Bremer French Onion Soup – Know More

For all soup lovers, who relish the yummy and hot drops of soup, this article is just for you. The most commonly visited shopping store for groceries and other finds is Aldi! If you happen to be a soup lover, you mustn’t miss this famous brand and flavour of the soup. It is the Bremer French Onion Soup. The French are always shining in all areas of life. It always offers the world nothing but the best. French soups are a specialty too. These are famous all around the world. The certain ingredients and the way they are served are done exclusively in the French culture, setting it apart.The French culture usually includes ingredients like caramelised onions, a pinch of wine and some beef bits. All this is served along with slices of cheese or crumbs of bread as a topping that adds extra crunch and flavour. Therefore, the French are considered masters even in the Soup World. 

Is it available all year round?

However, this product is available only for a seasonal duration and not throughout the year. It is indeed a piece of sad news for the Bremer French onion soup lovers. This soup isn’t available like all other soups in the canned soups section. It is usually found in the aisle section in the grocery stores.

The demand that this product has is huge and the suppliers have to restock this product very often. This shows the immense love and response that this brand of soup receives all over. This further proves that the Bremer French onion soup is people’s favourite and the reviews it has received on the online pages are commendable. The pack comes with a cover that holds all important instructions on it. These instructions direct the user on how to go about with the preparation of the soup and what not to do while making it. This Bremer French Onion Soup is a must-try for all the hot and spicy food lovers.

Price and cost of the Bremer French Onion soup-

  • The Bremer French Onion soup that is present in Aldi is priced at around $4 for a small box. It comes with two serving packs. This soup is cost-efficient and worth it. It is set at an affordable price for all people to afford.
  • It comes in good packaging and is made up of cardboard. It encloses two big bricks or blocks of soup.
  • These two blocks of soup are covered by a plastic sheet.
  • All you have to do is remove the sheet, cook it and eat it.
  • The taste is amazing, as said by most customers and the reviews for it are excellent as well.

How to cook the Bremer French Onion soup- 

For some, cooking is a very tedious and strenuous process. Therefore, the points below will brief you on the procedure and the methods of cooking the soup.

  • There are two ways of cooking the Bremer French Onion soup. It comes with two options that are you can either microwave it or use the conventional oven method for cooking it.
  • The main difference is the time required for cooking the coup in these two methods.
  • However, it has been said that the soup tastes much better in the conventional oven method of cooking than in the microwaving method.
  • The oven takes about 40 minutes for the soup to get cooked whereas the microwave takes just about 10 minutes.
  • The directions for setting up the required apparatus for cooking are different for both. The setting of an oven is more tedious and requires a little more effort than a microwave.
  • The process of cooking the soup is hence not a big task and can be done by reading and following the instructions.


The Bremer French Onion soup is therefore considered a tasty, excellent quality, extremely reasonable in cost and a trusted product. It is available in Aldi on a rotational basis. Hence, for all the lovers of the Bremer French Onion soup, it is advisable to stock up after looking at the manufacturing and the expiration date. This soup has been people’s favourite for a very long time now. It is going to stay loved for the near future as well. 


Q) Is the French variety of onion soup available in Aldi?

A) The French variety of onion soup is named Bremer soup and it is available in Aldi supermarket. The only disadvantage is that this soup is available only on a seasonal basis . The cost and the quality of the Bremer French onion soup are impeccable and one of a kind. To find alternatives to this soup is certainly very tough as it has a very unique flavour. Aldi has a wide range of soups to offer but there isn’t anything like the French hint to soups.

Q) How healthy is the Bremer French onion soup?

A) The specifications for nutritional quality and value of the soup are good and healthy. It contains important vitamins and minerals for the body. The onions add to the richness of flavour and health. It is average in carbohydrate and fat presence. It contains around 210 calories in each serving. Therefore, it is not advisable as an alternative for all three meals. It is however an excellent side dish that provides you with the right amount of nutrition and serves as an appetizer for you.

Bremer French Onion Soup – Know More

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