Applecare Vs Verizon Insurance-Know More

When comparing AppleCare to Verizon insurance, AppleCare+ is significantly less expensive than Verizon insurance, costing $10 per month against $14 or $17 per month. Here we will see about Applecare Vs Verizon Insurance

AppleCare is a one-year warranty, but starting in 2022, you may upgrade to AppleCare+, which gives you an extended warranty and insurance for your iOS device.

In comparison, Verizon insurance provides more coverage at a higher rate and is only available on the Verizon network. AppleCare is a superior insurance choice if you want to save money.

Applecare Vs Verizon Insurance

What Is The Cost Of AppleCare Compared To Verizon Insurance?

  • Depending on which tier your device falls under, Verizon Protect will cost you $14 per month for Tier 1 and $17 for Tier 2.
  • AppleCare, on the other hand, is free, but it only lasts a year from the date of purchase, and it doesn’t cover much.
  • AppleCare+, which costs $200 upfront or $10 each month, provides additional coverage for your Apple device.
  • You may also see the full list of AppleCare+ costs, which varies based on the device you own.

AppleCare vs. Verizon Insurance: What’s The Difference?

The basic AppleCare plan only has a one-year warranty that covers things like:

Manufacturer flaws, Dead screen, Buttons that do not work & 90 days of free telephone support.

Furthermore, if you are willing to pay the extra cost, AppleCare+ provides additional benefits, including:

  • Warranty coverage for an extra year or two
  • Two years of free telephone support
  • Accidental injury protection (only covers two claims per year)
  • All of AppleCare’s usual perks
  • For an additional cost, there will be two theft or loss events for the iPhone.

Verizon Mobile Protect includes several benefits, including the following:

  • Within 12 months, at least three claims are allowed: after-warranty faults, device replacement, theft, damage, and loss of protection.
  • Device maintenance Cracked screen repairs, battery replacements, same-day installation, and shipment are all available.
  • Call Protection with a filter and digital security
  • Unlimited device refreshes, identity theft monitoring, additional support from Verizon Tech Coaches, and Wi-Fi safety and security


Though different plans might provide adequate protection for your smart gadgets, the degree of coverage provided by organizations varies. If you simply want Applecare, for example, you should expect limited coverage. 

This plan solely protects cellphones from hardware faults. 

Verizon insurance, on the other hand, protects against theft, loss, and damage. These are the most typical problems that smartphone users face. As a result, Verizon insurance offers more comprehensive coverage than Applecare.


Even though both plans are excellent, Verizon insurance is more practical than Applecare. Because it provides same-day repairs, this is the case. You can even request that a technician visit your home to repair a broken phone. You may have to wait a few business days for Applecare staff to repair your phone and return it to you.

Even if Apple takes its time, it is known for repairing gadgets with high-quality parts to extend their lives. Some Verizon customers, on the other side, have expressed dissatisfaction with the quality of repair components.


In terms of price, you must select how much you are willing to pay per month for complete coverage. The monthly cost of Verizon insurance is $13. Applecare is cheaper than Verizon insurance because of the considerable cost disparities.

A comparison of Applecare vs. Verizon insurance

Overview of Applecare

A limited warranty should be included with any Apple product purchased directly from the Apple store. Applecare is the brand name for this guarantee. 

For at least a year, the plan covers several gadgets. AppleCare ensures that your smartphone will function properly for at least a year. If the device, for example, has a flaw, Apple will replace it for free.

If you want to share this standard warranty with someone else within a year, you must show evidence of purchase. 

Applecare protects against manufacturing flaws and hardware issues for your smart device. For instance, if your smartphone falls and smashes, the corporation will not pay you.

An overview of Verizon Insurance

Verizon insurance is another option for protecting your phone. This company offers a plan called Total Protection. You must pay at least $13 per month to receive mobile protection under this plan. Although Verizon insurance is not free, it is something to think about.

This package can protect your mobile device from damage, loss, and theft. Verizon insurance, for example, can cover liquid damage to the phone. This plan can also cover repairs that Applecare doesn’t cover.


Applecare and Verizon both offer insurance that can help you avoid paying a lot of money for repairs if something goes wrong with your device. These are popular choices for many people. Before deciding on one of these two solutions, it’s crucial to understand how they differ.

You can expect free technical help for at least 90 days with Applecare. As a result, Apple customer service specialists can assist you in resolving the majority of issues that may develop when using the device, such as connectivity issues. 


Is there a better option than AppleCare?

Three characteristics stand out in its AppleCare rival, ZAGG Protect: a set $49 deductible, liquid damage coverage, and the option to cover both new and used iPhones.

How long do I have to buy AppleCare+ before it expires?

AppleCare Plus is available for purchase within 60 days of receiving your iPhone, regardless of whether you purchased it directly from Apple or through a carrier or another reseller.

Applecare Vs Verizon Insurance-Know More

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