Things You Might Want To Skip Buying At Trader Joe’s

We all know and love Trader Joe’s for its high-quality foods and uniquely low-priced products. What may surprise you is that not everything is all that glitters and gold.Let us see some things you might want to skip buying at Trader joe’s.

Things You Might Want To Skip Buying At Trader Joe’s

Things You Might Want To Skip Buying At Trader Joe’s

While many of you might think that Trader Joe’s is infallible (I can assure you it’s nearly perfect), we can tell you that you are dead wrong. In this article, you will read about some of the products you might skip buying at Trader Joe’s that are not of the best quality the store is known for and not worth your penny, and you will read about two or three of those you should definitely buy. Some of them are meat, broccoli, cheddar cheese, sliced fruit and bagels. 

Top 10 Things Not To Buy

1. Meats (and seafood)

On average, meats and seafood at Trader Joe’s cost three dollars more than at other stores, one study showed. There is no butcher at its stores, the meat comes shipped, making it less likely than meat from other stores to be fresh.

Pre-cooked meats are not that of a great deal for your money either. A pre-cooked chicken breast cost 11 cents more per ounce than Publix’s 44 cents per ounce chicken breast.

2.  Broccoli and cheddar cheese quiche

Packed with 910 mg of sodium and 15 grams of saturated fat, Trader Joe’s broccoli and cheddar cheese quiche will be to your health as a candle flame is to a butterfly. Consuming all that sodium and fat, in one sitting, is not a great option if you are a health-conscious person. 

3. Sliced Fruit

A one-pound container of sliced watermelon at Trader Joe’s is priced at $3 and a half. To top it off, the sliced fruit is not even the same amount as the fruit when it is whole. To compare, a whole, unsliced watermelon is $4, on average, at competitor stores. 

And the watermelon is just one example. Avoid buying sliced fruit products if you plan on saving money.

4.  Seasoned Kale Chips

2 ounces of seasoned kale chips will cost you $4 off your wallet. Taking into consideration the taste, it’s simply not worth it. Try other snacks or other stores.

5. Paper Towels And Toilet Paper

Unfortunately, it is not even possible to buy paper products in bulk at this store. You will have to cough up $3.99 for a single package. A single package holds only six toilet paper rolls, for which we are sure other stores will offer better prices.

6. Joe’s O’s

Quite a catchy name, if you agree. Bland, stale, and with a dry texture are just some of the words used when describing this disappointing cereal. Oh, and Joe’s O’s will cost you about 13 cents an ounce. Most of the cereals at Trader Joe’s are terrible as well. 

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, as it is said, so save your money and buy cereal from somewhere else.

7. Honey-Drenched Nuts and Fruit

For your well-being, stay away from Trader Joe’s honey-drenched nuts and fruit as tasty as they are. This product contains up to 300 calories and 26 grams of sugar. So again, for your well-being, you do not consume this particular food.

8. Plain Bagels

Although Trader Joe’s plain bagels are just as good as any others from different stores, they are not good enough to last in the fridge for a while. The bagels are not loaded with preservatives and are not good for eating when they get hard.

Good Things You May Want at Trader Joe’s

Now that I dampened your spirits, let me uplift them again. Of course, there are many other great deals for your money at Trader Joe’s, and I do not want to leave you feeling betrayed by your favorite grocery store.


The eggs at Trader Joe’s are super cheaper, even beating the prices of eggs at Walmart. Although the eggs are not “ethical eggs” (eggs laid by cage-free chickens), they are still eggs and they are healthy.

Dried Fruit

Trader Joe’s offers a wide variety of dried fruit, unlike other stores. Although dried fruit is high in sugar, the vitamins packed inside it far outweigh the cons. An 8-ounce package of dried fruit will cost you $3.99, which is a few dollars cheaper per ounce than other stores.


How about some flowers to brighten the day? Or uplift your mood? The store has some pretty good deals if you want to grab some. Bouquets can be priced as low as $3.99, decent sized orchids tend to cost $12.99.


Although we gave you some eye-openers on Trader Joe’s bad deals, the store is still a great store by light years compared to Walmart and other similar-sized stores. If you do your entire grocery at Trader Joe’s, you still save up a lot more than when shopping at other stores.

Things You Might Want To Skip Buying At Trader Joe’s

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