Does Nike Take Klarna For Financing?-Know More

Nike is known for its unique sport wears from shoes to jerseys. Getting designer products from big corporations like Nike is a way to feel good. Kids even love to show off to their friends. However, making such purchases may put a big dent in your debit card. We have good news for you though.  Here we will see about Does Nike Take Klarna For Financing? 

Shopping online these days have been made easy. Being low on funds to buy things like beauty products, shoes, clothes, or what have you is no more an issue like it used to be.  There are many options to finance a product, even designer products like Nike. How these options work is that you pay any amount you have ready and then pay the rest up in installments later. One such option is Klarna.

Does Nike Take Klarna For Financing? 

Does Nike take Klarna for financing?

The question here though is to know if Nike accepts Klarna as a checkout option online. The quick answer is a capital YES, Nike do take Klarna for financing . Although Klarna is just one option to finance your purchase at the online store of Nike, it is probably the easiest one. We have compiled everything about Klarna that you need to know as well as how you can use the option to finance your purchase. Peradventure you are running into a problem using Klarna, we have the answer to your dilemma here! Read on.

How does Klarna financing work?

With Klarna, you can use their app, browser extension, or website to pay for whatever good you want. Klarna pays for the goods and you in turn pay Klarna back in installments. The good thing too is that using Klarna gives the advantage of you trying out the product before you pay for it. This way, if a product is not good, you can easily return it.

So how can you use Klarna financing? Three simple steps – 

  1. Create a Klarna account and make sure that it has been verified.
  2. Go through the Klarna website, app, or extension to search for the product you want.
  3. Then use Klarna to check out the product(s) of your choice.

Creating and verifying the Klarna account

To be able to finance products with Klarna, you need to make sure that you have created a valid account with them and that your identity has been duly verified. This way, when you make purchases, Klarna can finance you because they have checked your creditworthiness.

Here is how you can create and verify your Klarna account.

  1. Download the app, or simply install the browser extension. The app may be the best option though. It is free to download and use.
  2. Make sure you are 18 or above. If you lie about this, your ID verification will find you out and implicate you.
  3. Select your country of residence and then proceed to create an account using the Klarna app or simply go through their website.
  4. Enter a valid email. A verification code will be sent to that email by Klarna a few seconds or minutes after you have submitted it. Use it to verify the account as requested.
  5. Enter a valid phone number. The phone number will also need to be verified by the code Klarna will send to it. Make sure that the phone is handy.
  6. After the verifications, then comes the official e-form to enter your biodata. This includes your legal name, address, etc. Fill them in accurately and submit them.
  7. Next, verify your account with either a valid National ID, Driver’s License, International Passport, or Medicaid card. Alternatively, you can go ahead and shop for what you need and right after proceed with the verification process. Initial verification may be better though.
  8. Klarna will check out your credibility using the information you have provided. If they still cannot prove that you are creditworthy, they might need you to connect your banking details or debit/credit card details to the account you have created.
  9. Finally, choose an authentication strategy that best suits you. This way, nobody else can use your Klarna account to make purchases.

Note that, you can simply go and choose the product you want before making the processes for registration. It is still the same process.

How to use Klarna with Nike purchases?

Whether you are purchasing with Nike or any other online store that accepts Klarna financing, you have to make a search for the product directly from Klarna’s website.

Alternatively, if you are shopping directly from Nike, you can simply choose Klarna as your payment option during checkout. Although, for this, you must have already created your Klarna account.

When using the Klarna financing option may not work

  1. There are a few instances when choosing the Klarna option as your payment option may not work, whether on Nike or any other online store. These are – 
  2. You have a large pending debt to pay up,
  3. Your Klarna account is yet to be verified,
  4. Klarna found out you are under 18, or
  5. If your purchases are too many and you triggered the fraud act clause, your purchase will be declined.

Getting designer products have been made easy with Klarna and you can now surprise your kid with that new Nike tennis he wants for his next birthday!

  1. What other financing option can I use to make purchases at Nike?

Apart from Klarna, Nike accepts the following payment options – Visa Card, Nike and Converse Gift Cards, MasterCard, Discover, Apple Pay, PayPal, American Express, and Product Vouchers.

  1. How does Klarna verify my creditworthiness?

Klarna uses the information you provided to check if that information has been used elsewhere for taking loans or financing. So, if you have some debts that you have not been financing, you may not be able to check out the item you wanted to purchase.

3. What are the benefits of using Klarna to finance with Nike?

There are many benefits to using Klarna financing which include – low interest rates, easy and convenient payment options, no merchant having access to your details, and secure authentication methods.

Does Nike Take Klarna For Financing?-Know More

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