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Publix is a store that offers jobs to people with a chance of free will. Here one would work as a part-time employee or else a full-time worker. However, free will working doe Publix offers a very strict attendance policy. As a brief hint, such events as absenteeism and lateness to work are not tolerated at Publix. You could get fired for tardiness!. Let us know ‘Publix Attendance Policy’.

Publix Attendance Policy

Publix Attendance Policy

The Publix attendance policy is that an employee has no chance to become absent more than two times in six months. Also, one should not have two tardies within the same month of work. When such a case happens and passes the allowance, such an employee will get a counseling statement; more than three of them can lead to work termination or suspension.  

It is good to know the attendance policy requirements at Publix to avoid such cases of termination or suspension. From this article, you will get to know every detail regarding the attendance policy at Publix.       

Information on Getting a Tardy

A tardy at Publix is where one gets late at their work schedule at the store. As the attendance policy implies, getting a tardy will mean you will be late for more than 3 minutes to work. So, it is good if one always keeps time while working at Publix. 

Also, a tardy may come with a bad situation. Per the attendance policy, Publix will not tolerate it if you get more than two tardiest monthly. When such a case comes, the policy will act by giving you a counseling statement which will become an even harder case since more than three counseling statements will mean a suspension from work. Also, getting a more counseling statement number may cause your work termination. 

What Happens If You Record an Absent Day?

Becoming absent at Publix is another case where the attendance policy will act hardly. The policy requires one to have a situation of being absent only twice within six months. More than the number of absenteeism in such a period will mean getting a counseling statement. 

The counseling statement probation could also lead to work termination or suspension, depending on the manager’s decision. This will happen when you get more than three such statements, like in the case of a tardy. 

About Counseling Statement 

As mentioned earlier, a counseling statement is a probation event that employees at Publix fall into when they violate the Publix attendance policy. Counseling statement also is the ones that will determine if you get a termination or a suspension from work. 

For instance, getting two or more counseling statements will lead to a termination or suspension. So, it is best to work within Publix’s attendance policy to prevent such effects of a counseling statement. 

How Would You Report To Publix of an Absence?

However bad as the effects of violating the Publix attendance policy may be, there is a way the policy will allow one to solve such issues. For instance, one could be late at their schedule without having to get tardy. Also, one can get an absenteeism case but will not get a counseling statement per the attendance policy.

The Publix attendance policy will allow employees to use such changes by taking a call-out chance. This includes a person who may be late at work calling the manager to report the case and give a reason for the event. But this will work if one gets to call out before their schedule has reached. 

Moreover, if you become sick or get into a situation that will cause your absenteeism, then taking the chance to call out and reach out to the manager is the way forward the attendance policy requires. Solving the issue of absenteeism in this way guarantees one not getting any counseling statement at any time. 

Details on Termination and Suspension

Termination and suspension are the critical outcomes of violating the Publix attendance policy. Getting more than two tardies within a month or having more than two cases of absenteeism in a month will lead to a counseling statement. When such situations come, you may get a suspension for having more than three counseling statements. 

The suspension will mean that there will be no working for a while, but for termination, there will never be work for you at a Publix store unless a manager rehires you. So, it is a better choice to stick to the requirements of the Publix attendance policy to help keep within its lanes. 


Publix offers free will for workers. Although, working here will require you to stick to the rules and regulations of work. For instance, violating the guidelines of the Publix attendance policy may lead to termination or a work suspension from the store. The policy requires one to always show up for work unless you are sick. Also, the policy will need you to call and request a sick day out. However, the case of phoning to report your issue for lateness or becoming absent before your scheduled work time is what will help you not get counseling statements.


How many times am I allowed to call for a day sick at Publix?

Publix workers must call out only twice in 6 months for a sickness case. Above this may cause a counseling statement to fall on you. 

If I am late to work, will I get a counseling statement at Publix?

Getting tardy is what happens if you are late. More than two of them will get you a counseling statement. 

Publix Attendance Policy – Know More

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