Bassett Furniture Warranty -Know More About It


Bassett furniture industry is a renowned name in the world of  furniture retail and manufacturing.  A century-old organization, Bassett furniture functions through its 60 retail locations situated in America and Puerto Rico. Basset offers an attractive array of customizable furniture suited for different purposes such as fitting in living rooms, bedrooms, and dining rooms. Customers get to choose from a multitude of fabric types and different types of leather. Let us know about “Bassett Furniture Warranty”

This article provides insight into the furniture warranty offered by Bassett.

Bassett Furniture Warranty

Meaning Of Warranty

The term warranty may imply different meanings to different people. In common terms, a warranty refers to an assurance from the seller that if the product is defective, the seller is liable to replace or repair the concerned item. Usually, a warranty comes with a specific time frame and after the expiration of such period, the warranty cannot be claimed. 

Conditions For Availing Warranty

A warranty for a product comes along with several conditions, which need to be fulfilled if the customer seeks to avail warranty. The primary factors that can influence a warranty for a product are enlisted as follows –

Warranty period – The warranty period for a product signifies the time frame in which the seller is under the obligation to repair or replace the product which is affected by any sort of defect. In case the warranty period has expired and the product malfunctions after the expiration, the consumers have to bear the repair charges out of their own pockets.

Warranty Card – A warranty card is a document specifying the purchase of the concerned goods by the consumer and the conditions of the warranty attached to the concerned purchase. The consumer must have a warranty card at the time of availing warranty. In conventional business, warranty cards are offered in physical format, but with the rapid influence of technology more and more organizations offer digital formats of warranty cards that are easy to store and locate.

Product usage guidelines – Most of the products come along with detailed guides on how the customer should routinely use the products. Warranty is only valid when the customer is duly adhering to all the usage guidelines and the product stops functioning normally. In case the customer fails to adhere to these guidelines and damages the product, the warranty becomes void. For instance, certain products are to be operated at or below specified temperatures, and in case damage to the product occurs when it is being used at above-specified temperatures, the seller is not liable to adhere to the warranty of the product.

Furniture Warranty At Bassett

Bassett offers premium quality furniture which comes along with a warranty as well. The warranty period begins on the date of the purchase. The furniture warranty offered varies according to the components which complete the furniture. The wooden products are covered by a warranty of one year on manufacturing and construction. The electrical, mechanical, marble, stone, and glass elements are covered for one year

Settling Warranty Claims

The claims filed by customers for warranty are settled by Bassett after ensuring that the concerned items fulfills the prerequisites to qualify for exchange or repair under the warranty program. In case the concerned product or component is not available at Bassett, it is exchanged or replaced with a product or component which is comparable. After replacement, the total warranty period for the product does not change and is the same as the warranty period on the original purchase. 

Bassett’s Protection Plan

Customers purchasing Bassett furniture can opt for Basset’s protection plan. This plan works beyond the warranty period of the purchased furniture. It enables the buyers to claim damages and accidents which are not covered in the warranty. One of the primary benefits of opting for this plan is the refund that comes along with it. In case the customer does not claim any damage in the five years specified under the protection plan, the customer is eligible to get back the money paid in form of store credit which can be used to make other purchases at Bassett. Customers can register themselves for this protection plan within 30 days of making the purchase. 


Bassett is known for manufacturing high-quality durable furniture that suits the needs of the customers. The warranty claim process enables the purchasers to get a hassle-free claim settlement for their products. In addition to a simple claim settlement process, the protection plan offered by Bassett serves as icing on the cake. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1.  Do all the organizations offering similar products offer the same warranty?

Answer 1. Most firms have different warranty policies. There may be similar warranty periods for similar items, but usually, the overall policy differs from company to company.

Question 2. Is Bassett’s protection plan worth paying for?

Answer 2.  Yes, Basset protection plan covers the furniture from all types of damages which are not covered under the warranty. So anyone looking to safeguard their furniture can opt for this plan.

Bassett Furniture Warranty -Know More About It

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