Does Target Price Match GameStop? – Know More

Target was founded in 1962 as a big-box store format as an American retail chain. Target has a vision that can be revealed from the tagline of “Expect more, pay less”. While GameStop was started in 1984 as a gaming merchandise retailer in America. GameStop has a motto of “Power to the Players”. GameStop has the vision to drive value with shareholders, customers, vendors, and employees continue to the gaming industry. “Price” is an amount of currency given by a purchaser to the seller in exchange for goods or services. Target matches prices of items from GameStop if the items are identical and available in stock in-stores or online. Let it us know about ‘Does Target Price Match GameStop?’

Does Target Price Match GameStop?

Target is a renowned retail store chain with 1900+ stores situated all over the USA. On the other hand, GameStop is a consumer electronics and gaming merchandise retailer that has 3000+ store counts in the USA and has a worldwide 4500+ store count. Target offers different product categories including apparel, home textiles, furniture, electronics, groceries, footwear, gaming accessories, and much more. Whereas GameStop only sells video games, electronics, and gaming supplies. But both Target and GameStop have aimed or framed their pricing strategy differently as their target market is not the same. But Target has an offer to pay back if customers found a better price at GameStop for similar merchandise by verifying the original invoice or electronic slip within 14 days of purchasing.

Pricing Strategy

Pricing Strategy is an essential brick for business development and marketing strategy for any business organization. There are a variety of pricing strategies that can be implied by business teams however the best pricing strategy can be predicted by gauging the organization’s pricing position, pricing segmentation, and capability. 

Target Market

Target Market for both Target and GameStop is different as Target’s potential customers are people from the age of 18 to 45, mostly married, well-educated, white, and have middle to upper-level salaries. Alternatively, GameStop’s target market is very limited as compared to Target which is young males who have a lot of spare time and like to socialize about gaming and young females also shop there but they are not GameStop’s primary customers.

Business model

Target’s business model is based on a characteristic of supporting positive purchasing experience and employee satisfaction with progressive work. And GameStop has a business model that targets the mass market without any distinction between customer segments. GameStop aims its offerings to anyone who is in search of video games and tech products.

Does Target price match GameStop?

Target is a reliable retailer and is acknowledged worldwide for money-saving offers on a different range of products. Also, Target has a price match offer as a marketing policy to maintain a loyal customer base by giving incentives for shopping at Target. It is a famous scheme at Target that allows clientele to demand the lowest rates on products or services. As per the policy, if a customer finds a purchased article at a lesser price at any other retailer brand, then Target will reimburse the difference. But the requested item for compensation must have a similar model, brand, size, and quality.

If a customer purchased any game or console from Target and after purchasing, one may notice a flyer stating that the identical article is offered at GameStop at a reduced price. In this condition, Target gladly does match prices to ensure the best prices and to earn customer loyalty. Also, if claimed price on an item at GameStop could not be verified by the Target team then the complaint would get overruled. This policy is not eligible only when the buyer must show a printed or digital invoice of the lesser price as evidence while claiming reimbursement. Target does not entertain customer claims for a lower price in conjunction with other sales or promotions. 

There are a few conditions in which Target does not offer a price match like:

  • On items currently out of stock
  • Clearance items, sale items, damaged items, and coupon purchases
  • On the holidays of Thanksgiving and a full week later
  • Stores at Hawaii and Alaska locations do not offer a price match policy


Target has many competitive dominations that are fair enough to compete with competitors. However, GameStop is known as the largest video game retailer worldwide. GameStop has a wide target market without gender bias, age, race, occupation, and education. But Target provides a price matching offer with GameStop merchandise both in stores and online to ensure customer satisfaction and value for money. Finally, Target’s price match scheme as a marketing tactic takes precedence among all other retailers collectively. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)
  1. What is Target?

Target is a famous retail store chain and was founded in 1962 by Dayton Company. Its head-quarter is situated in Minneapolis, Minnesota U.S. According to S&P 500 Index, Target is the 7th largest retailer in the USA in 2022.

  1. What is GameStop?

GameStop is an American video game, gaming merchandising, and consumer electronics retailer founded in 1984 by Leonard Riggio. Its head-quarter is situated in Grapevine, Texas U.S. 

  1. Does Target price match GameStop?

Target offers to match prices of items at GameStop within 14 days after purchasing by verifying original invoice.

Does Target Price Match GameStop? – Know More

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