Mycaa Military Spouse Tuition Assistance

MYCAA is the short form for military spouse career advancement account. There are specific requirements to be considered for the MYCAA program since it is only for a selected number of people. Let us see about Mycaa Military spouse tuition assistance.

Mycaa Military Spouse Tuition Assistance

Mycaa Military Spouse Tuition Assistance

The MYCAA military Tuition assistance works to help the spouse meet up with their career goals. The benefit aims to provide them with a necessary skills to achieve their goals career-wise. The program provides assistance of up to $4000 to help them gain employment.

What Is MYCAA Military Spouse Assistance?

It is a development program that aims at assisting spouses through processes that can make them gain employment in a career that aligns with MYCAA.

Benefits That Comes With The MYCAA program

MYCAA program comes with a lot of scholarships made available for those who pass the eligibility requirements. Some of them are:

  • The scholarship will offer up to $4000 in Tuition and educational assistance to military spouses who are eligible to receive it.
  • MYCAA program will also offer spouses education and career opportunities (SECO) career.
  • Any MYCAA participant who has completed their career successfully will be linked up to agencies for employment opportunities. This is only if they seek employment.

Who Are Those Eligible?

There are some criteria that the spouse have to fulfil to be eligible for the MYCAA program. As stated earlier, the program isn’t for anyone; it is only for specific people who can meet the requirements.

  • The spouse in question must have completed high school and will be completing their chosen course within three(3) years.
  • Those spouses of current service members in pay grades E-1, E-5, W -1, W-2,0-1, or 0-2 can start and complete their coursework while their military sponsor is active on duty.
  • There are certain ranks where the service member will be posted to that will make the spouse unfit for the program. As long as the spouse already have the approved training plan set before promotion, they will be eligible.

Who Will Not Be Eligible? 

  • Those spouses who are divorced will not be considered. For example, when the spouses are married and separated by the court, they become ineligible for the MYCAA program.
  • Those spouses that are on the title 10 orders cannot apply for the MYCAA program.
  • Those spouses cannot apply for financial assistance before their separation date from the military.

What Does MYCAA Not Pay For?

MYCAA does not pay for certain things; it only covers some educational and tuition aspects. What are those things which MYCAA does not cover;

  • MYCAA does not pay for courses that are not included in the education and Training Plan, which the spouse has already started or has already been completed.
  • MYCAA does not pay for reimbursement, whether former or current.
  • MYCAA does not pay for courses that are repeated or failed courses.
  • MYCAA does not pay for private licenses.

How To Register For MYCAA Program?

Spouses who want to apply for the MYCAA program can register for it by following the steps stated below.

  • The first step to creating a MYCAA account is to log in to the website online.
  • The second step is to check out the career programs that have been approved and are available at Mycaa to make your selection from there.
  • The third step is to look for a school that you are interested in and find out the one that offers licenses and other certificates for completing the program.
  • The fourth step is to include all the courses you want to offer in the education training plan. This is a crucial step as you will not be able to make changes once these courses are submitted in the Educational Training Plan(ETP)
  • The fifth step is to follow the schools and their required procedure in completing their application process. This is because all school admission processes differ. 
  • Spouses can go ahead to apply for MYCAA financial support.


MYCAA aims to help military spouses to pursue certifications that they will need to help them gain employment. The MYCAA funds can be used at institutions approved for participating in the MYCAA scholarship. Registering all your courses at the Education Training Plan during your registration is a crucial step in your registration process, and a little mistake can negatively affect you.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What are the things which the MYCAA program does not pay for?

Answer: MYCAA program does not pay for reimbursement for studies, be it present or former, it does not pay for electronic devices, it does not pay for repeated courses, and it does not pay for private licenses.

  • What are some approved career fields in MYCAA?

Answer: Military spouses can choose from diverse fields like Education, Construction, Aerospace, Automotive services, Health and human services, Hospitality, Bus. Administration, Homeland Security, and information technology.

  • What is the financial cost that MYCAA covers?

Answer: MYCAA pays for the approved program tuition, examination fee, and associate degree programs.

  • How can I register for MYCAA military program?

Answer: To register for the program, you must first log in to the website to create an online account. Then choose a school approved for participating in the MYCAA scholarship, Select and register all your courses in the Education Training Plan, and apply for the MYCAA financial support.

Mycaa Military Spouse Tuition Assistance

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