Safeway Vs Instacart -Learn More About It

Safeway and Instacart are two different companies that offer online ordering and delivery of a variety of products, such as groceries, foods, home essentials, and many more. We can order products using both platforms. But we need to figure out some crucial things, like can we order groceries from Safeway through Instacart? Let us know about “Safeway Vs Instacart”

Safeway Vs Instacart

Safeway Vs Instacart

Safeway and Instacart have partnered to offer same-day delivery to their customers so that they can attract more customers to shop from Safeway.

When a customer shops at his nearest Safeway store and pays his bill, Instacart will reach out to the customer who placed his order with Safeway, and one of the local shoppers will deliver all your items to your doorstep in some hours.

You can get delivery of your orders within some hours of your order with the help of Safeway and Instacart, but they do not provide same-day delivery at all the locations in the USA. But for now, it is providing its services at some specific locations only.

Safeway shows a rush hour delivery option on their website, and you will get your order delivered with the help of Instacart.

Safeway Instacart:

Safeway and Instacart have partnered to deliver groceries to your door within a few hours of placing your order. When you order grocery items from Safeway, it can convey your order in a minimum of 2 hours. You can avail of a free delivery offer on your first order if your order value is more than $35. You can give a tip to the Instacart driver, but Safeway does not allow its drivers to accept caps from customers.

Does The Charge Increase For Instacart Safeway?

Instacart does not charge more than the store price when you order items when the driver delivers them, although if you are happy with the driver because he took your order quickly, you can give him some tips. If you order your grocery items from the partnered companies of Instacart, it will not charge you more for them, but when you place an order on any other platform using Instacart, you might have to pay some charges to Instacart.

Working Process Of Safeway Instacart:

In the following simple steps, we try to understand the workings process of Instacart Safeway:

  • You can place your order using the official website of Instacart or the Instacart App.
  • Another option for ordering groceries is that you can browse your local Safeway location on the Instacart app and then place your order.
  • Instacart connects the customer with a personal shopper when you complete your order.
  • When the personal shopper gets the list of all your products, they will deliver all the products directly to your door in some hours.
  • Instacart offers both regular and contactless delivery to avoid COVID-19 virus infection.

What Is The Same Day Delivery Offer From Safeway On Instacart?

Safeway delivers orders of your grocery items on Instacart within 1 hour or less than one hour at most of Safeway’s locations. To get quick delivery from Safeway, you need to enable notification updates on the Instacart app. When the delivery driver reaches your specified location, he will call or text you for delivery.

If you are not attending the delivery location, you can give proper instructions on where the drivers can leave the grocery items.

Do Safeway And Instacart Sell The Same Products?

Yes, you can order most of the Safeway products through Instacart. When you use the Instacart app, you can click on order using Safeway. Here is a list of some products from Safeway that we can order using Instacart:

  • Snacks
  • Oils, vinegar, and pickles
  • Foods
  • Cream and milk
  • Frozen Meals and Ice Cream
  • Canned Goods
  • Baking
  • Household and personal items

There are some more products from Safeway that we can order through Instacart.

If you order items on Instacart, and the location you entered is near a Safeway location, then Safeway will deliver those grocery items.

Which Is More Expensive: Instacart Or Safeway?

Safeway’s delivery service is less expensive when we compare it to Instacart. While Instacart charges more for Safeway products and services, Instacart charges $20 more in comparison to Safeway delivery for your total grocery items.

You can place a minimum order value of $49, while Instacart charges only $10 for Safeway customers.

Safeway Instacart delivery charges are up to $6, and when Safeway itself delivers, it charges $9.95 for each order.

Cost Of Safeway Instacart Delivery:

The minimum charge for Safeway Instacart delivery starts at $3.99 for same-day order delivery for orders greater than $35. The charges depend on the location of the delivery, the number of grocery items ordered, and the one-hour delivery time. The cost will increase or decrease according to all this.

Difference Between Safeway And Instacart Delivery:

Safeway Delivery is more efficient and accurate than Instacart. Safeway drivers generally arrive at the requested hour of the customer, while the Instacart app has some technical issues like it cancels the customer’s order without any explanation and it requires more details from the customer to deliver grocery items.


Now we have learnt about ” Safeway Vs Instacart”, Safeway and Instacart collaborated to provide customers with more efficient and timely delivery. Safeway Instacart offers free delivery for users who order for the first time using Safeway through Instacart. The delivery charges are also affordable from Safeway Instacart. You can use some promo codes, discounts, and gift cards to avail of discounts on your order.


Which grocery stores are partners with Instacart and Safeway?

Instacart and Safeway have partnerships with these grocery retail stores such as Albertsons, ALDI, Kroger, Publix, Sam’s Club, Wegmans, Sprouts, CVS, Costco, Loblaw, and many more top retail stores are working in partnership with Instacart and Safeway.

Can customers return Instacart items to Safeway?

Yes, you can return Instacart items to Safeway, but you can return only some items from Instacart. After the return, you can claim a refund.

Safeway Vs Instacart -Learn More About It

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