Rowe Furniture Warranty – Know More

Rowe Furniture is an enterprise that has exquisiteness has its work culture. This simply means that they have a benchmarked quality level that all their products have. If it is from Rowe, it is a classic. Rowe is an American company, and they have provided different packages to help their customers in these trying times. Rowe has a warranty that covers all its products. The Rowe Furniture warranty however comes with some restrictions. It is restricted to whoever makes the original purchase and the current owner. In cases where the product has been used for commercial purposes or the item has been destroyed. Such scenarios are not eligible for the warranty. The warranty also does not apply to either product bought from a retailer, or resold product. The warranty covers a period of 1 year, this is subject to the type of item purchased. 

Rowe Furniture Warranty - Know More

Rowe Warranty Period

There are different warranty periods for items at Rowe’s. The Statutory Warranty period at Rowe is 1 year. This is pending review depending on the type of product purchased. Some products have a warranty period of 3 years, while some have 5 years. Different factors contribute to the difference in warranty period. Products that have a year warranty period are often upholsteries that have fastenings, leather, zippers, and fabrics. There is a high chance that the foam would lose its resilience after a period of 12 months. 

Improving Furniture Lifespan 

If you want to improve the lifespan of any product you buy from Rowe, there are certain precautions that you can put in place. You should ensure that you constantly clean your furniture. Regardless of the number of years the warranty covers, it is important you regularly clean your furniture to prevent premature wear and tear. You should also ensure that your furniture does not come in contact with direct sunlight. This would cause some materials to fade. If it can be prevented, ensure that the product does not obtain sunlight directly. 

Rowe After-sale Service  

If your item is covered by the Rowe warranty. You can be certain that it would either be repaired or replaced and the company would bear the cost and all expenses incurred. Though there are stringent factors and conditions put in place before this can be done. All the factor conditions must be met before the warranty process can be initiated. There are some product defects that can be fixed in your home. However, some might involve getting the product back to the factory. This condition would change when the warranty period lapses. 

Rowe Warranty Restrictions

There are some claims that Rowe is not liable for. If such cases are tendered against them, they would be flunked out the window. Rowe is not responsible for any intentional or incidental damage caused to any of its products. Under no circumstance would Rowe bare more than the replacement cost when a warranty issue comes up. In the United States, some states have some restrictions. These exclude them from some of the above-mentioned limitations. 


After carefully reading this expose, you would understand that Rowe’s has different warranty policies. You need to carefully study and understand the policies to know which apply to you. The standard warranty period at Rowe is 1 year. Although this can often be extended to 2,3, and 4 years depending on the product purchased. If you have a Rowe’s product with a 1-year life span, this does not render the product useless after the 1-year count. If properly maintained, the product would last longer than projected. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How many years of warranty does my Rowe furniture have? 

This is a common question among users of Rowe products. The statutory warranty period is 1-year. However, this is subject to change depending on the type of furniture that you purchase. Some items have a warranty period that can exceed as long as 5 years. The warranty period depends on the nature of the product purchased, but the regular warranty period is 1 year. 

What is the warranty policy at Rowe? 

There are multiple warranty policies at Rowe, you just have to read and understand what affects you and how it affects you. Some of the policies are; Rowe would not pay for or replace items damaged with intent. Rowe would not pay for any transportation cost incurred in moving the product down to the factory for repairs.  

Does Rowe make payment refunds? 

If you want to exercise your warranty rights as a customer, you cannot decide to turn in the product for cash. The process is that they attempt to make repairs without getting the item off your hand. When this is not possible, it would be taken to the factory for repair. If this is a dead end, the item would be replaced and the organization would bare the brunt.  

Rowe Furniture Warranty – Know More

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