Where Are Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant Bases?


Do you also wish to fly high? Are you eager in working as an attendant on a flight and don’t know the ABCD of it? Don’t you worry this article is meant for you then? Southwest Airlines are amongst the top airlines in the world. And getting a job in this airline as an attendant is the dream of many people. We understand you’re one of them. you must also wonder where they will be in the afterlife after becoming the attendant. And you must think about after the selection where your base will be. So, fasten up the seat belts we are going to tell you where the southwest airlines flight attendant bases are?.

Where Are Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant Bases?

As of now southwest airlines has its flight attendant bases in 11 different cities in the United States. The cities where the southwest airlines flight attendants Bases are Los Angeles, Orlando, Phoenix, Oakland, Houston, Dallas, Baltimore, Denver, Chicago, Las Vegas, and Atlanta. As per the schedule and different operational needs, these bases are allotted to the flight attendants.

How you can work as an attendant on Southwest Airlines Flight?

You’re the one who is going gaga over becoming a southwest flight attendant but don’t know how to become one. Getting into such a prestigious airline is the dream of many but we are here to guide you in fulfilling that dream of yours. Just follow these steps and become a southwest flight attendant:

  1. Online application: The first step is that after your diploma and graduation you need to apply online at southwestair.com along with your CV and all related documents that may include photos, graduation certificates, diplomas, passport, etc.
  2. Online assessments: After the online application, the online assessment of your application will take place. In this, there will be a series of questions and you will be required to answer all of them.
  3. Interview: Then after these two interviews will take place. One will be telephonic and the other will be a personal interview to assess whether you’re an apt candidate or not. 
  4. Background checks and physical performance assessment: Once you pass the interview stage a thorough background check, a physical standards assessment test and a medical test will be conducted. 
  5. Training in the academy: If you clear all the above stages then you will be sent to the training academy. After the initial training, voila you will qualify as a flight attendant.

Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant Bases

The other airlines currently work on a different system of using the traditional hub for layovers and breaks for the flight attendants. But the southwest airlines hold the privilege of being the 3rd largest airline in the United States and thus use different criteria. They have created bases for their flight attendants. What is a base? It is a place from where the crew member will start the duty or will end his duty. So, southwest airlines firmly believe in the concept of creating bases. In furtherance of that, they have chosen 11 cities and created 11 bases there. The list of the cities in which southwest airlines has its bases is enlisted hereinunder:

1.Phoenix – Sky Harbor
2.Los Angeles
3.Las Vegas
4.Houston – Hobby
5.Dallas – Love
9.Chicago – Midway


  1. Can someone have the power to choose their flight attendant base?

Yes, being a flight attendant gives you the privilege to choose the base as a home base. During the layovers and breaks, you can surely choose the base for yourself.

  1. What is the amount that a flight attendant earns?

The basic average pay that a flight attendant receives in the United States is $49,875 per annum.

  1. What is the minimum age required for becoming a flight attendant?

For becoming a flight attendant, you must be of or above 20 years of age. If you’re less than 20 years of age, then you are not eligible to apply for the post of a flight attendant.

  1. Do flight attendants get paid during the training time?

The answer is no. The flight attendant is not paid during the time duration of the training. They receive their first remuneration of $1200, after 5 days of the attendant’s graduation ceremony. 

  1. Where the training of the flight attendants takes place?

The training of the southwest flight attendants takes place in Dallas.


The dream of flying high can become the reality if one follows the step mentioned above. Southwest airlines hold the position of the most prestigious airline in the United States. And it is the sure shot deal if someone engages themselves with this institution then there are bright chances of flying high in success. Southwest airlines also take care of its employees and provide with all related amenities. Creating bases for the flight attendants is one of that examples of that amenities.

Where Are Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant Bases?

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