Uber Lux- Know More Interesting Facts

In the current age, everybody is familiar with uber as one of the most reliable service providers across America. In the beginning, Uber was a private car-hire service launched in 2009 under the name ‘Uber cab’. Now Uber offers shared transport services, a variety of specified car transportation services, and a food delivery service under the name ‘Ubereats’. It has many other competitors, such as Lyft and Curb, as it acquired various subsidiaries and moved forward. This platform was launched as an initiative to curb the high fees that private taxis would charge and to find an easy way to book a cab ride online. In this article, we will see about ‘Uber Lux’.

Uber Lux

Uber Lux

Uber Lux is one of the special exclusive services offered by the platform which is aimed to let the users experience how it feels to ride in a luxurious car. It is the most luxurious option available in Uber and it guarantees to offer its riders a top-notch stylish experience. It is also the most expensive option compared to the more common Uber pool and UberX. 

How Does Uber Lux Work?

This exclusive option provided by Uber is specifically designed for people who want to opt for a car to either celebrate or splurge on their heart’s desires. People who are looking to get quick rides to their destinations avoid choosing it as it’s almost five times higher than an Uber X ride. It’s less about the destination and more about showing off your ride which will be equipped with a professional highly-rated driver.

It’s not an option that you can find in any city, it’s only available in specific regions around the United States and the types of cars available will differ depending on their availability as well. The process of choosing the Lux option is similar to booking any ride on Uber. To book your Lux ride, you need to:

  • Request a ride in the app and put it in your location along with the destination. You have to choose the ‘Lux’ option from the variety of Uber rides available in your city. 
  • After you get matched with your ride, you’ll see the information regarding your Lux vehicle and driver on your screen. 
  • Thoroughly check the details before getting into the vehicle. Your driver will choose the most optimal route to your destination but a specific request to take a certain route will be complied with as well. 
  • After you reach your destination, pay for the ride with your desired payment method and depart after rating your journey and driver. 

Relationship Between Uber Lux and Uber Black

Similar to the services provides, Uber Black is available in far more destinations than the other. Although some cars offered in the Uber Lux option are more luxurious than the Uber Black options, they’re both some of the most expensive riding options to choose from Uber. You get professional drivers in both of them, and the process of booking this type of service is the same as the Uber Lux one.

These high-end vehicles need to have four doors and be under six years old to qualify to be a Lux or Black vehicle. Many cities these days switch up Uber Lux to Uber Black as both of them offer similar features except for the fact that Lux is more affluent than Uber Black. Both of them require cars that are newer models as well, ranging from as new as 2014 or 2015. 

Different Types of Uber Lux Cars

The type of Uber Lux car you’ll get will depend on your city of pickup. There are certain requirements followed by all of the cars that fall under this exclusive section of Uber. These cars are black inside and out, they’re in pristine condition, they’re a full-fledged sedan or SUV type of vehicle, and they must all carry the necessary legal documents verifying their condition. They must have exquisite leather seating too and their drivers must undergo a thorough background check. 

Some of the most popular Uber Lux cars are the Audi series including Audi A8, Porsche Panamera, Rolls Royce, The Lexus GX SUV, Lexus LS, and Tesla series including Model S, and many more. The catalog of Uber Lux cars often changes with the establishment of new luxury cars, the condition of the vehicles, and the availability of certain brands around the area. 


Uber Lux is one of the most exclusive riding options offered by Uber for people who’d love to travel in style and wouldn’t mind spending five to seven times more than usual instead of opting for the cheaper UberX one. It’s often used by people who want to experience how it feels to ride in an ultra-premium or luxury brand car for a day. Although not the best option to opt for regularly, the Uber Lux rides can be enjoyed as a celebratory gesture occasionally. 

Uber Lux- Know More Interesting Facts

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