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Getting the most affordable deal for the necessities of life is one of the primary goals nowadays. Many membership-based options claim to provide quality for the lowest price. Members Mark is a private brand founded by Sam’s Club – a division of Walmart – in 1998 and it spans Sam’s Club’s product variety, covering things from groceries and pet supplies to supplies like outdoor and patio, household, clothing, and accessories. The company lately combined around 21 different brands into Member’s Mark and revamped and improved products and packaging to make it highly competitive in terms of quality and price. If you take a membership for Sam’s Club, you get to avail Member’s Mark products along with multiple perks that come with the membership!

Members Mark - Know More

In this article, we will be looking at 

  • Membership Options
  • Benefits of using Member’s Mark
  • Limitations to consider
  • Recent changes that are being made to the brand

Membership Options

Members Mark products are sometimes available at Walmart and Amazon, but you would find its proper inventory at Sam’s Club outlets or their online store. You are allowed to buy Member’s Mark products without a membership, but you will get a 10% surcharge. 

The two membership options offered are: 

  • The $45-a-year Club Membership. This includes basic membership.
  • The %100-a-year Plus Membership. Added perks include free shipping, getting to shop earlier than regular members, and Sam’s Cash, which lets you earn back 2% on qualifying purchases for up to $500 a year! Plus other perks and optical/pharmacy savings.

Benefits of using Members Mark

  • It is a good option for bulk buying because you can get wholesale prices.
  • You can choose to ‘split’ the membership cost by having several friends using the membership and paying for parts of it.
  • Members can apply for a Sam’s Club Mastercard, which can get you a 5% cash back rate on gas.
  • Sam’s Club has around 600 outlets in 44 states, so the nearest outlet should be convenient.
  • There are many membership perks for other services like tire replacement, et cetera that you can use.
  • Sam’s Club offers gift cards you can give out so others can avail of the brand, too.

Limitations to consider

You might want to consider whether or not it is feasible for you to spend $45 or $100 on membership or if you have the space and money to buy in bulk for long-term savings, or if the nearest outlet is near enough that the gas bill does not become too large. Also, every item from Member’s Mark is not the cheapest option available, so you will still need to compare prices. There are deals and perks that you can avail of which would make up for initial costs, but do look into these other costs before investing, and go for the cheaper membership before considering the more expensive one! 

Recent changes made to the brand

Sam’s Club recently integrated several of its brands into Member’s Mark and is putting a lot of investment into it to make it compete with other brands of this type. Its new identity is “Made with Our Member and Planet in Mind.” The changes to the product ingredients, variety, production methods, and packaging mean that the new products would be more environmentally friendly: better for animal rights and land, ocean, forest, et cetera welfare. Thus the brand would be more “regenerative” and would be a part of Walmart’s Project Gigaton, focussing on reducing climate change. Products are sourced locally and internationally, depending on where the best ingredients or products are available so that members can choose from the best quality and the best prices. Thus, the brand is set to move towards more variety, better quality, and increased customer satisfaction.

To conclude, Member’s Mark is a successful brand by Sam’s Club that is still improving and offers customers a wide range of products to choose from. It is part of the wholesale, membership-based retail center operating as a sub-part of Walmart, and while the membership offers access to additional perks within Sam’s Club, the reader must decide whether or not it is worth spending the extra initial fee on.


Q: What other membership-based clubs are there, and would they be any better?

A: Costco is a well-known competitor to Sam’s Club, and its brand Kirkland rivals Member’s Mark. Kirkland is said to have slightly cheaper groceries, but you still might want to check whose outlet is closer to home and which company offers better deals for your specific scenario.

Q: How do I return a Member’s Mark item?

A: If you want to return something via, go to your account and then to Order Details. Select Return Item. Print the return label, attach it to your package, and send it. You can also call the Member Service Center at 1-888-746-7726 and they will help you. You will need your membership and order numbers at hand. In both cases, you should have all the product and order contents and the complete packaging to get a proper refund. The refund will be in the form of credit or cash in the original form of payment.

Members Mark – Know More

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