How To Watch Emily In Paris? 

Starring Lily Collins as Emily Cooper plays the role of a marketing executive in a Chicago firm, hired by a marketing firm in Paris to bring an American perspective to their products. The show is about her love life, career, and milestones in Paris. Emily is always spectacularly dressed in this show, and viewers interested in a feel-good rom-com with a bit of Paris fashion vibes would find this satisfactory. Let us know about “How To Watch Emily In Paris?”

How To Watch Emily In Paris?

This Netflix favourite has Season 1 and 2 currently, which encounter Emily’s stepping stones in her Paris office and her romantic encounters in the City of Love. The show is also getting ready for another two seasons of Parisians and comedy-drama. Emily in Paris is mainly available for streaming now on NETFLIX, Amazon Prime, and Vudu. 

A Bit About Emily In Paris The Show 

Season 1 – A very enthusiastic Emily Cooper moves into Paris to work in a temporary position as social media handler at a French marketing firm. This comedy-drama series, released on October 2, 2020, deals with Emily trying to get accustomed to her work despite the cultural difference, which wasn’t easy as there were many clashes. 

Season 2- Emily has become firmly established in her life in Paris and is good at navigating the city, but still suffers from the life habits in France. Emily falls into a love triangle between her friend and neighbour, and it is getting more and more complicated day by day, so she focuses on work. While in her French class, Emily encounters an attractive British guy. 

The series was at first meant for Paramount Network but later moved to Netflix, where it renewed for a season 2 and then later to 4 seasons. The French audience criticized the series due to its stereotypical take on French culture and Parisians. 

Where To Watch Emily In Paris And How? 

Emily in Paris is a Netflix Original, and the show is available to watch anytime. You can watch on Netflix if you have a Netflix subscription, or if you don’t, it’s just a matter of opening an account and buying a subscription. 

Steps to get a Netflix Subscription- 

Step 1- Go to on your pc, or if you have a Netflix app from Google Play Store, sign up there. 

Step 2- For Android – Enter your email address and create an account. If you are using the Netflix app on your android phone, you will receive a link in your email from Netflix to finish signing in using a pc browser or mobile. Step 3- Upon completing that, choose a Netflix plan of your wish. 

Step 4- For PC users, create an account. Enter your email address and password. 

Step 5 – Enter the payment method. 

Step 6- That’s it. Now you can stream your desired shows.

Note: Netflix sometimes provides a free trial for the first 30 days for first-time users. 

Amazon Prime Video 

For watching Emily in Paris, follow the following steps- 

Go to Amazon Prime Video. Search for Emily in Paris 

You will see the option for renting/buying. Then add a payment method. Click on continue, and a confirmation pop-up will appear 

On agreeing, you can now watch the video. 

The show might not be available in some countries on Amazon Prime Video, in that case, your payment will be declined, or the search won’t reflect any results. 

Although if you are not keen on spending money, you can watch Emily in Paris on ample other websites – 


We can watch Emily in Paris on telegram too. Find the series in the Search option and find groups or join channels to download the files. 


Torrent never fails you, be it recently released movies or exclusive Netflix Shows like Emily in Paris. 

Step 1 would be to download a VPN for torrents—for example- Turbo VPN or any other VPN. You can install both torrent and VPN apps from Play Store. 

Step 2: Now, set up your VPN and download a torrent client,

Step 4- Now, search for some reliable torrent sites. The most constant and established one, personally and widely opinionated, is – Piratebays, or you can also use RARBG, Torrentz2. 

Step 5- Now search for Emily in Paris on the torrent site and click on it to go to the download page. 

Step 6- Click on the magnet link, which will direct you automatically to the torrent client app you’re using. 

What To Do If Emily In Paris Is Unavailable On Netflix In My Country? 

Sometimes, the show you want to stream might not be available in your country on Netflix. In that case, you can always use ExpressVPN(A VPN is a valuable piece of software that allows you to change your IP address to correspond with any region you select and use streaming services like Netflix to get the TV episodes and movies you want.) 


You can watch Emily in Paris on Netflix if you have an account and a plan. If not, well, there are other free options as mentioned above. The show is mostly a comedy-drama series based in the streets of Paris and tackling cultural differences in work areas. Although the series was not taken good-humoredly and gravely criticized by the French, the Americans took it pretty well, and it was a hit. 

FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions 

1. When is Emily in Paris season 3 premiering? 

Ans- According to sources, Season 3 might be released in 2022 or 2023. 

2. Will Emily in Paris have a season 3? 

Ans- Yes. Netflix announced on Twitter in 2022 that the show has renewed for a third and a fourth season. 

3. Was Emily in Paris a hit? 

Ans – Emily in Paris was a success in America and some other countries but not in France, where it was said to be cliché and stereotypical of the French.

How To Watch Emily In Paris? 

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