Change Screensaver LG TV – Know More

The process of changing your LG TV’s screensaver is simple enough to understand. You need to go over all of the steps because it will help you in the future when your LG TV needs new firmware. To begin, make sure that your TV is at least 15 inches and has HDMI ports and a USB port. If any of these requirements are not met, find another computer or device with USB ports at a minimum and an Internet connection. Note that this process only works with LG Smart TVs; non-smart TVs cannot be updated with this method. The first step to change your screensaver is determining the model of your LG TV and its firmware version. To do this, use your TV remote control to press “Input” and “Home”. Once you are taken back to the home screen, press “Settings” and “About This TV.” The information you need should be visible at this point.

Change Screensaver LG TV - Know More

The Steps Of Changing Your Screensaver By Updating Your LG TV’s Firmware

Make sure that both USB ports are connected to your TV, and make sure that your TV is turned on. 

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  • If you cannot change your screensaver without a power source, then having a wall outlet will allow you to quickly change the software for your TV. Note that not every firmware update will allow you to change the screensaver.
  • After this step, two more steps depending on what model of LG TV you’re using: first, there’s setting up the new screensaver, and then there’s updating it after installation.
  • Setting up the new screensaver is the first thing that you’ll need to do. You can access this from the Home screen as stated above. Once there, press “Setup” and “Add Screensaver.” At this point, you’ll have a full list of screensavers to select from. 
  • Carefully choose your favorite, or allow the TV to automatically choose one. If the default setting of your firmware is not one of the options, then you’ll need to use an updated version of LG’s firmware. 

Note that not every new screensaver will look exactly like what you originally chose; essentially, it is completely fine if it looks more or less like something else.

  • After you’ve updated your LG TV’s firmware, there will be two more steps that need to be taken to change the screensaver. First, you will have to select the version of firmware that you have from the “About This TV” option on your menu. 
  • With this information, consult LG’s website for information about the specific update for your TV; not every model can handle different types of screensavers. If a manual doesn’t exist, it’s best to find the default firmware that was released with the TV and then install it afterward.
  • The next step will be to change the screensaver on your TV. Navigate to the option you used before and continue from there. Note that if you want to keep your old screensaver, it is probably best for you to not delete it unless you’re sure that a new one is better.


Changing your LG TV’s screensaver is not difficult at all, but this process may change with new updates in the future. If you follow these steps with care, however, you will always have quick access to changing your screensaver without any issues or problems. If something doesn’t seem right or if it doesn’t work correctly, contact LG and its customer service department for help.


  1. What do I need to know about Change Screensaver LG TV?

To use the LG TV’s built-in screensaver, you must connect to the internet via a wired cable connection or Wi-Fi. The screensaver needs to perform correctly. If your television is not on this network and has turned off, tapping the screen will not take you outside of the screen saver. 

  1. How do I connect my LG Smart TV to the internet?

The option to connect your LG Smart TV to the internet is usually at the top of your home screen. You will see a blue Wi-Fi icon that says “Wi-Fi” and “Wi-Fi Direct” (if you connected via Wi-Fi Direct). 

  1. How can I make my television’s screensaver run faster?

Your LG Smart TV may not be able to run the screensaver at a faster speed if you are connected via Wi-Fi. If it is possible, try connecting your television via a wired Ethernet cable instead. It will also give you faster speeds for streaming content on your television’s web browser as well.

  1. How do I adjust my LG Smart TV’s contrast and brightness?

Your television’s contrast can be adjusted by pressing the arrow under the “Home” button which brings up a list of options for what you can change about your television set. This is usually where your “home” button is located as well.


Change Screensaver LG TV – Know More

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