing these kinds of minor issues would not be a problem. These are just some bugs or glitches common with any tech these days.

Not knowing the exact problem you are facing may be a disadvantage, but the most widely used methods are given in this article and are sure to fix the problem.

Re-install the Netflix App

Re-installing the app is the first thing that comes to anyone’s mind for fixing any issues with applications. This solution not working only for Apple TV apps or particularly the Netflix app but also for any other device or application. Whether your phone, gaming console, laptop, or another device, this method is so ordinary that most of you might have already tried, but still, for those who have not, here is how you can do it.

  • Step 1: When you are on the Home Screen of your Apple TV, find the Netflix app and hold the touch button on the Apple TV remote
  • Step 2: Once the Apps start jiggling, you can release your finger
  • Step 3: Now click on the Pause/Play button and select the ‘Delete’ option. This will remove the Netflix app from your Apple TV
  • Step 4: Now go to the App Store on your Apple TV
  • Step 5: Search for Netflix and download it

When you are done following these steps, try relaunching the app, logging into your account, and seeing if it works—nothing to worry about if it did not let us move on to the next fix.

Reset your Apple TV

It is possible that Netflix might not be the one glitching but your Apple TV itself. To fix any problems with a hardware device, it is best to reset it. Hardware devices may need a restart from time to time. So make sure that you reset your Apple TV once a month.

Resetting Apple TV is easy. Unplug the Apple TV and wait for a few minutes. Now, plug the Apple TV back in again and make sure you turn it on. This method also has a high possibility of working. However, if it also did not get back your Netflix to work. You may move on to the next solution.

Updating the Firmware Version

Again, it is a possibility the hardware is at fault. So, you may want to check for the OS updates of your Apple TV. To check if there is a Software Update available, follow these steps.

  • Step 1: Head to the Settings of your Apple TV
  • Step 2: Choose the ‘Systems’ option in the settings
  • Step 3: Select ‘Software Updates’ and go to Update Software. If a new update is available, it will appear with a Download and Install button.
  • Step 4: Click the button and follow the on-screen instructions

This method is the final one and is highly likely to work, but if this also fails to do the job, read on to know what is next.

Still Not Working 

If the above methods fail to get you back to the Netflix app. You can try using the Netflix app on another device of yours, and if it does not work there too, Netflix is down. You can confirm that by contacting support. If they say that there are no problems on Netflix’s end, explain your case to the support, and they will surely help come up with a solution.


It is unfortunate for our favorite services to not work properly sometimes. However, these minor bugs can be fixed with quick solutions like those given above. These solutions solve the problem for almost everyone, but if you are still facing the issue. Try contacting the support; helping out the customers is the job of the customer care team, and they will help you get out of this problem for sure. You can also contact Apple Support to see if it is a problem with your hardware or on Apple’s end.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 How do I contact Netflix’s Customer Care?

You can contact Netflix on the number 1 (866) 579-7172 or the Contact Us option in the Netflix app.

Q2 Why can’t I re-install any app on my Apple TV?

You would not be able to re-install apps on Apple TV if it is of 3rd generation or earlier.

Netflix Not Working On Apple TV

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