How To Deposit Money On NetSpend?

NetSpend began issuing debit cards over a decade ago. NetSpend’s debit cards are set up in a way that users who have no checking account can use them. Even users whose credit history isn’t satisfactory can benefit from using NetSpend’s debit card. Apart from these key advantages mentioned here, NetSpend’s debit card can also help employers make paperless transactions. Let us know ‘How To Deposit Money On NetSpend?’.

How To Deposit Money On NetSpend?

How To Deposit Money On NetSpend?

For example, a company owner won’t need to use so much paper to pay his/her employees when paying into their NetSpend account. Going forward, there are several ways to deposit money on NetSpend. This content highlights some of these options.

Depositing Money On NetSpend

Pay From An Authorized Location 

NetSpend account users deposit money at any location authorized by the corporation. These deposit locations can be through Western Union agents, gas stations, grocery stores, etc. When you arrive at the location, pay the amount you want to deposit either by cheque or fiat. Note that you might be charged for this transaction in specific locations. The fee can be as high as $3.95. After your deposit amount has been transmitted to NetSpend, it automatically becomes available on your debit card.

Make a Direct Deposit

Another way to fund your NetSpend is by making a direct deposit. Note that your NetSpend account can receive specific payments like tax refunds, salary, and other benefits. An employer can also pay in money to the NetSpend account of his/her employee. The employee needs to fill out a form for this purpose and send it to the department that handles employee payments. This form for direct deposit can be retrieved from the company’s online portal. You can also reach out to NetSpend directly to send the form via mail. 

Pay From Your Bank

You can deposit to your NetSpend account from your bank directly. The cash can be paid from your savings or checking account. The payment can also be completed with your bank debit card. The maximum you can move via your bank to NetSpend is $99. To transfer from your bank to your NetSpend, add NetSpend to your bank account as an external account after accessing it online. You’ll see a prompt after doing this. Follow it to complete the steps. Note that you can verify your NetSpend account your bank can either deposit or withdraw a meager amount from your account.

Deposit Money To Your NetSpend Through PayPal

NetSpend account users can also receive money via PayPal. First of all, you’ll need to present your routing number for NetSpend and your account. These options will be listed as one of your funding options. Just like a traditional bank, PayPal will charge users for carrying out transactions on their platform. 

Deposit Funds on Your NetSpend Account With A Reload Pack

Another way to fund your NetSpend is by using a reload pack. This is applicable when you don’t have your NetSpend debit card. You can easily buy a reload pack from an authorized NetSpend agent. This card will let you pay in money no matter the amount. Note that you can send funds from your debit card for NetSpend to your account. The process is direct. 

Benefits of Using NetSpend’s Debit Card

With your NetSpend debit card, you’ll be able to load cash and spend it at any ATM either to pay your bills, transfer funds or make a cash withdrawal. The different ways to load your NetSpend card are stated above. Let’s see these benefits below:

Get Paid Two Days Earlier 

If you are an employee on payroll, you can get paid two days earlier if you have a NetSpend account. Your money will be paid when the transaction is initiated. It doesn’t have to settle first before you can get it. This means you’ll be deposited at an earlier date. 

You Can Use NetSpend’s Card Without Credit Checks 

Customers who have a NetSpend account and debit card can enjoy the service without having to go through any credit checks. This is because the company won’t review your credit history before giving you approval for a NetSpend account. Hence, you don’t have to worry about being restricted from using the service because of bad or inconsistent credit history. 

Bonuses And Rewards 

Customers can enjoy many rewards when they use their NetSpend debit card. They are also entitled to referral bonuses and cash-backs. To join the referral scheme, users simply have to appear on their dashboard. The registration is automatic. You can earn a bonus of $20 by referring your friend. However, the account owner must deposit a minimum of $40 if you want to enjoy this $20 bonus. 

Users Are Entitled To Two Accounts 

Potential NetSpend account holders are automatically entitled to two accounts on the platform. You’ll enjoy a pay-as-you-go account and a monthly account. For the pay-as-you-go plan, you won’t pay any monthly fees. Although, you must pay for all transactions done with your debit card. This can range from $1 to $2. For the monthly-based account, you can pay charges ranging from $5 to $9. The actual rate will depend on the issuer of the debit card. However, you won’t pay any purchasing fees. The card for this type of NetSpend account comes with a 50% off fee per month. But to enjoy the benefits that come with this upgrade users must get deposits of more than $500 within 30 days. 

Make Deposits Remotely 

NetSpend users can make remote deposits with cheques. Users can do this on the app. Simply log into the app to deposit your cheque. 


NetSpend’s debit card offers tons of benefits and it’s easy to use. You can pay money for NetSpend by direct deposit, from an authorized location, from your bank, and through PayPal. The card offers customers rewards and bonuses. This type of debit card is perfect for people who prefer cashless transactions but want to enjoy bonuses for making direct payments. 

How To Deposit Money On NetSpend?

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