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Are you a resident of South California? Them Milgard Windows must be very familiar to you. Milgard has been in service for over a century now and recorded a sale of more than $500 million in the year 2016. The Builder Magazine recognized Milgard as the most used brand in 2017. But all of these do not imply that Milgard is the best and the most ideal choice. Anlin Doors & Windows run alongside Milgard in the race. Anlin founded in1990, provides fine quality vinyl doors and windows. With great U-factors, SHGC ratings, and the best glazing system in the sector, they stand out from the crowd. Now, there must be a few aspects in which both the companies differ from each other. In this article, we are going to explore those aspects. Let us see about Anlin Vs Milgard.

Anlin Vs Milgard - Learn More

Anlin VS Milgard

Are you looking for affordable yet superior quality windows for your home in South California? Then someone must have recommended you to shop from Anlin or Milgard. Both the companies are known to do their business in the Western United States. Now you are torn between the two. Before making a purchase, you need to do your homework on the manufacturer and their goods. Buying windows does not include considering the style only. Price, quality, look, and warranty also greatly matter. Well, it’s no secret that both the companies- Anlin and Milgard are known to everybody and manufacture great quality products at a reasonable price. Milgard’s name is more well-known in the business for an array of materials and quality, while Anlin’s products are often rated better for cost, quality, and customer satisfaction records. Now, you need to come to a decision and choose one of these two companies. To ease your decision-making process, we have discussed all the differences in this article.

Quality: Anlin VS Milgard

If we start by considering the quality of their items, both Anlin, and Milgard manufacture superior quality products. The products manufactured by both Anlin and Milgard have been recognized and approved by NFRC (National Fenestration Rating Council) and AAMA (American Architectural Manufacturers Association). AAMA has given the companies the highest certification label which is the Gold Label Certification. However, Milgard sometimes gets its rating down because of some of its lower quality, entry-level windows that are prone to some issues such as glass fogging. Anlin and Milgard, both undoubtedly provide fine quality items but while considering their overall quality, Anlin has a benefit. 

Warranty: Anlin VS Milgard

When you are spending your money on your home, you must always purchase items that come with a warranty. Anlin has a True Double Lifetime Warranty policy which states that your Anlin products are covered as long as the building stays. Even if you sell your house, the warranty will be now offered to the new houseowner. All the parts of the repairing procedure will be covered by the Anlin warranty. Milgard also provides a lifetime warranty, guaranteeing that any defect in your windows caused by material or craftsmanship will be repaired or replaced. The warranty covers subsequent owners for ten years from the original warranty’s installation date.

Cost: Anlin VS Milgard

The cost of a window project varies widely, and there are many parameters to be considered while predicting the cost. Without assessing the project and the home, it is not possible to finalize a cost for your window project. Brand, window size and design, number of windows, updates, and installation factors are all the aspects that affect pricing. Both the companies set their pricing depending on the window size, design, and quality. From the window collection of Anlin, the Del Mar window is the most expensive one and Monte Verde is the least expensive window. In Milgard’s collection, the Ultra windows are the most expensive ones and Style Line is the least expensive window. However, prices vary depending on your project as well as your location. For the most accurate estimate, you can contact your local Anlin or Milgard trader.  


There are a lot of window replacement companies out there, and figuring out which one is right for you might be difficult. Especially, when choosing between two top-tier companies like Milgard and Anlin, it might get a bit more difficult. Milgard and Anlin both are known for manufacturing excellent windows. Both the companies undoubtedly have a strong reputation in this industry for producing fine quality products. Milgard might be in the field for a longer time than Anlin but Anlin is a clear winner in many aspects. Hope this article helped you decide choosing the right company. 

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Does Anlin only produce vinyl products?

The answer would be YES. Anlin produces vinyl doors and windows. Today, vinyl is the most durable and cost-effective material. 

  1. Which is more available- Milgard or Anlin?

Anlin is available in 12 states in the US whereas Milgard’s availability is limited to 7 states in the US and 2 states in Canada.

  1. Which is Energy Star partner- Anlin or Milgard?

Anlin and Milgard are both Energy Star partners with similar energy efficiency.

Anlin Vs Milgard – Learn More

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