Starbucks Secret Menu Peach Ring Drink- Know More About It

Starbucks is famous for its fine quality beverages and the wide customization they offer. You can delve into childhood nostalgia by ordering their secret menu peach drink or even make it yourself! So save yourself some time, and find out how to get your hands on this nostalgia-filled drink! Let us know more detail about ‘Starbucks Secret Menu Peach Ring Drink’.

Starbucks Secret Menu Peach Ring Drink

Starbucks Secret Menu Peach Ring Drink

Ordering your own Starbucks secret menu peach ring drink is not as difficult as you might think! All you need is to order a venti size, half-sweet black tea lemonade, peach tea, and some soy milk! If you want to make your own at home or even have a slightly different turn with flavor, ask for half passion tea, no water, and peach syrup.

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Learn about The Popular Starbucks Secret Menu Peach Ring Drink

Learn about what the Starbucks secret menus peach ring drink even is and why it’s so popular in the summer. 

This drink is the ideal and perfect end of a treat for the summertime. The peach season calls for a nice, refreshing peach ring drink. 

Tasting like your childhood and returning fond memories of better times, This drink is the ultimate drink for the summer. It tastes exactly like peach ring gummies from your childhood! So, what’s in the drink?

The drink typically consists of black tea lemonade, which acts as the drink base, peach juice, and soy milk. It has almost the perfect combination to make the flavors pop and taste exactly like those peach ring gummies you most likely had during your earlier ages.

Steps to Order:

Step 1: Locate your nearest Starbucks by googling where your nearest Starbucks is, and be prepared to get yourself there.

Step 2: Once you have located the nearest Starbucks and have safely arrived there, go to the counter and find a member of staff to help you.

Step 3: Ask the staff members about This drink. If they know about the drink already, which they probably will, then simply order the drink and wait until it arrives.

If in the unlikely case that they do not know the recipe to This drink, you can simply tell them to customize your order and add the following: 

  • Half Passion Tea 
  • Half Valencia Orange Refresher
  • No water
  • Peach Syrup

For a tall Starbucks, ask the member of staff to give you two pumps of peach syrup. If you are going for a grande, ask them for three pumps of peach syrup. If you’re looking for a venti, ask them for five pumps of peach syrup, and if you want a trenta, then you should ask for six pumps of peach syrup.

Step 4: If for whatever reason, some of these ingredients are not available, you can ask them whether or not the following are available:

  • Black Tea Lemonade (this will act as the drink base)
  • Peach Juice (this is the main part of giving you the signature this drink flavor)
  • Soy milk

Step 5: What should you say, and how should you say it when ordering your drink? An example of how you’d order at the counter would be: “Hello there! Can I please have a Venti Black Tea Lemonade with Peach Juice and just a splash of soy milk? Thank you very much!” or “Can I please order your drink? Thanks!” 

If the member of staff does not understand what the secret menu is, you should just give them the list of ingredients you need for your drink, and you’re good to go. Remember to tell them to pour the drink over ice and then serve it to you.


Ordering This drink is no big deal if you know exactly where to go and how to order it. If, for any reason, a member of staff at Starbucks does not understand what this drink is, you can always just say never mind and give them the list of ingredients you need for this refreshing drink.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Can I make the Starbucks secret menu peach ring drink at home?

Answer: Yes, You can. As long as you have all the ingredients – black tea lemonade, peach juice, and soy milk, then you can build up your own Starbucks secret menu peach ring drink. You can also use Half Passion Tea, Half Valencia Orange Refresher, peach syrup, and no water.

  1. Is the Starbucks secret menu peach ring drink expensive?

Answer: Starbucks’ beverages in themselves are usually pricey, so the price of the Starbucks secret menu peach ring drink is likely going to be a little more than the average drinks you would get from any coffee shop. It is still worth every penny, though!

Starbucks Secret Menu Peach Ring Drink- Know More About It

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