Walmart Furniture Return Policy -Know More

Buying at Walmart helps shoppers get cheap households and groceries. But such low-price supplies are not the only benefits one could have a guarantee to receive; Walmart sells a range of furniture in which their purchasing comes with a return policy. Let us know about “Walmart Furniture Return Policy”

Walmart Furniture Return Policy

Walmart furniture has a return policy where you could buy the item at once, and if you feel it is not worth your standards, you could return it to the store for a refund or an exchange, depending on your need. The policy for a return requires one to request the return service for their furniture within 90 days. However, there are some requirements that the store will require you to be in line with to offer you full return benefits as refunds. 

Do you want to learn more about Walmart’s return policy for furniture? Here are great details to help you get in touch with the return policy at the Walmart store. 

The Period You Have To Make a Return Of Furniture At Walmart

Walmart will offer 90 days within which a shopper at the store can return furniture they had recently purchased. Such furniture includes items such as desks, nightstands, coffee tables, chairs, dressers, TV units, and so on. 

So, if you may require a return for the item you take home, then return it within 90 days. This period starts from the time you purchase the items. Also, it includes the possibility of getting new furniture similar to the one you purchased. 

However, the return policy for the 90 days to make a return is different for those who purchase through a retailer. So, to have a full guarantee of the 90-day limit for returns, your item must be purchased in-store or online. 

Receipts In A Return Service

Generally, receipts are ideal items when making a return of an item. Receipts are proof of your cash payments for furniture you purchase. However, receipts are not a must for one to get a return service at Walmart. But suing them will help speed the period of return service.

Purchasing furniture using a debit card will help the return time since no receipts are involved. So, the refunds will just be deposited to your card directly. 

Also, receipts are unnecessary since receiving such return services is still possible if you have a valid ID. 

Opened Furniture At Walmart And Return Policy

Have you opened your furniture, and do you need to return it to Walmart? No problem. Walmart’s furniture return policy allows a return of opened furniture. If you had purchased the item from the online method, the return process would be much easier than an in-store purchase. 

Assembled Furniture Returning 

Returning assembled furniture at Walmart is a little complicated. While some furniture will require you to assemble them to use, returning such an item is not acceptable as per the return policy for the case of furniture. 

So, if the assembled item was purchased in parts, then the return policy will require taking off the parts before the return. Furthermore, the same number of the furniture parts must be included in the return; else, a return service denial will be the outcome. 

Exceptions For Return Policy

walmart’s furniture return policy plays an important part when a customer must return the items they had purchased. There is a point where the policy will not allow one to get a return service. 

For instance, purchasing a mattress, one would be required to return such an item while it is not opened. Opening such a package will disregard you from getting a refund or exchange by the policy. 

Also, another point where the policy will not be for you is purchasing an item from Walmart through the third parties Marketplace Sellers. For you to get a return service over such an instance, you will have to communicate with your seller for the return. 

Damaged Furniture Returning

The only instance where Walmart accepts broken or damaged furniture in return is when the item arrives from shipping damage. However, suppose you accidentally or do damage to the item by yourself. In that case, the Walmart furniture return policy will disregard your return, and no refund or exchange for the item will occur. 


Furniture at Walmart store has the deal for return offer. If you get a piece of furniture from Walmart, the return policy will guarantee a return service, either a refund or exchange, within 90 days. This period is a good deal that most other stores will not offer. Moreover, you may also not need a receipt to make the return work, all you need is your valid ID, and all is good. Refunds for this kind of service are done through your way of payment. 


Can I return the damaged furniture to Walmart?

Damaged furniture is eligible for a return service if the damage is through shipping. Else, if you damage the furniture yourself, then no return will be guaranteed by Walmart. 

Will I get a refund for a return without a receipt?

Yes, Walmart works its best to offer the best and most flexible services on returns. For instance, you will; not require a receipt if you had paid for furniture using a credit card. So, in this case, the amount you used to purchase gets refunded to the same credit card after your return is achieved. 

Walmart Furniture Return Policy -Know More

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