Sonic Secret Menu Items- Find More About It

Secret menus are something that almost every fast-food chain has. Secret menus, also known as hidden menus are dishes or offerings that are not displayed on the menu. Some are made by the patrons of the chain and some are made by the fast-food employees or the corporation itself. Popular examples include Quesarito from Chipotle, Land, Sea, and Air by McDonalds, and Liquid Cocaine by Starbucks. So in that same vein, Sonic, the premier American drive-in restaurant also has its fair share of secret menu items. The menu is filled with imaginative offerings with clever and sarcastic names. Let’s learn about ‘Sonic Secret Menu Items’.

Sonic Secret Menu Items

Sonic Secret Menu Items

The list that’ll be shown in this article will have the updated menu(as of May 2022). 

1.  Frito Pie

Frito Pie is one of the most popular offerings from the Sonic secret menu. This dish is very popular in the South. Frito Pie is a huge pile of crunchy Fritos topped with chili and nacho cheese.

Many Sonic outlets will offer this amazing food and it is well known among Sonic employees. If they don’t know about it, just ask them for a Frito with chili and cheese.

2.  Grilled Ham and Cheese

Grilled Cheese is a popular sandwich not only in Sonic but in most American diners. So improving its plain taste would be an amazing feat and it can be done by adding grilled ham. With this amazing Simon-And-Garfunkel combination, your tastebuds will revel in the savory taste.

Grilled Ham and Cheese are available in all locations across America, just ask for “Grilled Ham and Cheese” to the cashier or explain to them to add ham to the classic Grilled Cheese sandwich.

3. Purple Sprite 

To wash down all the amazing food on this list, you would need a good, refreshing, and cool drink. You’re in luck as Sonic offers an amazing combination of Powerade, Sprite, lemonade, and cranberry juice. This is known as Purple Sprite because of its signature purple color. 

The offering ranges from $1.19(small) to $2.09 on Route 44. Just ask for Purple Sprite. As it is a very popular secret menu item, the employee would know about it. If they don’t just ask for Sprite with a bit of lemonade, Powerade, and cranberry juice. 

4. Ring Leader Loaded Burger

Ring Leader Loaded Burger was a limited-time offering by Sonic back in 2011 but now it is relegated to the secret menus. The burger has one or two beef patties, handmade onion rings, grilled onions, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and natural Cheddar cheese in a toasted bun.

To order it, just use the name “Ring Leader Loaded Burger” or tell the employees to put all of the ingredients in one burger by listing all of the ingredients meticulously.

5. Dr. Pepper Orgasm

Well to clarify, Dr. Pepper Orgasm is not as nasty as it sounds.  It’s an amazing alternative to Purple sprite and it is a refreshing mixture of Dr. Pepper, lemonade, and Powerade. 

The price of Dr. Pepper Orgasm ranges from $1.19 to $1.89. Just ask for a mix of Dr. Pepper with a dash of lemonade and Powerade or just order by the name.

6. Pickle-O’s

Pickle-O’s is a discontinued menu item but can still be ordered like the other items on this list. Pickle-O’s are pickles wrapped in batter and are deep-fried until they are golden.

Pickle-O’s are available in very limited locations and the price varies from location to location. Just ask by its name or ask them to deep fry pickles.

7. Hickory Burger

Hickory Burger is a very popular self-arranged secret menu item. A Hickory burger is the normal grilled cheeseburger but without the usual condiments but a spicy barbecue chili sauce.

You can ask for the Hickory burger by its name or by just telling them to forego the condiments and ask for barbecue chili sauce.

8. Sonic Sunrise

The last entry on their list is a drink. But it is not any ordinary drink, it is an out-of-the-ordinary drink that is a perfect mix of orange juice and cherry limeade. This concoction is very popular among Sonic’s secret menu diehards.

Its price ranges from $1.19 to $1.89 based on the size. Just ask for it by its name or just tell them to mix orange juice and cherry limeade equally.


So that’s all the secret menu items of Sonic for now. More menu can appear in the future producing more delicious food for foodies to try out. With all of this secret knowledge, you can go to your nearest Sonic outlet to try all of this food out.

  • Are all of these available in any outlet of Sonic?

Yes, almost every outlet has the ingredients to make the secret menu items

  • Can I ask anyone in the outlet to make these for me?

Yes you can ask anyone to make these secret menu items for you. 

Sonic Secret Menu Items- Find More About It

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