Can I Use Ethernet And WiFi At The Same Time?

In today’s modern world, everything has become so fast, and everyone wants a good internet connection to work properly. But sometimes it isn’t easy to find a connection that allows you to surf the Internet with good speed. But few things that are impossible tomorrow are possible now, and making a hybrid connection using two different connections is easy. If you have a problem with sluggish net speed, you will question if using Ethernet and WiFi simultaneously will enhance your computer’s Internet connection speed. So to answer the question, let’s see how we are making it work. Getting the high-speed router to achieve the desired rate of the connection is restrained, but if you cannot get it, think of another way to increase the current speed. You can think of using a two-way connection to increase the speed of the Internet.

Can I Use Ethernet And WiFi At The Same Time?

How do Ethernet works?

  An Ethernet net cable is a transmission cable used to join network products, including personal computer systems, router systems, and switch devices in the local area network. A cable modem is more convenient for those who have previously managed a cable system. Cable modems are connected to the Internet via an Ethernet cable running from the modem to the Internet connections on your computer or console.

 How does the WiFi works?

WiFi allows you to connect to the Internet wirelessly on multiple electronic devices simultaneously, without having to deal with wires. However, if you combine many different devices to the same network, or if you are considerably far away from the router, the WiFi speed gradually decreases.

If you want to use your personal computer and need to connect with each Ethernet and WiFi simultaneously, you may follow these steps to make the connection work on the same system. The setup is quite simple, and you will want to test for this option to present on your system.

 Procedure to connect PC with two different Internet connections at the same time.

Ethernet ports are built-in in every computer to establish a connection to the Internet or to make a simple connection between different computers via Ethernet cables. If your system has Windows 7 or Windows 8, then it will be more difficult to connect Ethernet and WiFi simultaneously. Nowadays, Windows 10 have an inbuilt feature that enables them to use both networks simultaneously.

You can connect to WiFi and Ethernet connections even if you only plan to use one. In the “connect to” options, click the cable and select which connection you want to use. Some consoles choose between Ethernet and WiFi connections, but firmware prevents simultaneous connections.

If your system has Windows 10, you can also use both connections. To utilize both links, you must make a few settings. 

  • First, you have to open the network and sharing center on your PC,
  • Now you have to select the change adapter option. Pop up the screen by right-clicking on the Ethernet device.
  • For the next step, you must click on configure button in the properties menu.
  • After you have clicked in configure menu, you have to select the advanced tab option.
  • After clicking on the advanced options menu, you must search for the “Priority and Vlan” Option under the property list.
  • You have to disable the toggle option present in the value list.

Now you have to click OK and wait for a few minutes after the system update with new settings.

After the following step, you efficiently disabled the Ethernet priority option. So now your system has developed the characteristic of working with both connections simultaneously.

 The downside for the system is to connect with both Ethernet and WiFi.

WiFi works by sending small packets of data to transmit information. But suppose you’re Linked with two different types of networks. In that case, the one information packet can get blended, duplicated, or received in different orders and formats on your personal computer. This can severely damage the earlier speed of the connection. So after doing so much hard work in making a mechanism to connect with both systems result will be the worst by losing more speed without any benefits.


If you want to increase the speed of the Internet you are surfing, then using Ethernet and WiFi simultaneously could make your work easier. Both are the connection that allows a system to connect to the Internet. The working and transmission mediums are different, so you have to work on some settings to set up this type of connection. But sometimes, the result is not what you want. The rate at which a system can fetch documents is a downstream bottleneck of Internet speed. Laptops are designed to retrieve a fixed number of records at a particular time. And sometimes, these connections can severely damage internet speed because of duplicate data transmission packets.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Question1. Is it beneficial for the system to use two WiFi connections? Is it possible?

Merging the WiFi into a super connection is impossible. WiFi doesn’t work like that. in rare cases, this can happen, mesh networks are one of them, but still, it doesn’t mean you will get your desired result.

Question2. Is it a good idea to combine ethernet and WiFi to increase the internet connection speed?

Establishing a hybrid connection of Ethernet and WiFi can severely damage the earlier speed the system has experienced. It occurs due to duplicate or mixed-up packets transmitted by a router to get the system connected to the Internet. Due to this imperfect transmission and receiving of packages, computers can sometimes experience a gradual decrease in speed. In simple words choosing one for an Internet connection can only be beneficial.

Can I Use Ethernet And WiFi At The Same Time?

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