Does DoorDash Accept Bitcoin? -Know More About It

DoorDash is one of the American technology companies which offers delivery services connecting restaurants, pet stores, and grocery stores to consumers across the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, and Germany. Also, DoorDash connects 3,00,000 restaurants across the United States, so there will be a wide variety of options to choose from. This blog is about whether or not DoorDash accepts Bitcoins. Read on to know more!  Let us know about “Does DoorDash Accept Bitcoin?”

Does DoorDash Accept Bitcoin?

Does DoorDash Accept Bitcoin?

DoorDash does not accept bitcoins directly. However, DoorDash gift cards can be purchased from websites like eGifter, Conisbee, or Bitrefill using bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. These gift cards can be used to make your DoorDash order.

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DoorDash – Payment Methods 

DoorDash delivers food orders from restaurants, groceries from grocery stores, and orders from convenience stores at the doorstep in most of the cities in the U.S.A. DoorDash App is a convenient way to place an order. The other way is to use the DoorDash website for placing the order.

Debit cards and credit cards are allowed to pay for DoorDash orders. Visa, Master, American Express, and Discover debit cards are accepted by DoorDash. And for further discounts use free DoorDash promo cards. 

Buy DoorDash eGift Card With Bitcoins

However, DoorDash e-gift cards can be bought from sites like Coinsbee, eGifter, and Bitrefill by using bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. After paying through bitcoins, a gift voucher code of DoorDash will be sent through email. Pay for DoorDash orders using these vouchers.

Here is a complete guide on how to use bitcoins for DoorDash orders using the Coinsbee website:

  • Go to the Conisbee website
  • Select DoorDash gift card
  • The next step is to select the desired cryptocurrency from 100 different options.
  • And the gift card amount should be selected next.
  • Now, go to the shopping cart and then proceed to checkout.
  • Click the “Purchase now with cryptocurrency” button after agreeing to the terms and conditions.
  • The voucher code of DoorDash will be sent to the given email immediately after payment.
  • This voucher code can be used immediately and can also be redeemed.

Is Cash On Delivery Available At DoorDash?

Cash on Delivery is not an option with DoorDash. Earlier Cash On Delivery option was available for DoorDash orders, but that was the case before the pandemic. After the COVID-19 pandemic, cash on delivery was suspended indefinitely due to contactless deliveries. However, the Dasher who brings the delivery can be tipped in cash, though it is not mandatory.

Also, DoorDash does not accept food stamps. So, the option of food stamps is also ruled out. However, the Cash App can be used for paying the DoorDash order.

DoorDash Order- The Process

DoorDash is a platform that connects customers with restaurants that offer dine-in and delivery. It allows users to order food from their favorite restaurants, quickly and easily.

To place an order on DoorDash Order, follow the below steps:

  • Download the DoorDash app or use the DoorDash website for ordering.
  • Navigate to Accounts> Gift Card option.
  • Redeem the gift voucher by clicking on the “Gift Card” option on the app.
  • Enter Voucher Code and redeem the gift card.
  • The credits will be used to place the order. 
  • Add the address by using the “Deliver To” option. Give location access or enter the location manually.
  • Next, select the “ pick up” or the “delivery” option ( “Hand it over” or “Leave it at the door.”)
  • Locate the restaurant and click on its name. This will lead to the restaurant’s page where all of the menu options as well as any promotions or discounts that are currently available are visible.
  • Next, select the preferred cuisine type—whether it be Chinese, American, Mexican, or Italian. Once the menu is selected, click the “Add To Cart ” button at the bottom of the page.
  • “Confirm The Order” should be selected.
  • The amount will be deducted from the credits earned earlier through redeeming the gift voucher.
  • The DoorDash order is placed successfully.


Now we have learnt “Does DoorDash Accept Bitcoin?”, This blog outlines whether or not DoorDash accepts Bitcoins for transactions. Though many businesses including DoorDash do not accept bitcoins directly, their gift cards can be bought using bitcoins using websites like Bitrefill, Conisbee, or eGifters. This blog describes the steps involved in using these gift cards to order something from DoorDash. 

  1. Describe Bitcoin?

Under the pseudonym, Satoshi Nakamoto, a person or group of persons created the digital asset and payment system known as bitcoin.

  1. Can I pay my DoorDash order in cash? 

No, cash is not a valid form of payment for DoorDash.

  1. Can I order groceries using DoorDash?

Yes, DoorDash connects groceries to customers through their delivery services.

  1. Can I use cryptocurrencies other than bitcoins to place an order on DoorDash?

No, DoorDash does not accept any cryptocurrencies as a payment method directly. 

Does DoorDash Accept Bitcoin? -Know More About It

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