How To Watch Detroit Pistons Games?

The Detroit Pistons are always a joy to watch. Right from the era of Isiah Thomas when they were known as the Detroit Bad boys. They played according to their own rules and have no regard for authority. Every Pistons game is always a delight to look forward to. The team is currently going through a rebuilding process and this has made everything rocky, but there is light at the end of the tunnel because the current young crop of players have a long way to go and are ready to go the extra mile to learn.  Here we will see about How To Watch Detroit Pistons Games?

How To Watch Detroit Pistons Games

Streaming the Pistons Game

If you want to watch the Detroit Pistons games live, you can either watch via your local cable TV or you can stream via the Live TV Streaming Services. The Detroit Pistons have something to fight for this season, and it is pertinent that their fans watch every game. If you are not in Detroit, you can stream the games via Live TV Streaming. You can also watch the games on cable TV. The support from Piston’s fans is instrumental to any progress that they would make in the NBA season. 

Channels showing The Pistons Game

If you want to stream the Detroit Pistons game you would need to access FOX Sports. You should also select a subscription bouquet that includes sports channels like NBA TV, ABC, CBS, ESPN, and TNT. If you want to stream most of the games, these are the channels you should be on the lookout for. If the Detroit Pistons qualify for the playoffs, you can stream the games on NBA TV. 

However, not all Pistons games would air on the same channel. You have to know the channel list so you can scan through them when it is time to watch any Pistons game. If you decide to watch all Pistons games on one channel, it would not be possible unless you combine it with other channels. So you should consider networks that have multiple sports channels. 

How to watch The Detroit Pistons Games without Cable  

Watching the Pistons play without cable is possible. There are different Live Streaming Services available or you to select from. This is the most affordable way to watch the Pistons play without Cable TV. The streaming services vary by channel list, subscription fees, and free trial period. When you want to make your selection, ensure that you select a Subscription platform that would grant you access to all your preferred channels. 

Live TV Streaming Services 

Here is a list of some of the Live Streaming Services available for you to select from. The differentiating factors would be highlighted and expatiated on.  The factors that you should consider include channel list, subscription fees, add-ons, DVR space, and streaming access.

  • DIRECTV STREAM: This is the most effective of all TV Streaming Platforms. It covers all major sports channels, and also includes Regional Sports Network. You can subscribe to DIRECTV for $70 and you would get cloud DVR space of up to 20 hours. 
  • Hulu +Live TV: This is one of the best streaming services to watch the Detroit Pistons play. For $65/month, you would gain access to over 70 channels including several sports channels. There is 5 h ours DVR space and a 7-day free trial period. 
  • YouTube TV: This is one of the few streaming services that does not include Bally Sports. Bally Sports used to be known as FOX Sports, and it is the largest Regional Sports Network available. 
  • Sling TV: This is the most economical streaming service available. It costs $35/month, and would give you access to over 50 channels. For an extra $10, you can access the Sports Extra feature. There is no free trial period, and you would get DVR space of up to 50 hours. 

NBA League Pass 

If you want to watch the Detroit Pistons and you are outside the region, the NBA League Pass is the best option available for you to select from. You can stream the Pistons game and if you want to catch up later you can store using the DVR space. This would also allow you add the NBA TV automatically to your current channel list. 


If you want to watch the NBA TV you can include this among your channel list. To do this, you would have to pay an extra $10. If you pay this extra fee, you would be able to access radio broadcasts, NBA classics, and TV shows. The NBA League Pass is a smart choice for Piston’s lovers that live outside Detroit.

Frequently Asked Questions? 

What channels can I watch the Pistons play? There are different channels available on cable and streaming services to help you watch all the games live. You can watch on TNT, ESPN, ABC, and CBC. 

Is it possible to watch the Detroit Play without cable? You can decide to watch the Detroit Pistons without cable, there are streaming services available to help with that. When you stream the channels, you would gain access to local stations.

What is the NBA League Pass? The NBA League Pass is a suitable option for Detroit fans that are not within the region. The League Pass would get you access to other add-ons like the NFL Redzone.  

How To Watch Detroit Pistons Games?

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