Does Dollar Tree Fill Helium Balloons? -Know More

There is no occasion celebrated without balloons. Balloons are the favorite things of kids and a necessary part of every party. Balloons are liked by everyone. Helium balloons give every party a colorful view. Let us know about “Does Dollar Tree Fill Helium Balloons?”

Does Dollar Tree Fill Helium Balloons?

Filling a large number of balloons for a birthday party or any other event is a hectic job. It becomes more difficult if you don’t have a balloon filling pump or machine. This problem is solved by many of the stores out there. Different stores provide you with balloon filling services. But for this, the Dollar Tree store is best for you. 

So, yes Dollar Tree fills helium balloons for just $1 when bought either from the store or online. Moreover, Dollar Tree also fills foil balloons and sells them also. Dollar Tree only fills foil or metal balloons even if they are large-sized balloons with helium. Hence they do not fill balloons made up of latex. Dollar Tree also fills balloons with helium that have been bought somewhere else unless they are made of foils.

Carry on reading if you want to know more about the Dollar Tree stores filled with helium balloons. 

Dollar Tree Balloon Filling Services

Dollar Tree store is a great chain of stores that provide enormous services and products for just $1. Now, you don’t have to wonder and worry about filling your balloons because Dollar Tree is giving you this facility. Dollar Tree stores provide their services to fill up specific balloons with helium. 

Not only this but also, you can have pre-filled helium balloons from dollar tree stores. You can find all kinds of pre-filled balloons according to the theme of your celebration. You can see these balloons at the entrance of the store. You can buy them if you have a shortage of time. Also, you can buy balloons from a dollar tree store for any of your needs and ask to fill them with helium at a very low price. 

Cost Of Filling Balloons 

It is not a thing that you worry about. As it is a dollar tree store, all the products and services they provide are just for $1. Unlike other stores, Dollar tree does not demand any extra charges to blow up the balloons. In simple words, when you buy balloons from a dollar tree store, you will not have to pay to blow them up. It is free of cost. 

But if you want to fill the balloons you bought from another store, you will have to pay $1 which is the cost of all the products and services of the dollar tree store. It becomes a low-cost service at dollar tree as compared to the other stores offering the same within $1 to $3. 

So, firstly, you should prefer buying pre-filled balloons from dollar tree stores. If not then, buy balloons from dollar tree stores and fill them up free of cost. If it is not possible also, then preferably choose dollar tree stores to fill up your balloons. 

Online Purchased Balloons 

If you purchase balloons from a dollar tree store online and now you want them to be filled for free, you simply have to follow the steps we mentioned below 

  • Bring the balloons to any of your local dollar tree store branches to avoid additional charges. 
  • If you want a smooth filling process, you should first call your local branch before going to it, to ensure that they have enough helium to fill balloons.
  • Also, you have to bring a copy of your purchase receipt. 
  • You can only have a free filing of balloons at dollar tree if you show them a copy of your purchase receipt. 

So in this way, you can fill up your balloons easily if you even purchase them online.

Types Of Balloons Dollar Tree fill

The services and cost of dollar trees are good and affordable, but their filling services are limited to some specific types of balloons. 

Dollar tree stores just blow up foil or metallic balloons only. They don’t fill up any type of latex balloons. 

As long as you have foil balloons, whether they are of different types or different shapes, they can fill these up for you at a very low price. So you can have your birthday, anniversary or party balloons easily filled up at your local dollar tree store. 

Helium Availability

More than 15000 dollar tree stores provide helium balloon filling services. But you must check first before going to a store to blow up balloons. It is because sometimes a store runs out of helium also. 

So if you want to avoid any trouble or difficulty, you should first call your local dollar tree store branch to which you are supposed to go. First, confirm that they have enough helium to fill up your balloons, and then go to the store to save your time and energy. 

  • You can find your nearest dollar tree store by entering your zip code on the dollar tree website. 

In this way, you will be able to know about the closest dollar tree store around your house. 


It is easy to shop at a dollar tree store because it has almost everything you need for a party or a celebration. Helium balloon filling also comes in it. So we try to add enough information about the filing of helium balloons at a dollar tree store. So read our article to find out most of the knowledge about this topic. 


Does the dollar tree balloon filling service free of cost? 

Yes, it is free of cost for you if you buy balloons from the dollar tree store only. If you buy them from another store and want to fill them up, you have to pay. 

Where To Get Balloons Filled With Helium

Some other stores like Walmart, Kroger, CVS, Party City, etc also fill helium balloons at different price rates. 

Does Dollar Tree Fill Helium Balloons? -Know More

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