Can You Use Store Loyalty Cards And Ibotta With Instacart?

Instacart is an American retail company that offers services like groceries pick-up and delivery all over the United States. They function majorly as an online platform that helps respected customers order groceries from their favorite stores especially those retail stores that are part of the participant on their website and app platform. Instacart is set up in a way that there are gold, platinum, and diamond shoppers with different benefits attached to it, and at the same time, they all can shop from the crime of their rooms at their convenience. What does of payment does instacart accept when they order? Let us know about “Can You Use Store Loyalty Cards And Ibotta With Instacart?”

The answers to this question will be explained in this article

Can You Use Store Loyalty Cards And Ibotta With Instacart?

Can You Use Store Loyalty Cards And Ibotta With Instacart

Yes, Instacart allows their customers to use Ibotta or Store loyalty cards with their accounts. Loyalty is a special type of card which is known for rewarding reliable customers with different types of bonuses or discounted sales happening in their stores. A store loyalty card is always given to customers who have proved themselves loyal to the store because of their consistent visits. Ibotta is another online platform that offers free cash to its loyal customers as a reward for their consistent purchase of groceries and other regular purchases. All in all, these two forms of payment are accepted by Instacart therefore, you can link it to your account on their website. 

How To Link Store Loyalty Card To Your Instacart?

All the store loyalty cards you obtained from those high retail stores or companies can be made to good use in Instacart. This will also help you to keep on enjoying the benefit of ordering groceries from anywhere and also see other retail stores in your area benefit on the website. The following steps are taken to add loyalty cards to Instacart on their website and their app

  • Go to their website or app and log in if you have not done that
  • You will find three horizontal columns in the upper left corner. Clicking on it will direct you to your profile page
  • There are multiple options but only a single option will direct you to where you are going. Your account settings will direct you to the loyalty card option so tap it
  • Click on the add column bedside them to input which retail store loyalty card you want to add
  • Input your store loyalty card or membership number into the column
  • Click on save for the changes to save on your account. Congratulations, you can now enjoy the benefits attached to this option on the platform

How To Link Ibotta Account To Your Instacart Account?

Unlike a loyalty or reward card which is a card, Ibotta is a website or platform which helps you to save on groceries and other things you bought (e.g) household items you purchased. They offer numerous bonuses and special offers for their members on the platform but what stands out among their benefits is the ability to cash back value on every single purchase. 

They partnered with 2700 brand and retail stores to make this special plan come into fulfillment, and you will be delighted to know that Instacart is one of those stores. Therefore if you have not opened your account with them, you can do that right now before linking it to your instacart account. The following steps should be taken in other to link with the account together

  • Go to their website and log in to your account. If you are yet to sign up you can click on sign up
  • Go to your homepage and click on the search column, and input Instacart there
  • You will find instacart in the retailer section, click on the logo to go to the instacart page
  • On their settings page, you will find a link that leads to the instacart account, click on it to be redirected 
  • Log in with your details like email address and password
  • Permit Ibotta to receive your purchase history 
  • It will take a few minutes or hours depending on technical glitches, you will have to wait for those periods before the process can be successful
  • The process can not be completed without you receiving a confirmation message on the email address linked to both accounts 

Which is better to add to your instacart account between Ibotta or store loyalty card

Both are better for your instacart accounts, but it all depends on what type of benefits you wanted the most. A store loyalty card is obtained from being loyal to a particular store. This loyalty card may be restricted to some certain portion on instacart if you want to make a purchase. While Ibotta is dealing with cashback value, you would be aware of how much cash is in your account before you try to purchase a product. However, both cards are typically used to help the user save money from their special offers and discounted sales.


You can use your store loyalty card and Ibotta account to purchase groceries from instacart. How to link both cards to your instacart has been explained in this article. Read through this article to find out how to use it and other likely information regarding them.

Can You Use Store Loyalty Cards And Ibotta With Instacart?

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