Peacock feather cost-Know More

Peacock feathers are the explanation of the combination of attributes such as brightness, the blending of colors, curves, patterns, and aesthetic beauty in appearance. People search for beauty in everything they find. One of the most desired items that make people go crazy behind is the peacock feather. People buy peacock feathers mainly to decorate and for other aesthetic purposes. Peacock feather is fascinating and attracts all the eyes. It is the definition of beauty with distinct vibrant colors. These vibrant colors make it more special to use in decoration and sewing. The collection of the stunning peacock feather is from the male peacock, and the female peacocks have a natural brown tone. And the price of the peacock feather depends on the type and number of feathers. Here we will see about Peacock feather cost

Peacock feather cost

Peacock feathers overview

Peacock feathers have the trademark “eye”. These feathers can vary in different aspects like length (which varies commonly from 25 to 35 inches) and width (usually 3 inches). Every feather is unique (no two feathers can not be the same). Peacock feathers in bouquets, interior decorations, and body feathers are the best and ideal for small crafts.

Peacock feathers have a vibrant range of colors. Peacock feathers are brown in color, and it reflects blue, light green, and turquoise. The reflection of these colors makes every feather unique. 

Availability of Peacock Feathers 

Peacock feathers are available online. People can purchase it on Amazon, eBay, and craft stores. It is important to note that people should know about the frauds that happen while it is purchased without confirming the seller, so make sure that the customer has verified the seller and read reviews.

When do Peacocks shed feathers?

Peacocks get mature when they are three years of age. Male peacocks shed feathers at the end of every mating season. When mating happens, a mature peacock loses all the tail feathers within a week. However, other peacocks who are immature, will not lose their tail feathers until September. A peacock has an average of 150 to 175 long tail feathers. These feathers cover the body and sit over short but strong tail feathers. These short and strong feathers support the long tail feathers which can grow up to four feet long. The tail feather clings to them for months.

As the peacock ages (five or six years old), the tail feathers grow much bigger. The number of tail feathers increases accordingly. As they age, the eye on the tail feathers becomes larger and gets all the attention. When peacocks are in good health, the tail feathers will be constant every year. Once the peacock starts to shed their tail feathers, the new tail begins to grow in the autumn, making them prepared before reaching the next mating season in the spring. And the process repeats.

How much do peacock feather cost?

The cost of a peacock feather depends on the type, the number of feathers people need to purchase, the length and width of the feather, the size of the “eye”, and the matured tail feathers. On average, the price of a pack of peacock feathers starts from $2 to $70. A pack of 12 peacock feathers costs from $5 to $13, whereas a pack of 100 peacock feathers costs $75 to $90. According to the new market price, the price of peacock feathers is in the range of $5 to $65.

Extra costs associated with peacock feathers

Apart from the cost of the feathers, additional costs and materials depend on the job people work on. It can vary in different fields. It includes styling someone’s hair using a peacock’s feather, a stylist does this job. The extra cost associated with styling is around $5 to $15. 


Peacock feathers are the most commonly used decorative item that is found attractive. The sole purpose of decorating with peacock feathers is to make the display more attractive. The aesthetic beauty of the peacock feather can be a source. It inspires designers to create different designs that are aesthetic and to improve their design skills. The beautiful peacock tail feather has a brown color, but the color reflects differently. It follows the laws of interference that produce colors by the phenomenon of thin-film interference. The price of feathers can vary according to the length, width, and size of the “eye”. It is available online and makes sure the seller is trustable before the customer buys.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How to save money when purchasing peacock feathers? 

It is always preferred to purchase in bulk (that is more than 100 peacock feathers). This can reduce the price to an extent. the more someone purchases the more it benefits and can minimize the price.

  1. Is decorating your home with peacock feathers good?

It is believed that having peacock feathers at home is auspicious. It removes the negative energy from home and which in return attracts positive energy in the form of good luck, fortune and discards financial problems.

Peacock feather cost-Know More

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