Oprah And Other Big Name Celebs Made Fortunes

Like peanut butter and jelly, A-listers and money go hand in hand, yet some have somewhat outweighed their contemporaries. Even if an average celebrity’s fortune would be stunning enough, these celebrities have worked hard to obtain incomprehensible net worths. Oprah Winfrey is one of those women who control their fate because everything she does only comes off to make her better and richer. Let us know about ‘Oprah And Other Big Name Celebs Made Fortunes’.

Oprah And Other Big Name Celebs Made Fortunes

Oprah And Other Big Name Celebs Made Fortunes

Superstars like Oprah Winfrey, Ashton Kutcher, Jennifer Lopez, Justin Timberlake and other persons undoubtedly gained a ton of money by being in the limelight, but they didn’t stop there. They were driven to be successful in more than one venture, so they improved and established several revenue sources by using their good business perception. Some of them launched businesses, while others converted their interests into side businesses, but they all made money from what they did. You could even enjoy some of the goods and services they’ve developed or on which they’ve capitalized. Some other celebs will be discussed below.

Oprah Winfrey 

Oprah Winfrey was poor and raised on a farm in an isolated area of Mississippi, but she was determined to change her life. She has done that and is now a well-known media tycoon with a $3.5 billion net worth. Winfrey amassed her $2 billion fortune by reinvesting the earnings from her 25-year-running, self-titled talk program, according to Forbes. She started her cable channel, OWN, in 2011, and she still has a 5% share in it today. According to The Hollywood Reporter, she also wields a share in Discovery, Inc., which owns the other 95% of OWN, for more than $35 million. She has operated as a Weight Watchers brand ambassador for many years, and according to Forbes, she bought a 10% share in the business in 2015. However, she only now possesses 7%. She received ownership worth $43.5 million when she agreed to work there. In 2018, Winfrey also concurred to multi-year content collaboration with Apple; but, no financial information was published. 

Ashton Kutcher 

Ashton Kutcher gained popularity after appearing on “That ’70s Show,” and he became well-known. He became the highest-paid comedy actor on television when he entered the cast of “Two and a Half Men” in 2011 and got $700,000 for each episode. The majority of Kutcher’s $200 million net wealth is attributed to investing. He is one of the pioneer co-founders of the enterprise capital firms A-Grade Investments and Sound Ventures. According to Forbes, the old fund went from $30 million to $250 million in just six years thanks to investments in businesses like Uber, Skype, and Airbnb. Additionally, Kutcher co-founded the digital media business A-Plus, which Chicken Soup for the Soul acquired in 2018. According to Variety, he got CSS Entertainment shares worth $2.69 million in a swap for his final ownership position in the company. 

Jennifer Lopez 

Jennifer Lopez, who is gifted in many areas and is dedicated, has a $400 million net worth. According to Pollstar, she has sold more than 75 million records and made $54.7 million on her most recent tour in 2019. According to Billboard, her own Las Vegas residency was organized solely by her, “All I Have,” which brought in more than $100 million for more than 2 years. From June 2018 to June 2019, Lopez earned $43 million from her business and fun endeavor. Her fragrance business, which she also owns, is believed to be worth $2 billion by Women’s Wear Daily. She also conceded to work with DSW’s parent firm Designer Brands Inc. to launch a footwear and accessory brand in 2020. In addition, she achieved an agreement to introduce her skincare label JLO Beauty in 2021. 

Justin Timberlake 

Justin Timberlake has undoubtedly enjoyed his share of fame, from his time as a member of the incredibly popular boy band NSYNC, which produced four albums, to his starring career in more than 20 movies. Additionally, he has performed on four headline tours and documented five solo albums. Timberlake has broadened his engagement in the film industry by laboring as a producer and musical director on films like “The Book of Love.” Additionally, he oversees production for the “Spin the Wheel” game program on Fox. Like many other famous people, Timberlake’s money is mostly derived from endorsement contracts. He received $6 million from his corporation with McDonald’s. In addition, he has done work for Sony, Givenchy, and Walmart. He collaborated with Sauza Liquors to produce “Sauza 901” in 2014, and he invested in Bai Brands, a beverage firm, in 2016. The Memphis Grizzlies are a minority-owned franchise by Timberlake and his wife, Jessica Biel. Currently, Timberlake is worth $250 million.  


If you carefully considered the information above, you would have seen that several careers may bring you a fortune. So, to succeed, you must be flexible. With the help of her show “Ellen,” comedians like Ellen DeGeneres gained popularity in the 1990s. DeGeneres’ net worth is $500 million, and not all of it comes from her work in the entertainment industry. She is a businesswoman as well, and she formerly had a product line at PetSmart. She now offers her ED Ellen DeGeneres home collection at Bed Bath & Beyond. DeGeneres, a real estate investor, and her partner Portia de.

Oprah And Other Big Name Celebs Made Fortunes

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