Varicocele Surgery Costs -Know More About It

A varicocele is a dilated spermatic cord vein, which in other words is, swollen veins in your groin. A varicocele surgery, also known as a varicocelectomy is a surgery performed to repair the enlarged scrotal veins. Let us know about “Varicocele Surgery Costs”

Varicocele Surgery Costs

The cost of a varicocelectomy varies in different states across the USA. The national average cost for a varicocelectomy stands at around $10,950 but ranges from $4,282 to $7,224 for surgery without insurance.

Health care is quite expensive, and the cost of a varicocelectomy could dig deep into your pockets. Varicocelectomies are performed for infertility, hypogonadism, and scrotal pain in men and have proved to be highly effective for treatment.

What Is The Cost Of Varicocele Surgery?

The total expense depends on the hospital and state in which you will be performing the procedure. The out-of-pocket damage also depends on the insurance coverage for such a procedure. The price may range from $3000 to $8000 or more without insurance. However, you should note that the cost of treatment for infertility may not be covered by insurance, so it may be best to contact your insurance provider beforehand.

Do Insurance Companies Pay For Varicocele Surgery?

Some insurance companies might limit the coverage for surgeries such as varicocelectomy, seeing that it is most commonly performed to reverse male infertility. The best chance is to review your insurance company policy to understand your insurance coverage. You can also contact your insurance provider for more information. In case of any authorization issues, a pre-certification specialist at the facility you are seeking treatment from will be sure to help you through the process.

What Is The Breakdown Of The Costs?

Apart from the cost of the surgery itself, some additional costs may include charges made that are paid to the anesthesiologists depending on the length of the surgery, costs of pre-surgery and follow-up tests, charges for drugs prescribed to improve fertility, ultrasounds of the scrotum and any other doctor fees.

What Are The Consultation Fees For Urologists?

Varicocele surgeries are performed by urologists who are well-trained consultants and surgeons that diagnose and treat urinary tract-related disorders.

For new patients, the cost varies from $140 to about $374. Basically, for first-time visits, the average cost across the USA is about $260 without insurance.

What Kinds Of Surgeries Are Performed For Varicoceles?

  1. Open varicocelectomies include a procedure known as a micro-surgical varicocelectomy. This is the most preferred method as it yields great success and low risks.
  2. Laparoscopic varicocelectomies involve the insertion of a small camera and other small surgical instruments into the abdomen for exploration and ligation of the veins that are feeding into the varicocele.
  3. Non-surgical options such as varicocele embolization whereby the veins feeding the varicocele are blocked via entry through a vein in the groin.

Why Is It Important To Get A Varicocele Surgery Done?

Varicoceles are one of the causes of infertility in men, which can be burdensome especially when a couple is trying to conceive. Varicoceles can also cause a great deal of persistent pain or discomfort in the scrotal area which can become unbearable.

Varicocele surgery improves blood flow to the testes, which improves sperm production and sperm quality, increases sperm count, and improves overall semen quality.

What Are Some Of The Disadvantages Of Varicocele Surgery?

Some varicoceles may persist after surgery or may become a recurring problem. There is also the possibility of the formation of a hydrocele which is fluid that collects around the scrotum creating a mostly painless but uncomfortable swelling. Varicocelectomies also pose the risk of damage to the testicular artery, which may reduce testicular function. However, this is a rare occurrence.


Now we have Learnt “Varicocele Surgery Costs”, Varicocele surgery costs may be a cause for concern. Anyone scheduled to go through one would benefit from having an idea of the total costs to be prepared. We hope this article has given you some background information on varicocele surgeries and a guide on the price estimates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does varicocele surgery require hospital admission?

Unless any complication requiring hospitalization is encountered, varicocelectomies are usually performed as outpatient procedures, so patients can go back home on the same day of the procedure.

How long does it take to recover from varicocele surgery?

After varicocele surgery, you may experience some slight pain for a few weeks, with or without swelling and redness in the groin area. These issues should resolve within some weeks. The time for recovery will be indicated in an information sheet provided following the procedure, but you should be able to move around within 2 to 4 days after the surgery is performed.

Are varicoceles normal?

Varicoceles are quite common among men, affecting about 15 to 20% of men in the USA every year. Some persist without causing any significant symptoms while others cause discomfort from time to time.

Varicocele Surgery Costs -Know More About It

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