Lancer Furniture warranty-Know More

Lancer furniture is an American company that produces quality and comfortable furniture for its customers. The company tries to fulfill the needs and comforts of the customer by creating the best comfortable furniture for families. Here we will see about Lancer Furniture warranty

Lancer furniture has five different warranty for their furniture. They are General Warranty, Lifetime Warranty, Five-Year Limited Warranty, Three-Year Limited Warranty, and One-Year Limited Warranty, which are explained below.

Lancer Furniture warranty

Lancer furniture.

Lancer furniture is a top-quality furniture maker working out of the United States of America. They value their customer very much and give their utmost importance to their satisfaction. They take joy in creating furniture from which the customer enjoys their family time or their game shows.

Lancer furniture was established in 1969, March. The company started in an old 3-story building in North Carolina, Main Street in Star. Their motto is simple, “Give the most value possible for the consumers’ hard-earned dollar.”

But today, Lancer produces its furniture in 3 modern plants with an approximate area of about 400,000 square feet. They still function from the rural area of Star. 

Lancer Furniture warranty

To claim for warranty, a customer must immediately contact the seller or dealer from which the furniture was bought. Since all selling of furniture goes only through dealers, the customer must contact the dealer.

It is also important to note that the warranty will not be provided for damages that occur due to excessive usage or other damages caused by the customer. For small defects, the repairs are done at the customer’s home and for major damages, the product is shipped back to the company.

The company tries to resolve customer issues as soon as possible.

There are five types of warranties. They are 

  1. General Warranty
  2. Lifetime warranty
  3. One-year warranty
  4. Three-year warranty
  5. Five-year warranty

General Warranty

This type of warranty applies to usual residential furniture and is not transferable. The warranty covers general problems such as manufacturing defects. For repairs, inform your retailer about it. 

Some of the issues that do not come under this warranty are

  1. Misuse 
  2. Improper cleaning 
  3. Chemical treatment
  4. Excessive exposure to direct sunlight or from rental, commercial, or institutional use

Lifetime warranty

Frames built by Lancer furniture are made for durability. The seats and back springs in the furniture either meet the industry standard or in some cases may even exceed the standards. Therefore the frames, seats, and back springs are defects free for the useful life of the fabric to the owner of the furniture under normal use.

One-year limited warranty

Most of the fabric producers do not offer a warranty for their fabrics but Lancer Furniture, to provide their customers with the best experience possible provides a warranty for their slipcovers fabric and upholstery fabric for a year. The warranty includes seam opening, fraying, wear, and due transfer under normal usage.

This warranty has several conditions that must be followed, and if not followed, the warranty becomes invalid. According to the warranty, after-market stain repellants must not be used to clean the products or fabrics.

The fabric should not be cleaned harshly and with an improper cleaner at home or by using 3rd party agents.

The warranty also includes innerspring mattresses, air mattress pumps, air mattress bladders, and heavy-duty swivels for a year.

Three-year limited warranty

Lancer warrants the mechanisms used in their sleepers to be free of failure, breakage, and operational defects for three years in its original fabric.

Five-year limited warranty

This 5-year warranty is for the foam cushion in its original fabric to its original owner. The foam used by Lancer is produced by their sister company ComfortTech Inc. Lancer uses only superior-rated high-density foam. This foam is environmentally friendly and has no fire retardants.

Slight softening and flattening of foam and fabric are because of aging and normal use. It is not considered to be cushion failure.

Labour and Transportation

If the material or product is found to be defective within one year of the purchase from the original owner, the company will take care of the labor and transportation costs.


There are five different warranties by Lancer furniture company on its products and materials like foam, fabrics, sleepers, and furniture.

Normal repairs will be done at home itself. For more serious repairs, the furniture is transported back to the dealer. From there it will be taken back by the company for repairs.

There are also several conditions under which the warranties are not valid, like extensive usage of furniture and the use of wrong cleaning materials and chemicals.

Frequently asked questions

1. Do they sell directly to the public?

No, they do not sell directly to the public.

2. Why stain repellants must not be used to clean the furniture?

Many of the stain repellants in the market contain a type of oil base that weakens the fibers.

3. What are the conditions under which the fabric warranty is not valid?

Animal use, peeled, faded, or shrinking are not valid for warranty.

Lancer Furniture warranty-Know More

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