Nike Outlet Return Policy – Know More

Nike is a brand that is recognized globally. The big question many customers have is surrounding the company’s return policy. The return policy for Nike branded items is fairly simple, however, customers face some uncertainty regarding returns made to a Nike outlet or factory store. Keep reading to uncover the specifics of returns to Nike factory outlets.

Nike Outlet Return Policy - Know More

When it comes to making purchases from Nike as with any other retailer, you must know what form of evidence you need to successfully make a return or even returns to a Nike Factory store. The returns policy clearly states that when it comes to returns from factory outlets, customers have a 60-day window in which to make returns.

The 60-day window lets customers make returns to a Nike outlet and receive either a full refund on their purchase or exchange for an item to the value of the one being returned. To return a purchased item to a Nike outlet, it needs to be unworn, the price tag should still be attached and it should be unwashed for you to qualify for a full refund. Once the 60-day window closes you will not be able to make returns as the return policy isn’t open to negotiation.

Nike outlet return policy  

All Nike items purchased from a Nike outlet shop have a 60-day window in which customers can return their purchases. For your return to be successful the items you return must still have the price tag attached, be unworn, and be unwashed. If your return meets that criteria then you’ll be eligible for a refund on your purchase. 

Beyond the 60-day window- All Nike apparel and footwear come with a standard 2-year guarantee from the manufacturer. When it comes to the 60-day return window, there is a technical loophole that customers can use to their advantage. The only time that Nike lets customers make returns after the 60-day window, is when the purchased item is defective or has a flaw from the manufacturer when it was purchased.

In such an instance then you can return the purchased item within a two-year window of your purchase. With purchased items that have a manufacturing defect or flaw, the return policy covers even items that have been worn, had the price tag removed, and been washed.

What you need to make returns to the Nike outlet- For in-store returns, you must have the receipt you received on the day of purchase. With in-store purchases you do not receive a confirmation email or order number, so your receipt is the only evidence of your purchase. If you have lost your receipt the only refund you will get is a store credit refund.

The only customers who can make returns without a physical receipt are members of Nike. If a Nike member made their purchase using their Nike Pass or membership email your order can be looked up on the system. In such an instance the customer still qualifies for and will receive a full refund. To make returns for items purchased online, a receipt is not required. All you need is your order number or barcode.

How to make returns to Nike outlet- Returns made to Nike outlet stores are the most convenient options for customers and don’t cost them a thing. This method of return is also the easiest. To do this, you will need either your receipt, barcode, or order number in addition to the item that you intend to return. Once you provide the cashier with the necessary evidence they will help you process your return.

Mailed returns can be made by both Nike members and non-members. There is however one difference, for Nike members, mailed returns are at no cost to them.

Exceptions to the Nike return policy

  1. Exchanges can only be done in-store, if you have an item that you would perhaps like in a different color or size then visit your nearest Nike store.
  2. Apple watches bought from a Nike outlet can only be returned within a 14-day window. Apple watches are not covered by Nike’s 60-day returns policy.
  3. Items that you purchased and removed the tag from cannot be returned to Nike, items that you have worn or even washed also cannot be returned to Nike.
  4. Gift cards purchased from Nike cannot be returned or even refunded.

Nike refunds- Normally the typical refund period for Nike returns is 10 days. The minute that your return is successfully processed the refund is also processed. However, it may take a couple of days before your refund arrives. The waiting period for your refund depends on the bank or credit card to which the refund is being processed to. If the refund is sent to a Nike gift card, it only takes a day for you to get the refund on the gift card.


Nike’s return policy for factory stores is clear and easy to understand. Though returns in some cases cannot be made to clearance stores or for online purchases in most cases Factory outlet stores will process all returns. The return period is 60 days with no extension period. When making returns, customers must have all the necessary documentation. The item being returned must also meet the criteria for Nike returns.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Can custom Nike shoes be returned? 

Yes, custom Nike shoes normally known as “Niked By You” can be returned within the 60-day return window.

  1. What is the return policy of a Nike outlet? 

If the item was purchased from a Nike factory outlet, you can return it in 60 days in line with the return policy.

Nike Outlet Return Policy – Know More

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