Can I Order Uber Eats For Someone Else?

With a growing interest in having food delivered, Uber tapped into the food delivery service market as it was starting to blossom and has over time become one of the most popular food delivery apps with services across thousands of cities and in over 40 countries. This makes it possible for you to order a meal for someone else, as long as Uber eats is available in their region. Ordering takeout for someone else sounds like a pretty convenient plan. However, Uber eats does not have a specific feature that allows you to place a meal for someone else but it’s still quite possible for you to surprise your loved ones with a hearty meal or a light snack. You just have to put in their address instead of yours and the food will be delivered to their doorstep. 

Can I Order Uber Eats For Someone Else?

How to order Uber eats for somebody else?

So there’s someone special that you’d like to send a scrumptious meal to or give them a good start to their day with their favorite drink and some pastries. Fortunately, food delivery services such as Uber eats have made it easier for you to do so, with a wide variety of restaurants to choose from, just a button away.

Here’s how to send something from Uber eats to somebody else:

1. Go to the Uber eats app on your mobile device

2. At the top of your screen change the address you had input to the address of the recipient

3. The app will now show you a list of food stores or restaurants that are available in their region

4. Select a restaurant that interests you, followed by the food you’d like then add to the cart

5. Confirm that the address you’re sending to is absolutely correct

6. Add your payment details and any other extra notes you may have for the restaurant you’re ordering from

7. Submit the order

The order will now be received by the restaurant and arrangements will be made to deliver it to the address that’s indicated.

How will I tell whether the order arrived?

You can track the order on the Uber eats app to confirm that the order has arrived.

You can also share the tracking with the person you’re sending it to by tapping on the ‘Share with’ icon at the top of the screen.

Additionally, when approaching the delivery address, the delivery person may contact the recipient to alert them that they have arrived or that they are close by.

What to consider before placing the order?

  1. Make sure Uber eats is available in the region you’re placing your order. Uber eats is available in all states in the USA and in many countries across the world. You can check if Uber eats is available in a particular region on the Uber eats app or on

Additionally, if the person you are sharing a meal with is in a different country, confirm that uber eats is available in that country or in the specific city you want an order placed.

  1. Remember that you can only order a meal from a restaurant that is available within the region you’re ordering from.
  1. Make sure the person you’re having food and other things from Uber eats delivered to will be at the location you have input at the time of delivery

And that’s all you need to successfully have that delicious pasta or sushi delivered to your loved one’s doorstep.

Can I send something from Uber eats as a gift?

Yes! Uber eats has a feature that allows you to send deliveries as a gift to a person of your choosing. You can also send an uber eats gift card as long as it is acceptable in their region.

You can find the feature at the checkout screen before submitting an order. This feature allows you to write a special note too. You can track your order from the app and as a bonus advantage, Uber eats will send a text to the recipient to inform them that delivery is on the way!


Uber eats has made it easier to get meals at your doorstep or your workplace, with access to thousands of restaurants and a variety of cuisines. Delivering food to someone else is also plain and simple, and we hope that following the instructions in this article will help the process of it run smoothly and without much hassle.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Can I send an anonymous meal or gift from Uber eats to someone else?

Yes, though it may be difficult considering payment details might be printed out. However, you can put in a request for the restaurant to keep your delivery anonymous.

  1. My order was not delivered. Am I eligible for a refund?

Yes. If uber eats shows that the order was delivered but you or another recipient did not receive it, you are eligible for a refund. You can file acomplaint through the app to process a refund

Can I Order Uber Eats For Someone Else?

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