Tax refund 2022 how much is average person getting back

Similar to every year, there will be tax refunds for people this year too. In 2022, people are lucky enough to be getting more tax refunds than usual.  This article will inform you about the tax season of 2022 and how much tax refund an average person will be getting back. Every year there are some changes in the tax refund cycle, similarly, it has come to notice that people will be receiving more tax refunds than the previous year. Through this article, you will get aware of how much tax refund you will be getting this year. 

Tax refund 2022 how much is average person getting back

How much tax refund an average person will receive in 2022? 

The income tax refund last year in 2021 was 2893 dollars. This year it has increased with a difference of 333 dollars, making it 3226 dollars which were received by many on the 8th of April. Sixty-three million people received the tax refund on the same day. This was considered as an upgrade as last year not this amount of people received the tax refund on the same day. 

According to a source, the average refund is expected to decrease by the end of this year, 2022. People who file their returns early and do not wait till the last moment are in favor of receiving their tax refunds within almost 3 weeks of filing. But this process might get delayed due to fewer workers. On the first of April, the IRS got about 91.3 million tax returns. This showed a decrease of 2.1% from 2021. Although, the IRS is working much faster compared to 2021 in order to return the refunds. You may need to use the most reliable tax software online to file your taxes. You can use either H&R Block or TurboTax to file your tax. Through this software, you can even increase your deductions to attain the maximum amount of refund. 

How much tax refund are people expecting this year? 

A survey was conducted in March by IPX. In this survey, more than 1100 Americans participated. These Americans belong to different generations and age groups. According to the survey, people anticipated receiving at least 1915 dollars in 2022 although they received much more than this. The average they expected to receive was much below what they received last year. The outcome of the survey also shows that those who file their tax at the last minute are anticipating receiving a small amount of tax refund compared to those who file their returns on time. People belonging to various generations and age groups are expecting different amounts of tax refunds. Based on the result of the survey, Boomers are expecting to receive more than 1200 dollars while Generation X is expecting around 2100 dollars. The Millennials are anticipated to receive around 2100 dollars as well while Generation Z is expecting around 1200 dollars. 

How to get a tax refund? 

If you are waiting for a tax refund and have not received it yet then you might need to follow these steps to know where your refund is: 

•   You can get to know about your tax refund by visiting the IRS website 

•   From there you can go to ‘where’s my refund’ to know about the status of your tax refund

•   Another option is to install 

•   Through the app you can get updated within a day after IRS receives your electronic filing 

•   You might get updated in a month if you have sent a paper instead of the electronic form

Where should you use your tax refund in 2022?  

If you are looking for suggestions for where to use your tax refunds this year, the following points below may be a help for you. 

•   You can use it to pay a debt that has a greater amount of interest on it

•   You can use it to pay off your credit card bills

•   You can use it for an emergency fund

•   You can also use it wisely which can help you in retirements, such as by filling a Roth IRA account or a traditional account with the tax refund


This article informs you about how much tax refund an average person is getting this year. Also, how much tax refund are people actually expecting to receive? By reading this article, you will also get to know how to check the status of your tax refund and get it. Moreover, this article also guides you in how to use your tax refund money wisely which will help you in your bad times. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

1.   How can we use the Roth IRA? 

Ans: These few are the best brokerages for Roth IRA:

•   Betterment

•   Charles Schwab

•   Wealthfront 

•   Vanguard

•   E*TRADE 

2.   How can we use the Roth IRA? 

Ans: It is a tax-advantaged account. People mostly use it to save money for their retirement. Other than that you can use it for investment in stocks, funds, and ETFs. 

Tax refund 2022 how much is average person getting back

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