Bjs Curbside Pickup -Learn More About It

Many retailers have improved the convenience and security of grocery shopping by allowing customers to order groceries online and pick them up at the curb. With curbside pickup, customers can place an online order and then pick it up without ever having to leave their cars. Let us know about “Bjs Curbside Pickup”

Bjs Curbside Pickup

The BJ’s App lets you shop online and arrange for a free curbside pickup at your local BJ’s warehouse club. Use BJ’s website or mobile app to place an order for curbside pickup. In order to place an order, however, you must first subscribe. Digital coupons and quick savings apply to curbside orders.

Using Bj’s Curbside Pickup

Order “Free Pickup Today” from the BJ’s website or app to take advantage of the store’s Curbside Pickup service. Any BJ’s member can make use of the no-cost Curbside Pickup service, which is accessible from the building’s outer edge. However, in order for your curbside pickup order to be fulfilled, the chosen store must have stock of your items. Shop on BJ’s website or mobile app to take advantage of the free curbside pickup option. You can order as many or as few products as you wish, as there is no set minimum for pickups.

If you want to place a curbside order at your local BJ’s, all you have to do is check in through the app. Leave your vehicle in one of the designated curbside pickup zones outside the shop when you arrive to pick up your order. After logging into the BJ app, go to In-Club, Pickup Check-In, and finally, Curbside Pickup.

Earn Cash Back On Your Curbside Orders At BJ’s

BJ’s Wholesale Club now offers free curbside pickup to its members. Because we’re all about helping you save money, especially at BJ’s, here’s a way to maximize your rebates: order online and have everything delivered to your curb.

Instead of leaving right this second to take advantage of the newest sale, I urge you to reconsider.

Any online purchases must now be made via Rakuten. Currently, customers can receive 1.5% cash back on all purchases made through The $30 incentive is only available to new Rakuten members, but signing up is free and easy if you do it using this link.

A Step-By-Step Guide To Placing Your Online BJ’s Order

You must have a BJ’s membership in order to shop on the BJ’s website. Sign in with your name, address, and membership number online. After that, you can use BJ’s app or website to place an online order. Here are the measures you must take to place an order on BJ’s website:

Go To

  • Create a new account or sign in with your name, address, and BJ’s membership number found on the back of your Membership Card.
  • After logging in, you can start placing orders immediately. In the top left corner of the homepage, choose a store. If you click the plus sign, you may enter your zip code to find the store that is most convenient for you.
  • You can shop by category by clicking the “All Categories” link on the sidebar.
  • Add products to your online shopping by clicking the “Add to Cart” button.
  • You’ll be asked to choose a pickup method on the screen showing the product details. To have your order picked up for free at your neighborhood BJ’s, select that option.
  • Proceed to checkout, then bring your smartphone with the BJ’s app installed in order to use the curbside pickup service. In order to use the mobile app’s check-in features, you must first create a BJ’s account.

The Benefits Of Using BJ’s Pickup Service

The BJ’s App allows you to check in after logging into your Membership account. If you choose Curbside Pickup on the app, a BJ’s Team Member will bring your order to your car and put it in the trunk without needing to be there. If you select In-Club Pickup, your order will be held until you finish your shopping expedition and may be picked up at the service desk in case you forgot something.

  • Practical Convenience for the Busy Professional

BJ’s pickup is a lifesaver for parents who are constantly on the go. While you spend your time doing what you want, need, or love, a BJ’s Team Member will shop the Club with the same keen eye.

  • Cheaper and Valuable

Enjoy the same low prices and low membership fees that you’ve come to expect from BJ’s. Any BJ’s Smart Savings Family Member can take advantage of BJ’s Pickup and BJ’s Same-Day Delivery, as well as many other perks. Try BJ’s Pickup today and see how simple it is to shop quickly and save money.


Now we have learnt about “Bjs Curbside Pickup”, Pickup from the curb is convenient for all. There are plans available for those who are not already members so that they can begin enjoying membership privileges. A BJ staff member will carry your order to your car, so you don’t have to walk inside. Because of BJ’s convenient Curbside Pickup service, you no longer have to worry about finding your way to the store to get your favorite products.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What Is the Difference Between Curbside and Pickup?

With curbside pickup, the consumer doesn’t even have to get out of their car. However, with in-store pickup, they’ll have to go inside.

  1. Can I Leave a Tip for The Driver When I Order BJ’s To-Go?

The Curbside Pickup service at BJ’s does not require consumers to leave a gratuity for the staff.

  1. Is Using Curbside Pickup Rude?

Instead, you should recognize that curbside pickup is a special perk and use it with gratitude.

Bjs Curbside Pickup -Learn More About It

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