Tube Socks Vs Crew Socks – Know More

Socks are an essential item that goes along with various types of shoes and boots. Socks were made to protect feet from the moisture formed inside the shoewear since the shoes are closed. Socks also help in protecting feet from unnecessary blisters and fungus growth. There are many types of socks available on the market, differentiated by the length of the socks. Ankle socks, no-show socks, knee socks, over-the-knee socks, and over-calf socks are some of the most popular types. Let us know ‘Tube Socks Vs Crew Socks’.

Tube Socks Vs Crew Socks

Tube socks and crew socks look similar to each other but they have one key difference. The tailoring of the tube socks doesn’t contain a heel while crew socks have a visible heel outline. It’s usually stitched with a different color so you know which sock is for which foot. Although these two socks may look similar at glance, they are quite different from each other. 

Tube Socks Vs Crew Socks: Their Sizes

Tube socks reach a person’s calf and they often come in ‘one-size fits all’. They also come in regular sizes that are following shoe sizes. The small size is for kids, the medium size fits the beginning shoe sizes for women and men, and the largest size fits the bigger shoe sizes for both women and men. 

Crew socks are mostly smaller than tube socks when it comes to length. While tube socks cover the calves, basic crew socks end right below the calves. There are ‘short’ crew socks as well which are a little shorter than the basic crew socks and they’re often termed as ‘micro crew’ socks as well.  

Tube Socks vs Crew Socks: What’s The Main Difference?

At first glance, the two pairs of socks look only slightly different from each other. The one visible difference is the heel of the socks. While crew socks have different types of the colored heel on their pair, tube socks lack stitched heels. This is one of the reasons why they have their name because they just look like a tube.  

Tube socks have been around for ages, and tube socks are the kind of socks you would expect to find in every closet. It became a part of the culture in the late 1960s and although they are old-fashioned now, tube socks are still widely used as a staple accessory in almost every American household. 

Crew socks are used with sportswear. It’s the type of socks that are seen in gyms, worn by the members and trainers alike. Crew socks are worn in casual situations and they’re mainly used to protect your feet from the moisture that collects around them when you wear shoes for long periods. 

While crew socks have more athletic wear and business-casual appeal, tube socks are known as the kind of socks that everybody has even though they might not be a favorite. They’re still popular ever since their rise in the 1960s because of the comfort they provide, and the famous one size fits all concept. 

Tube Socks vs Crew Socks: Which Is Better?

The type of socks that fits the best depends on the wearer and their needs. Tube socks and crew socks aren’t exceptionally different from each other, but one might be more beneficial than the other on certain occasions. 

In the current age, people prefer shorter socks for day-to-day use, because of which crew socks are generally preferred more than tube socks. Unlike tube socks, crew socks offer different lengths that you can choose from and they’re built for more flexibility. They have different types of styles when it comes to their patterns as well. 

Tube socks on the other hand are known as the type of socks you’d wear when you don’t have any other socks. Although often deemed as the ‘laundry day’ socks, they’re still worn by many throughout the country and they come up in fashion trends every now and then. This timelessness of the tube socks has kept them around for so many years since their first production. 

Crew socks are better if you’re looking for simple socks to wear to work or if you have a gym day. Tube socks are better if you’re looking to do basic day-to-day tasks around the house or around town. 


Tube socks and crew socks are both some of the most popularly used types of socks. They’ve both been ingrained into many fashion trends throughout the years and they remain some of the most comfortable socks you will find. Crew socks come in different types of materials as well to suit a person’s athletic needs, which is why they’re generally more popular than the standard tube socks. They’re the perfect type of socks for athletes and runners because of their flexibility. Tube socks are a staple item and they’re ingrained into the American culture when it comes to socks.

Tube Socks Vs Crew Socks – Know More

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