Sell Laptops For Cash -Know More About It

There are many reasons to sell a laptop, whether it’s new or old. People sell their newly bought laptops because it’s not what they were looking for, and people sell their old laptops when they’re looking to replace them with brand new ones. There are many places to sell laptops, old or new, for cash in physical stores and even online. Plenty of mediums have popped up online for seamless transactions between the seller and the buyer for the purchase of pre-owned laptops. Many local electronic retail stores also buy used and pre-owned laptops. Let us know about “Sell Laptops For Cash”

Sell Laptops For Cash

Some of the best marketplaces to sell laptops for cash online are Decluttr and Gazelle which buy used Macbooks only. Other well-known marketplaces include Facebook, Amazon, Gadget Salvation, eBay, and Letgo. You can also try trading your laptops for cash at your local Best Buy and other various electronic stores. Many electronic stores often buy used laptops if their condition meets their standards. 

The Best Way To Sell Laptops

The process of selling used laptops online has become popular in the current age with the rise of various digital marketplaces. This form of trade makes it easier for the buyer and seller to choose who they want to sell their product to, fix a certain price for their product, buy any specific laptop they’re looking for, and negotiate on it. 

It can be hard to come to a reasonable conclusion when you try to sell your laptop at your local electronic stores. Often sellers end up feeling like they received far less than they should have for their product. This dissatisfaction is eliminated when it comes to online selling through well-established marketplaces. 

The process is simple when it comes to most marketplaces online. Generally, you’ll have to make an account on the website or app and upload information about your laptop. If the service is buying directly from you, they’ll offer a price for your laptop. If you’re planning on selling it locally at your price, you can set it too on some websites. The exchange can be done either in person or through shipping depending on the rules of the website or your preference.

Most Popular Places To Sell Your Laptops

There are many famous and trustworthy marketplaces online when it comes to selling pre-owned laptops. You should check whether your laptop will be accepted by a marketplace as many of them have their specific terms and conditions. 

Some of the well-known places to sell laptops are:

  • eBay
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Decluttr
  • Gazelle
  • Gadget Salvation

Each of these marketplaces has its specific conditions applied to sellers and they must be fulfilled for a seamless transaction to be approved. 


eBay has been one of the most long-standing marketplaces when it comes to selling any product. There are plenty of sellers active here that sell their products based on their favored pricing. You’ll be in contact directly with the buyer through this marketplace. The process of setting up a product to be sold on eBay is simple:

  • Make an account on eBay and put in your basic details
  • The website will guide you through setting up your product for sale
  • Put in necessary details regarding the laptop
  • Put in an accurate picture related to the laptop

Facebook Marketplace

This marketplace is especially for people looking to sell laptops locally and in person. It is one of the most popular features on Facebook with millions of active buyers and sellers. The process for selling a product here goes like this:

  • Put in your product information and link your bank information to your account
  • Negotiate with the buyer and decide on a place to make the trade
  • The buyer can make the payment either in cash or online


This marketplace steadily grew to be one of the most secure and quick places to sell laptops for cash. When it comes to laptops, Decluttr only accepts different types of MacBooks. They buy directly from the seller and the payment is done within 48 hours of a successful trade. This could be done via PayPal or a direct deposit. 


Similar to Decluttr, Gazelle is known to buy mostly MacBooks from sellers. The process is simple as you have to set up your laptop details on the website, and you’ll be given an offer on it almost immediately. The next step is to print a prepaid label to send them the laptop without charge. 

Gadget Salvation

This service will buy certain models of laptops directly from the seller. After putting in the laptop’s information, you’ll have the opportunity to ship them the laptop free of charge through a prepaid label if you’re satisfied with their offered price. Payment can be made through cash, PayPal, Venmo, and bank deposit.


The easiest way to sell laptops for cash is online through the various marketplaces available. Some of the other popular marketplaces to sell laptops are SellBroke, Swappa, Mac of All Trades, Amazon, Craigslist, and many more. It’s important to check whether you’ll have to pay an additional fee to sell your laptops as some services demand a small fee.

Sell Laptops For Cash -Know More About It

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