Why Are Tieks So Expensive? -Know More About It

Italian-made Tieks by Gavrieli is a line of hand-crafted ballerina shoes. Flat, multipurpose shoes crafted from the finest Italian leather are shown here. Because they can be folded and stored in a handbag, they are quite popular. Women are ideal for a long day at the office since they’re easy to slip on and off. Let us know about “Why Are Tieks So Expensive?”

Why Are Tieks So Expensive?

When it’s time to wear heels, they may be stowed in a tiny handbag. However, these shoes cost anything from $185 to $345, which is a lot of money.

Why Are Tieks So Expensive?

The answer is that It’s because they’re made by hand from high-quality Italian leather, which is notoriously difficult to work with and hence increases the price. They are sturdy enough to withstand repeated stress for a long time. It’s a prestigious nameplate that carries a certain air of gravitas and prestige in the marketplace. Buying these shoes is a luxury in and of itself.

Is Tieks a good investment? In this article, you’ll learn why Oprah is so taken with these folding ballet flats.

Why Do People Love Tieks Shoes?

Because Tieks ballerina shoes are manufactured with quality, comfort, and prestige, they are quite popular. Blisters, soreness, and hot feet are common complaints from women who wear flats and closed-toe shoes.

To address this issue, Tieks has developed a line of flats that are both adaptable and simple to fold. As a result, they’re a perfect fit for people of all different shoe sizes. They may be worn all day.

The Average Cost Of Tieks

Tieks typically cost between $185 and $345. Vegan Tieks, on the other hand, are more affordable. More expensive vegetarian choices might cost up to $200. Below you’ll find images and pricing for a few pairs of the brand’s shoes.

Leopard Print Tieks are a must-have this season. They have non-skid soles and are crafted of full-grain leather. At $245, this is a great deal—Tieks in the Brentwood style that is vegan yet made of synthetic materials. Cost $185.

According to Tiek, the Aquarella is their most expensive product. Their Tieks are made from Italian leather, these flats are designed to evoke the beauty of wildflowers. The price of a pair of these watercolour-inspired beauties is $345.

Is There A Reason Why Tieks Are So Expensive?

YES, some reasons make tieks are so expensive

1. Tieks Are Constructed From High-Grade Materials

These Italian leather ballerina flats from Tieks are available in full or split grain. Because of this, the shoes are the finest available on the market at the time.

Italian leather has long been regarded as the greatest in the world in the fashion industry. 

2. They Are Made By Hand

Modern design and traditional Italian craftsmanship are combined to create Tieks that are a labour of love. Tieks take three days and more than 100 hours to manufacture each pair.

With all the attention to detail that goes into making each shoe, the price will also be exorbitant.

3. Long-term viability

Tieks have a five-year shelf life because of their high-quality materials. These items may last much longer if you don’t wear them often. Also, Tieks don’t wear out as quickly or stretch out as much.

4. Tieks That Make You Feel Good

In the end, Tieks prioritizes comfort and quality. When worn for an extended period, flat ballerina shoes are known for generating blisters on the feet of the wearer. Even in the blazing heat, Tieks have come up with a solution: foldable, closed-toed flats that can be worn all day long.

5. Choosing a Design and Color Scheme

There are over 60 colors and styles to pick from when it comes to Tieks. These shoes will likely cost a lot since the business is recognized for making just a few colors or designs.

Currently, the $345 watercolour Tieks are hand-painted on the leather so that no two patterns are identical. As a result, the price of each shoe is based on its uniqueness.

6. The Ability To Adapt To Changing Circumstances

If you’re going on a trip or thinking about switching up your footwear, Tieks is a great option. They fold up and come in a little pouch.

These pouches come in handy for a day filled with a variety of themed activities. Small enough to be carried about in a wallet or pocketbook.

7. Non-Animal Products

Many individuals wish to do more to protect their environment in light of environmental concerns. As a result, brands have reacted by providing their customers with ethical alternatives to shop. You may use Tieks’ vegan fibre to help preserve the planet.


Nothing has been the same regarding ballet flats since Tieks arrived on the scene. They produce shoes that few others can match because they focus on high-quality leather, folding technology, and artisanal manufacture and knowledge.

As a result, new shoes cost a lot, but you may save money by purchasing secondhand ones.


Question 1: Is there a lot of fanfare around Tieks?

Answer: As the saying goes, Tieks are “the world’s most flexible designer flats.” The finest leathers are used to create each pair (or vegan textiles). Each pair results from three days of labour and more than 150 stages. You can fold them and squeeze them into a handbag since they are meant to be both robust and flexible.

Question 2: What is it about Tieks that people find so appealing?

Answer: The most comfortable pair of flats I have ever owned is a pair of Tieks. Tieks are the perfect shoe for me because of their comfortable leather uppers, non-elasticized heels, and eye-catching Tieks blue rubber bottoms.

Why Are Tieks So Expensive? -Know More About It

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