When Does Dollar Tree Restock? 

Dollar Tree stores are discount store chains located all over the United States. It was established in 1986 by Macon F. Brock, Jr., and Doug Perry. It provides you with almost all types of products including groceries, toys, health, households, beauty, and many more for just $1. Let us know about “When Does Dollar Tree Restock?”

When Does Dollar Tree Restock?

As Dollar tree stores have a lot of products, they may get out of stock. You will feel bad when you can’t find your favorite product while shopping. So, you should know about the restocking days of dollar tree, so that you can plan your visit when the store is full of products. 

By 2022, restocking of Dollar Tree stores is done almost every day before closing the store. But it gets a new shipment with all the fresh and new products once a week. From this new shipment, staff replenishes the shelves according to the products daily. Shipment delivery days differ from store to store. It also depends on the size of the dollar store and the items that come in the shipment. Most of the stores prefer Monday to restock their stores. 

Restocking Process At Dollar Tree

If you are a regular customer of Dollar Tree, then you are aware of the fact that some products of dollar tree come and go in stores very fast. So if you want a specific product from a dollar tree shop, you should know whether it is in stock or not. By knowing this, you would save your time and energy by doing unnecessary trips to the store. 

The complete restocking of the store occurs on one particular day of the week. This day of the week is different for different dollar tree stores. This difference occurs based on 

  • Shipment arrival
  • Size of the store 
  • Location of the store 
  • Working hours of staff members 
  • Products available in the store

Anyhow, they fill up their shelves daily. The products that are more in demand sell quickly. Hence it is necessary to fill up the shelf with the product when it becomes empty. 

Also, Dollar Tree stores are not too big and hence don’t have much space in their storerooms to keep things. That is why they keep on filling shelves to make room for the products of new shipments. 

Many dollar stores have particular days and hours which are specified just for the restocking of stores. But the majority of them prefer to restock the store when it is not filled with customers. Some may choose to restock the shelves before closing the store at night. Some do it in the morning before opening the store for customers. 

Checking The In-Stock Products 

The supplies of the dollar tree store vary from store to store. So, one product may be available at one store but not at the other. That’s why, to avoid any hustle or difficulty, you should know about the products you want from the dollar tree store. To check if the products you want are available at the dollar store you are going to, you should first follow the steps mentioned below. 

  • You should call the customer service support helpline at 1-877-530-TREE before going to the store and ask about the desired product’s availability. 
  • If you are in the store already, you can ask about the products from the staff or manager. 
  • They will guide you on whether the item is in stock or not. And if it is not available in stock, then they will tell you, when it will be restocked. 
  • If your nearest dollar tree store doesn’t have your products, you can call another nearby dollar tree store. 

So in this way, you can avoid extra work by keeping things simple. 

New Shipment’s Arrival 

New and big shipments come in dollar tree stores every week. When the shipment arrives, all the products that are sold and low in quantity, are restocked. 

All the shipment process is computerized. It depends upon the

  • The capacity of the store
  • The demand for a product 
  • Products remaining on the aisles 

All the products are numbered and then restocked according to the 

  • Customer’s demand 
  • Product’s brand priority 

A dollar tree store’s restocking schedule may change during holidays like Christmas or Thanksgiving and in seasonal sales. 

Online Item’s Restocking 

Online product restocking occurs from time to time. It does not have a specific pattern of restocking. It is also operated by computers and is automatic. The items that are less in number are selected and restocked automatically. 

New stock is seen when you select the new arrival tab given on the website. You can shop online anywhere anytime. It is easy and you don’t have to go to stores to do shopping. 

Best Time Of Shopping At Dollar Tree 

It is not easy to tell a universal time to shop at a dollar tree store. But if you are still curious about the best time to buy products from dollar tree stores, you should choose the morning time. 

In the morning time, the shelves are full of new and fresh products. It is because most stores restock their shelves after closing or before opening stores. 


So in the end, it is concluded from our discussion that dollar tree stores restock their products daily. We provide you with all the details about how the restocking occurs at dollar tree and how all the things work simply. Hope this will be beneficial and informative for you. 


Does restocking at dollar tree occurs during business hours? 

Yes, restocking and filling the shelves happens all day whenever a product’s shelf seems to be empty. 

Does Dollar Tree store sell products in bulk? 

No, you cannot have products in bulk from Dollar Tree stores. But they can request them online to sell your desired products in bulk.

When Does Dollar Tree Restock? 

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