Warby Parker’s Return Policy – Know More

Purchasing classes online or anything related to your eyes example lenses et cetera can be a little hectic, the frame might not suit your face or the company itself might have sent a different frame. There are hundreds of things that could go wrong. The item would come defective or you might have made a wrong purchase. But when you are purchasing at Warby Parker then you don’t have to worry about getting the wrong product as they are extremely flexible in their return policy. They are ready to provide you with the best service possible. Continue reading the article to know more!. Let us know ‘Warby Parker’s Return Policy’.

Warby Parkers Return Policy

Warby Parker’s Return Policy

Yes, Warby Parker is extremely flexible with their services however there are certain things that they do not accept as returns for example trial boxes or gift cards within 30 days of the date of purchase. Here is the list of items that can be exchanged within the time frame – eyewear, accessories, frames that are damaged, contact lenses that are defective, and contact lenses that have been opened before or are not in their original packaging. Those who are residing within the US will be getting free return shipping.

Apart from this Warby Parker gives free services for unfit or loose frames, they also provide screw replacement services and can give you knows bad if you ask them, the services are available at every Warby Parker store. Warby Parker also gives you a 365 days’ time limit to return your sunglasses lenses that might have been scratched for a free replacement or you can also return their eyeglasses, these two things come within the 365 days’ timeframe.

There are various ways through which you can initiate your return process, these are as follows–

Initiating return through the Warby Parker website –

This is considered the most convenient way for initiating your return for yourself, you just have to go to their website where you have to locate their return page, then you will be asked to enter your order number and a billing ZIP Code, Next step is to click on NEXT, you will be done after checking the address, email ID and phone number.

Initiating return through the email id provided by Warby parker- 

help@warbyparker.com this is the email ID through which you can initiate your return request. After sending the email a customer support rep will contact you and give you further instructions about the whole process. 

Initiating a return by calling on the phone number provided by Warby parker-

1-888-492-7297 this is the customer service number provided by Warby Parker which is available only from 9 AM to 10 PM, you can call this number and ask about all the information you need regarding your return process, they might ask you about the order number and the ZIP Code.

Initiating the return in person-

If you are not comfortable with any of the above-mentioned options then you can always go in person to the nearest Warby Parker store and there you will be given full assistance regarding any of the issues you are having, they will also assist you with your return request. If you were having difficulty in finding the store location, then you can go to the company’s website where they have a page called retail locations where you can locate your nearest Warby Parker store and go for a return.

All about lens replacement-

Warby Parker has no issue in fixing new lenses into the old wall we Parker frames. The cost of fixing the lenses varies, for optical polycarbonate lenses the cost is $50, For optical ultra-thin 1.67 high index lenses the cost is $80, for frames under the titanium collection the cost is $55, and $85, for sun lenses the cost is $100 which is way less than what other optical shops charge for new high-quality lenses. The fixing of lenses and then returning them to you can all be facilitated online, you just have to call the above-mentioned customer service number or you can also contact them via the email ID, they will provide you with a prepaid UPS shipping label, through which you can send your frame back to them, they will fix them and replace new lenses in them, this will be then shipped back to you, all this is done within a 10 days’ time frame.

Can lenses be fixed in the non-Warby Parker frames?

Unfortunately, no, Warby Parker doesn’t fix frames that are not from their store, their lab is equipped in such a way that it handles only their frames and not frames from the other store.


Warby Parker’s is extremely flexible when it comes to any kind of return policy or fixing of lenses et cetera but keep in mind that they provide the services only for their products. They will not be handling frames that are not bought from their store.

Warby Parker’s Return Policy – Know More

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