Dollar General Employees Earn Less than $15

Based in Goodlettsville, Tennessee, Dollar General Corporation operates a chain of discount stores known as Dollar General. There are more than 15,000 stores in its network throughout the United States, making it one of the largest retail chains in the country. Some of the biggest and most prosperous retailers and food service organizations continue to pay most of their employees less than $15 per hour, with many earning less than $10. Here we will see about Dollar General Employees Earn Less than $15

Dollar General 92% of its employees earn less than $15 per hour and 22% less than $10. Their beginning wage is $21,000 per year or $14.90 per hour. Cashiers get an average hourly income of $8.20, lead associates earn $9.52, and assistant store managers earn $11.05. Warehouse workers earn substantially more.

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Dollar General Employees Earn Less than $15

Dollar General Employees Earn Less than $15

Starting Salary at Dollar General

An entry-level Dollar General employee can earn about $8.20 per hour. Dollar Tree has a compensation system comparable to this one. In the retail industry, this is a relatively modest beginning pay. However, dollar shops are infamous for paying their employees less than big retailers like Target and Costco.

What does Dollar General Pay?

Dollar General offers an average annual salary of $31,182 or $14.99 per hour. Dollar General Employees in the poorest 10% earn less than $21,000 a year, while those in the top 90% earn more than $46,000. Salaries also differ by department.

Warehouse employees may make up to $32,904 per year on average. Employee wages at Dollar General are also affected by their location. You may find the top pay at Dollar General in Camden, New Jersey, Albany, New York, and Washington, District of Columbia.

Positions with the Highest Pay at Dollar General

Although the median compensation for employees at Dollar General is $31,182, remuneration ranges significantly based on the job’s responsibilities. There are a variety of high-paying positions available at Dollar General, including store manager, supervisor, assistant manager, and stocker. At Dollar General, a store manager may make an average yearly income of $46,904, depending on their experience level.

There are also positions open for stock clerks and cashiers at Dollar General. At Dollar General, a stock clerk can expect an average annual income of $23,648. In many situations, these benefits are available to both full-time and part-time workers and begin immediately upon employment.

Dollar General Payment Method

The following are the methods through which the company compensates its employees:

  • Direct Transfer
  • A debit payment card
  • An actual paycheck in hand

On the 15th and the 30th of each month, regular employees will get their paychecks for the previous month’s work. There are several exceptions, such as if your paycheck comes on a weekend or a holiday. In this situation, you’ll get a check on Friday before your pay date.

Your pay month will begin on a Saturday and expire on the Friday following. Keep in mind that they always keep one check at the start. The pay period for the Store Support Center and Distribution Center employees will begin on a Sunday and finish on a Saturday.

Benefits that Dollar General Provides to its Employees

Dollar General Workers may receive various supplemental perks and their regular salary. These are some examples:

  • Health insurance options include vision and dental care and additional medical coverage (e.g., accidents, cancer, and critical illness).
  • Life insurance.
  • Parental leave.
  • Assistance in adoption.
  • Identity theft defense.
  • Insurance discounts, for example, are examples of financial wellness programs.
  • Membership in a gym and other healthy lifestyle assistance.

In many situations, these benefits are available to both part-time and full-time workers and start immediately after employment.


The pay of Dollar General Employees varies widely depending on their position, but typical hourly rates are $8.20 for cashiers, $9.11 for critical holders, $9.03 for stockers, and $11.05 for assistant managers. All workers are eligible for an annual bonus and several additional incentives.

Dollar General Clerks and sales representatives get the lowest hourly income of $8.29, while Forklift Handlers earn the highest hourly wage of $17.62. Their pay is less than the national average of roughly $11.40 per hour (it depends on the state). Like Walmart conquered America, Dollar shops prefer to target failing urban communities and tiny villages where full-service grocery stores are not present.

Frequently Asked  Questions

1. What is the Job at Dollar General with the Highest Salary?

The store manager is the highest-paying position at Dollar General, with an average annual compensation of $46,904. Employees at Dollar General get an hourly wage that ranges anywhere from $8.20 to $11.05, based on the job title, a role held, and the location of the employee’s workplace.

2. Does Dollar General Offer Bonuses?

Dollar General’s Team Share program offers annual bonuses to employees who meet or exceed specific profit goals. They base the bonus amount on the employee’s salary, the years they have worked for Dollar General, and the company’s performance in the previous fiscal year.

Dollar General Employees Earn Less than $15

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