What Is Kroger Boost?

Supermarkets are an everyday thing today. The world is accustomed to the idea of a one-stop place to purchase all they need for their home. Supermarkets are constantly evolving and with the increase in stores and chains, the competition gets tough. To stand out from other supermarket chains, each company comes up with strategies that attract customers.  What would you as a consumer look for at a supermarket? Besides regular concepts of quality, variety, and more, you’ll look for some perks. Offers, great deals, and other perks make any store more exciting. While Kroger is known for its quality and variety, they have introduced Kroger boost, a membership-based service, to further boost their customers and earn loyalty and sales. What this concept is all about is what you will find as you read on! 

What Is Kroger Boost?

About Kroger

If you’re in the US, you have heard of Kroger. Kroger is among the top and most favored companies in the country. With a chain of supermarkets and other stores, Kroger has been a comfortable option for many. 

Dealing with all kinds of products, mainly family ones, the company is known for its enriched and quality products. Founded back in 1883, the store has made quite some progress in the many years. 

Their company aims for freshness and safety at all times. Whether it is their products or services, they ensure that their customers get only the best! Food production, supermarkets, jewelry centers, and varied kinds of stores are operated by Krogers. Along with safety and quality, they also provide many deals and offers for customers to further indulge in what their company has to offer. 

Kroger Boost 

Kroger boost is one of the services and perks offered by Kroger to its customers. It is a membership-based service that has additional benefits and more compared to that of the regular Kroger store. It is just normal shopping at Kroger but with added benefits. As the name suggests, it boosts your shopping experience and adds more to it!\

 While the initiative was recently introduced, it is yet to come up in certain places. However, it adds to your shopping once you receive it. There are two kinds of plans available viz. 59$ per year and 99$ per year, each having its benefits. 

The Kroger Boost plan is devised as any other plan that you have with stores. All you have to do is set up the account digitally on your device and once you’re a member, all the perks are yours. The best part about this is that you can use this plan in addition to any other plus or prime membership you may have with Kroger. 

Benefits of Kroger Boost 

Coming to benefits, one can seldom note each and everyone one. You will receive tremendous discounts, sales, and offers from Kroger on being a member of the Kroger boost plan. However, some noteworthy benefits are mentioned below: 

Fuel points

Gas or fuel points are much valued in the US. These come in handy when you go shopping. Kroger boost adds fuel points to your account when you make certain purchases or even go for pickup. 

What’s more, they can also choose to double the same based on the offer ad plan you choose. Free fuel points and fuel points merely for purchasing groceries and merchandise are one of the perks of Kroger’s boost.

Fast and free delivery 

Kroger provides delivery at around $9. Moreover, these deliveries may not be as fast or smooth. However, with Kroger boost, you get free and fast deliveries on your Kroger products. 

This means that you and your orders are prioritized and you can use those 9$ for something more fun wherever you like! Fast deliveries depend on many factors. However, even next-day deliveries which are not an option for regular Korger members are applicable for you with Kroger boost! 

Special offers and perks 

There are loads of discounts, sales, offers, and more with the Kroger boost plan. You receive some of the other offers almost every day on a variety of products. These range from jewelry, groceries, and much more. 

In addition to the regular offers, the Kroger boost plan adds to the same to increase the value of your purchase and make it as cheap as possible.

Increased savings 

With free deliveries, discounts- and heaps of it, fuel points and so many other perks, you are on your way to making some productive savings. Kroger boost is an ideal plan to pick. You enjoy overloaded benefits for an entire year and add up your savings just for a specific amount, quite a deal, isn’t it?

How to get Kroger Boost 

In case you’re wondering how you can get a Kroger boost, the process is simple! All you have to do is get to the website and enroll or sign up to become a member. You can choose between the two plans which will also show you the respective perks and benefits. 

Once you choose, you just enter your details and you’re all set. You will be shown and notified about offers and more. If you choose to shop in-store, simply show the cashier or staff the account and avail of the benefits.


Kroger boost is a great deal for regular shoppers who like to save. With many perks and benefits, it is a plan that takes care of almost all your shopping needs. Note that your perks will differ based on the plan you choose. You’re just a step away from boosting your shopping, savings, and more!

  • Can I cancel my Kroger boost plan? 

Yes. If you wish you may cancel your membership but you won’t receive refunds, instead you’ll be eligible for Kroger boost benefits till your subscription ends. 

  • Are the Kroger boost plan and its benefits available in all Kroger stores? 

No. There are very few stores in which the Kroger boost is not applicable. You can find the same on their website.

  • Who is eligible for availing Kroger boost?

Anyone who is 18 years and above is eligible to become a Kroger boost member!

What Is Kroger Boost?

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