Does Domino’s Accept Prepaid Cards?

Domino’s Pizza is one of the most demanding pizzas in the United States, which has made an incredible market position with its customer-friendly food provision. That Food and Beverage chain has introduced mouth-watering food fusion cuisines with convenient ways of payment. In 2021 Domino’s Pizza, Inc. was the largest pizza delivery market company in the world. Domino’s had 4,431 pizza delivery stores in the United States and more than 1,521 units in 59 foreign countries by the end of 1997. While by 2025, Domino’s anticipates $25 billion in sales per year, as well as 2,000 new U.S. stores within that time frame. Considering the high demand across the globe Domino’s franchises its production and sold ownership to investors after providing internal training just to ensure quality. Let’s know more about does Domino’s accept prepaid cards.

Does Domino's Accept Prepaid Cards

Yes, Domino’s has started to accept prepaid cards and debit cards since June 15, 2018. This has increased the flexibility of payment of options by a lot. You can either pay through prepaid cards including debit cards for online or offline orders, though using prepaid cards for payment instead of debit cards is comparatively riskier. There are safer methods of payment as well which include cash on delivery, digital wallet, and also Domino’s gift cards.

How to book an order?

You can book your order using your mobile phone, website, Twitter, Amazon’s Alexa, Facebook Messenger, mobile text, Apple Watch, and Domino’s app. Services are open 24/7 for your choice of pizzas, chicken, pasta, or modified menu.

What is the Mode of Payment?

1. Cash on delivery;

  Customers can pay at the time of delivery at home or dine-in in the restaurant.

2. Digital Wallets: 

Customers can use digital wallet systems like PayPal to pay for their meals. PayPal is accepted for paying for meals at all Domino’s stores. Mobile payment systems are also accepted for making orders online or through the phone. Dominos generally prefers this method of payment for online orders.

3. Credit card, Debit card:

The fastest way of prior payment saves time for the rider and company. Debit and credit cards issued by all recognized American banks and credit unions are accepted at all Domino’s stores. They are acceptable for making payments for online orders as well.

4. Domino’s gift cards: 

Dominos keep awarding their loyal customers with gift vouchers and gift cards. Everyone also has access to the best pizza coupons and deals.

Does Domino’s accept prepaid cards?

Payment options are quite flexible for clients and even it allows prepaid cards. However, the prepaid card is riskier than the debit card. Many financial sectors, like banks, private merchants, and non-banking institutions offer prepaid cards, which have some pre-loaded amount according to customer financial needs. 

Prepaid cards can be used after the pre-authorization of the cardholder which is itself a time taken to process and takes more time if an order is given on phone. 

However, the restaurant ensures to reserve some extra amount from prepaid card holders as there are many chances of the card declining in case of a shortage of balance. Or, it is inevitable to manually calculate the total amount including all taxes, and tips at the time of booking otherwise there was a risk of late payment from the customer. 

Whereas the debit card has directly linked with the customer account which has minimum chances of payment being denied whilst prepaid has a small limited amount. Sometimes transactions get delayed due to a shortage of a single cent, a card may be not activated, etc which would be a source of hassle, especially during online bookings. 

Domino’s customers can pay for their meals at Domino with their prepaid cards too, after pre-authorization. Sometimes receives some extra amount (tip adjustment) or reconciles the bill manually after dining.

Regardless, prepaid cards may or may not be acceptable for home deliveries. As it causes lots of inconvenience to riders and stores. It is acceptable only depending on the policy of the Domino’s branch where the order has been placed.

Pre-paid cards may also be used as gifts for personalized occasions.

Other than payment methods, Domino’s gets overwhelmed its valuable customer with the following breathtaking offers: 

1. Pizza Coupons

Domino’s know how to win its customer’s heart, it surprised the customers with different coupons. On Domino’s app, there is an option to opt for coupons according to available discounts. As well as customers can select their menu and Domino’s website design coupon according to selected food. It’s not ended here, they provide rewards points on every single purchase. Which can be redeemed on buying next time whether online, from the phone, or at a restaurant. “Free Pizza” is the yummiest offer from the earn rewards. 

2. Domino’s pizza promo code

Interestingly promo codes are also available on site which will be redeemed on some cuisine and sometimes on pizza only, often code valid for all, or sometimes exclusive for high point earners. 

3. Rewards Programs by Domino’s

On the website, there is a customer reward profile that needs to enroll for earning future points. For every purchase of pizza, the customer got 10 points and a summation of 60 points. A free pizza can be booked online or by phone. This program is known as a piece of pie reward program.

4. Dominos free delivery code

Domino’s charges some amount for the delivery of food as they ensure the fastest delivery within a given time and ensure proper food temperature. However, for surpassing customer expectations they also offer free delivery within the given time frame.


  1. Is paying through prepaid cards risky when ordering Dominos?

Yes, using prepaid cards as a payment method rather than other methods is relatively riskier.

2. What are Domino’s ratings?

Domino’s is usually rated around 3.6 – 4.2 stars because of its high market position and exceptional cuisine.

Does Domino’s Accept Prepaid Cards?

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