Does Foot Locker Accept AfterPay Financing?

Foot Locker is known globally as an international company that deals with retailing of athletic shoes and sport wears. They also have stores and operating sites in many countries in the world. With a store like Foot Locker, one would wonder if they accept the Afterpay Financing service which would allow sports teams or individuals to buy items and pay in bits until the payment is completed. Not to worry, this article will ease all doubts as we dive in. Let us know ‘Does Foot Locker Accept AfterPay Financing?’.

Does Foot Locker Accept AfterPay Financing?

 Foot Locker does not accept the use of Afterpay Financing as a transactional/installment option. The Afterpay financing plan is not accepted or used as a means of payment in Foot Locker. There are some reasons Afterpay financing is not accepted by Foot Locker and they will be listed and explained in this article.

Why Afterpay Financing is not Accepted by Foot Locker?

Afterpay Financing is a type of financing which involves buying now and paying at a later date. This helps to separate payment of goods into specific future dates, making goods easier to purchase. People who do not have enough money to purchase items or people with budgeted spending use Afterpay Financing. However, as things stand right now, Foot Locker as a brand does not accept Afterpay financing. 

Some reasons Afterpay has not been integrated by Foot Locker

  1. Management’s decision:Afterpay financing is not allowed because the management of Foot Locker has not decided to integrate it as one of their modes of being paid.
  2. Decrease chances of getting loans: the use of the buy now pay later system can damage customers’ credit ratings which reduces their chances of getting a loan. This in turn leaves their customers in lack and reduces their purchasing power. 
  3. Huge debts: using this mode of payment can lead to customers having huge debts and unpayable debts. This happens as a result of overuse of the Afterpay financing payment.
  4. Lead to impulse buying: the use of this mode of payment will eventually lead to buying on impulse. Impulse buying is the biggest problem with the Afterpay financing payment. Customers tend to buy so many things they do not need because of this mode of payment.
  5. Fines for late payments: when customers do not possess sufficient funds on their credit cards to take up all the payments and their cards don’t work, they will have to pay some fines for late payments unless they pay the amount owing.
  6. Invites criminals: installment plans like the Afterpay financing payment invites fraudsters and criminals who seek to take advantage of it and end up making Foot Locker an unsafe company. Foot Locker does not entertain any installment plan that can lead to fraud or criminal activities at a future time.

Other Acceptable Modes of Payment by Foot Locker

What modes of payment does Foot Locker accept? First, there are two forms of payment and they are;

Phone and Online

Below is the information for the mode of payments allowed for each form.

Accepted Mode of payments made online: The mode of payments allowed by Foot Locker online are MasterCard, Visa, Discover Network, Debit cards (this mode removes money directly from your bank account), Klarna, PayPal, Amex (American Express), JCB, and Google Pay. To be protected, Foot Locker does not allow the hold on to credit card orders to complete bank verification.

Accepted Mode of payments made through phone: The mode of payments allowed by Foot Locker through phone as debit cards (this mode removes money directly from your bank account), MasterCard, Visa, Discover Network, Amex (American Express), JCB, and Diners Club International (this involves a 14-digit card number starting with 36. To be protected, Foot Locker does not allow holding on to credit card orders to complete bank verification. 

When you buy items with a gift Debit card like Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover will have the credit given back to the main card. Immediately it has been refunded, the purchase won’t be refunded to any other mode of payment. The mode of payment for the two forms has been given above to guide customers to purchase the products.

Afterpay may still be accepted by Foot Locker shortly regardless of the demerits. It also has benefits to add to Foot Locker and its customers.


To conclude, the use of Afterpay financing is not allowed or accepted by Foot Locker due to the reasons stated in this article. Instead, customers can use other safer means to carry out all transactions without any denial by Foot Locker. However, there are two forms of making payments which are Phone and Online, for customers to choose whichever is suitable.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Foot Locker accept Afterpay at checkout? 

No, Foot Locker does not accept Afterpay Financing at checkout, it is not allowed or accepted in any way.

2. Can I use Zip financing to purchase items?

Yes, Zip financing can be used to finance purchases made at Foot Locker.


Does Foot Locker Accept AfterPay Financing?

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