Walmart Intercom Codes – Know More

Store chain Walmart has different security intercom codes for various alarm-raising situations. It all depends on the code. Some are scare tactics for potential shoplifters, like security scans in such and such departments. Same as with a code used for a shooter, or another dangerous person, in the store.

Walmart Intercom Codes - Know More

Walmart codes for example Code Adam is a child missing in the store or a child that lost their parents. There are codes for customer injury accidents to get the attention of the management of those without access to a radio. There are codes for extreme weather conditions so associates can direct customers without causing a mass rush of people like if a tornado was spotted a block away, people would be running for the doors and it would cause more problems than needed. 

Walmart Intercom Codes and What they Mean. 

They are listed on the back of Walmart workers’ name tags. They are as follows:

  1. WHITE-Injury
  2. BLUE-Bomb
  3. RED-Fire
  4. BLACK-Tornado
  5. ADAM-Missing Child
  6. ORANGE-Chemical Spills/ Hazardous Materials
  7. BROWN-Acts of Violence

What the Walmart Intercom Codes Represent

Each code represents something different. Some are just to alert e.g., that there is a spill and some are to alert that a member of management is needed to a specific area. As mentioned below, Code Adam for example is that there is a missing child in the store. Some Walmart Intercom Codes’ meanings cannot be revealed because some are for security reasons and are meant for certain personnel and certain levels of response. There are just some things that customers are not meant to know. 

The security codes represent several different situations and should not be disclosed to the public, for the safety of guests and employees. For example, suppose someone took your child while you were in the store, it would not be wise for the company to allow people to know the code for this situation, especially the person that has your child.

Depending on the codes being said on the intercom could be from a tornado coming, a child missing, to some specifics that can’t be mentioned. They are codes meant for the associates to respond to. Some are for general awareness of something going on in the store and others are for the loss prevention team to respond to situations.

It varies. There are other codes for weather and active shooters. Sometimes the specific store might have a code like “security code 100 scan x dept” and that would likely bring some associates that way because someone wants to deter a shoplifter.

Walmart Intercom Code by Colors for Security. 

Those security codes such as the one shown in the sample name tag above are colours, such as Code Orange for a chemical spill or some type of emergency involving chemicals. There are about 8 different ones ranging from weather to active shooter. As mentioned before;

  1. Red means fire
  2. White – accident
  3. Blue – bomb
  4. Black – tornado or hurricane
  5. Green – hostage
  6. Orange – chemical spill
  7. Brown – shooting
  8. Adam – lost child

The majority of codes for Walmart refer to colours.

  1. 1 – shoplifting
  2. 10 – dry spill
  3. 20 – wet spill
  4. 50 – get carts from the parking lot
  5. 300 or 99 – security
  6. c – customer needs assistance

Walmart Emergency Codes 

Code white: Rarely used, code white notifies all the managers in the building that there has been a serious accident requiring immediate medical care. It is reserved only for the worst cases like head trauma, eye injuries, obvious broken bones, severe burns, etc. While waiting for the EMTs to arrive, the managers apply basic first aid. 

They should be listed on the back side of the Walmart badge.


In conclusion, Walmart codes are for security alerts. For example, Walmart Code Adam is either a child who went missing in the store. For those without access to a radio, there are codes for customer injury accidents to get the attention of management. There are also some codes for extreme weather conditions so that associates can direct customers without causing a mass rush of people, such as if a tornado was spotted a block away, which would cause more problems than necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What does “code 3” mean at Walmart?

Walmart uses random codes for various things between associates. sometimes it’s a sly way for associates to signal break time (which is heavily monitored so every second counts) to each other. 

  1. What is code 15 at Walmart and why 15?

Breaks are meant to last 15 minutes so Code 15 is meant to indicate for someone to take a break.

  1. What does the code Sunshine mean at Walmart?

Means to stop whatever you doing. Go beyond the 10-foot rule and help customers. In the hopes of achieving a higher Clean, Fast, and Friendly (CFF) score. 

Walmart Intercom Codes – Know More

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