The Best Shipping Services In Canada

When it comes to sending a parcel, we always want to use the best and most reliable shipping courier, Shipping services like Canada Post, FedEx, UPS and DHL have a plethora of shipping firms that offer competitive pricing and timely delivery to any location. 

The Best Shipping Services In Canada

The Best Shipping Services In Canada

So, In Canada, the most regular carrier used is Canada Post. Their pricing, on the other hand, is more incentive for shippers who have a bigger order volume. If you have a package volume of 3000-5000 packages per month, shipping costs can account for up to 20% of your sales, leaving you with very little profit margin. 

Canada Post

Canada Post is the country’s national postal carrier and the country’s largest volume domestic shipping provider. The courier, which was founded in 1867, delivers mail and packages to any address in Canada. 

The 6,200 post office locations in Canada Post’s network make mailing simple and economical. Shipping insurance, signature confirmation, and other value-added services are included in the low rates. It also ships Internationally to more than 192 countries worldwide complementing a choice of domestic shipping services.

Here is the list of Canada Post’s most popular domestic delivery services:

Normal Parcel

  • The cheapest shipping service in Canada.
  • Delivery time: 2-9 business days.
  • Shipping insurance
  • Provided tracking numbers.


  • Canada Post’s quickest domestic delivery service.
  • Guaranteed next-day delivery
  • Tracking is included, as well as $100 in shipping insurance.


  • A combination of speed and cost-cutting.
  • Guaranteed delivery in two days or less.
  • Tracking is included, as well as $100 in shipping insurance.

Flat Fee

  • If your package weighs less than 5kg, you’ll only have to pay a single flat cost to transport it anywhere.
  • Guaranteed delivery in 1-7 business days.
  • Tracking is included with the package if it weighs less than 5kg.

What is the shipping charge of Canada Post?

The cost of shipping with Canada Post varies based on the service you choose. The rate of shipping is determined by:

  • Package size and weight
  • Distance travelled by ship
  • Dimensions of the package
  • Quickness of delivery
  • Service of a courier

Features of Canada Post

Choosing a Canada Post will give you access to a range of perks and features as the country’s top parcel delivery company. This section will go over every aspect of utilising Canada Post.

Here are some of the benefits of shipping with Canada Post:


Customers can use Canada Post’s free tracking tool to keep track of and manage their goods. Customers have the option of receiving delivery updates through email, phone, or online.


Canada Post provides basic liability coverage for specific shipping services, but liability coverage for any package can be purchased. Services like Expedited Parcel, Priority and Xpresspost shipping all provide up to $100 liability coverage for domestic and international delivery.

Signature confirmation: 

This means that the package will not be released until it has been signed by the recipient. If you want the recipient’s signature confirmation delivered to you, you can choose a Recipient can choose the Hard-Copy Signature if they want the sender’s signature confirmation delivered to them. 

  • Priority
  • Xpresspost
  • Flat rate box shipping services include signature and identification services

Flat rate: 

You can find these Flat rate boxes available in 12-packs on the internet. Simply purchase a box and ship your goods anywhere in Canada. However, they will accept shipping only if the box weighs below 5kg. Small, medium and large boxes are available to accommodate your shipping needs.

Collect on Delivery: 

It allows the customer to pay when the package is delivered. The sender can collect up to $5,000 from the recipient of a package through Canada Post. This service can be used for domestic shipments only. For this service, the sender must also pay a $7.25 COD fee as well as shipping fees.

Ship internationally: 

It delivers to over 192 countries worldwide, including the United States. Plus, with up to 91 per cent off shipping charges, especially for foreign couriers, you’ll save money.

How long does a Canada post take to deliver?

For normal mail sent within Canada, the delivery standard is two business days for local mail. Within Canada, it takes three business days. National mail takes four days. 

However, their guaranteed arrival timeframes differ depending on distance and whether or not the shipment is between large cities. They provide several premium services that promise speedy delivery, including a Priority service that promises next-day delivery in Canada and next-business-day delivery in the United States.

Using Canada Post’s Easyship Service

Easyship allows you to keep track of all Canada Post shipments. Our all-in-one shipping platform allows you to compare Canada Post rates to those offered by other carriers, take advantage of pre-negotiated discounts, and automate your shipping procedures.

Canada Post’s Easyship platform allows you to ship within Canada as well as to the United States, Australia, Japan, Europe, and over 220 other countries around the world.


Canada Post is considered the best shipping courier service in Canada due to its cheap shipping cost and quick delivery. It also ships internationally mostly to every country. The cost of shipping depends on the service which you choose, and also the weight & dimension of your package. Their Priority service promises next-day delivery in Canada and next-business-day delivery in the United States. One of the benefits of choosing a Canadian Post is the quick delivery and Collect on delivery. 


Can a Canada Post refuse to deliver?

If it puts the carrier in jeopardy or if your mailbox is missing or fails to fulfil criteria. Delivery may be halted due to an enraged dog or a combative homeowner.

Which is cheaper, FedEx or Canada Post?

FedEx charges are generally higher than Canada Post rates. The rate of shipping depends according to their weight, dimensions, delivery time, and distance. 

How much does it cost to send a letter to Canada Post?

This pricing applies to letters weighing less than or equal to 30 grams. The cost of a single stamp has risen to $1.07, and the cost of a booklet of stamps has risen to $0.92 from $0.90.

The Best Shipping Services In Canada

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