Best Buy Price Drop Refund

Best Buy is a well-renowned electronics retailer widely known in the United States. Nevertheless, nothing is more vexing than shopping from your favorite store and realizing that the items you bought are on sale for the next few days! Thus, if you are stuck in such a situation, then read ahead to find out the solution. Let us know about “Best Buy Price Drop Refund”

Best Buy Price Drop Refund

If you have bought your essentials from Best Buy at full price, and the store does a price cut in the next few days, you might be wondering whether Best Buy will refund the difference or not. The answer is yes! However, the only condition is that you must go for a refund within the next 15 days of buying the item. 

Best Buy Price Drop: Will I Get A Refund?

As hardworking individuals who devote 10-12 hours a day working, it is no surprise that you want to buy your essentials at the best lowest price possible. And although the electronic items at Best Buy are already given at a convenient cost, you might find yourself in a position where you believe that the price could get lower! Now, since you’ve already bought the product, what is left to do, right? The one thing you can do is keep an eye on the product’s price at Best Buy for the next 15 days. Yes, you read that right!

According to the store’s policy, if you have purchased a product at, let’s say, $10.99, and you see the product’s rate drop to $8.99 within a span of 15 days after purchasing the item, then you can get a refund! However, you must be aware that the refund you get will be the difference you get by subtracting the new price from the former one. Thus, in the case mentioned above, you will subtract $8.99 from $10.99, and you get $2 as a refund!

What Is Best Buy’s Price Match Policy?

Before addressing this query, it is imperative to know that price drop and price match are two different things! A price drop is when a manufacturer reduces the price of an item just days after you have purchased the same item at a higher price, thus making you liable to get a refund. However, as regards price match, it refers to the instance when you purchase an item from a store but you see the same item in a different store at a lower price. 

Although many stores do not have a price match policy, Best Buy does! So let us move ahead and look at what Best Buy’s price matching policy has in store for you.

  1. To avail of Best Buy’s price match policy, you must make sure that the product is not similar but identical; i.e, the brand and model number must be the same! In addition to this, you must make sure that the product is new and recently available in the market. 
  2. Best Buy’s price match policy does not consider all stores that have the same product. In case of shopping from the store, make sure the other store is within a 25-mile radius. In the case of online shopping, you must keep an eye on,,,, and! 
  3. You can still avail of Best Buy’s price matching policy even on products bought online from their official website.
  4. However, Best Buy’s price match policy does not come into the picture when the products are sold or shipped from a third-party website or when competitors provide pre-order offers, liquidation offers, or sales.

What Is The Process Of Refund At Best Buy?

Getting a refund under Best Buy’s price adjustment policy is no joke, and rightly so! To get the refund, you have to make sure that you have the price receipt of the item purchased, and then you have to make sure that the identical item is in a store within a 25-mile radius, and that the latter item is not on sale. Once everything is up to the mark, you can go ahead with the refund process:

  1. The first thing to do, in case of online shopping, is visit any Best Buy store nearby. In the case of in-store shopping, visit the one you bought the item from, and go to the cash counter. 
  2. Most importantly, make sure you have the price receipt of the item. Without such essential documents, you can be denied a refund.
  3. Make sure to click a picture of the item in the other store, or if online, make sure to show it at the cash counter at Best Buy.
  4. Once everything is checked, you will either receive your refund via online payment platforms or your bank account. You can also ask for cash instead.


Now that you know everything About “Best Buy Price Drop Refund”, not only about Best Buy’s price drop policy but also their price match policy, it is time to shop as aware and conscious citizens. Shopping is fun and it can be more fun when you realize that you have spent within your budget! With inflation looming large in every corner of the world, it is a small kind of accomplishment to save whatever you can when buying products. 

Frequently Asked Questions:
  1. Does the time frame for return/exchange/refund differ for people having Best Buy’s membership program?

Yes! It is 15 days for standard members, 30 for elite members, and 45 for elite plus members.

  1. Is it necessary to show the price receipt at the time of refund or return?

Yes, it is.

Best Buy Price Drop Refund

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